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Zombie Evacuation Race!

Zombie Evacuation Race!


There is only one way to kick off any Halloween Celebration and that is to take part in the Zombie evacuation race where you:

Run for your life through a 5km course dodging the UNDEAD and navigating a multitude of challenging obstacles designed specifically to slow down your escape from relentless ZOMBIE hordes who are hungry for fresh brains!

We were invited to participate by the lovely people over at Currys and PC World and it was an invitation we couldn't possibly refuse. It's not everyday you have the chance to come face to face with the living dead and POSSIBLY live to tell the tale!

We arrived at Allianz Park promptly at 8.30am and checked in before we could change our minds.


The atmosphere was tense. Fear and anxiety were etched on the faces of all around us.

Apart from these guys. They were feeling confident and declared themselves more than up for the challenge.


Then there was this bunch and their trusty steeds. They were convinced that riding horseback was the only way to ensure their survival. I wished them luck and went on my way, silently hoping that this wasn't our first and last encounter.


 Craigy and I solemnly took our places at the starting line along with the other angst-ridden evacuees. 


Our hearts were pounding frantically, adrenalin was surging through every vein yet we were also filled with hope. Hope, courage and a resolute determination to live to see another day.

Because no-one, living or dead, messes with Craigy Boy and The Ginger Warrior.

And if you don't believe me, then here is the proof. Be afraid, Warriors. Be very, very afraid...

Ginger Warrior and Craigy Boy, over and out.

(But hopefully not indefinitely).


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  1. Looks like so much fun! Didn’t know you celebrated Halloween in U.K.

  2. That would definitely make me run! ! ! Aaaaarrrrrhhhhh

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