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YOUR top twenty travel tips

YOUR top twenty travel tips


Starting to prepare for my imminent trip to NYC got me thinking.  What travel tips do I consciously/sub-consciously take into account? Could I be better prepared? What strategies could I put into action that would make for a calmer, more organised and altogether more pleasant holiday?  I was going to scour the internet for guidance, as I so often do, but then I stopped. Why seek the counsel of strangers as well-informed as they may be, when I have the very best resource at my fingertips...

YOU my World Wide Warriors!!

Off to Facebook I went. I asked and you responded. Dozens of you! And from your wonderful suggestions, which ranged from the practical to the profound, I have compiled a list of  


In no particular order.  

Thank you so much everyone who contributed. And to you, my Warriors, I hope some of these tips will come in handy dandy as you plan your next trip.

Safe travels y'all!


Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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Jasmyn Quigley

I always put my toothbrush in my handbag and a clean pair of pants. You never know if you will be delayed! 


Karen Greig

Roll your clothes - it takes up less room and you’ll have less creases upon arrival.



Laura Knight

For multi-centre holidays, pack all your clothes into big ziplock bags, i.e., one for socks, one for t-shirts e.t.c.  It makes packing and re-packing at each destination really quick and easy!


Fiona Hall

Take extra camera batteries, all charged at the beginning.





Kellie McKenzie

Don’t plan anything!  Go with the flow, talk to the people and be your best self… then magic happens!

Stacy Teviotdale

Always take a Ginger Warrior with you. She gets you lots of free stuff like champagne and cookies on the plane and discounts for, well, pretty much anything!




Kerry King

Always, always weight your luggage prior to travel.

Amy Balcombe

Try to learn a few handy phrases in the local dialect and try to remember a notepad or somewhere to store handy bits of info. that you will never recall like the name of a person, address, restaurant e.t.c that you liked.



Ian Greig

Pack your case then unpack it and take out half of everything.  Six shirts?  Take three.  Eight pairs of shorts?  Take four.  Oh!  And assume that Dad’s case will be filled with the family toiletries.


Dawn McCue

Adjust your watch when you board the plane to your destination time - this combats jet lag.




Jessica Pace

Don’t live your entire vacation behind a screen. Pictures and video are nice to have but enjoy the moment where you are.


Carly Stubbs

Take a bum bag - frees hands up and keeps valuables close.  Also means you set the best trend ever!




Helen Henshaw

Take a micro fibre towel - compact, light and quick drying!


Adrienne Hayden

WET WIPES!!  They refresh you after long haul flights and help to avoid smelly hugs at your destination!  What’s more, you can wipe dodgy loo seats!




Becky Barton

Don’t take stuff you can buy where you are going.  Get it there and leave it behind! 


Lauren Scott

Hide a cheeky 50 in your sock. Just in case!




Dougie Bell

Don't forget your passport.  It comes in very handy!


Matt Watson

Carry a Lonely Planet (or similar) guide for the country you’re visiting.




Bjarna Graham

Remember to observe that the country you travel to is different to the one you are coming from. Appreciate the opportunity to learn from a different culture rather than expect it to have same standards and practices as yours.



Bob Chamberlain

Trust the locals.  They live there. 



P.S. Is your top travel tip featured here? No? THEN WHY  NOT ADD IT TO OUR GROWING LIST?  Just pop it in the comment box below - we all have something to learn from each other!


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  1. We never take shampoo, shower gel etc as they add to the weight……always buy them on arrival.

    We also have luggage scales following an jncident with BMI Baby in Malaga. Ŵe obviously had our luggage weighed at Birmingham airport on the way out and it was under the limit. We brought back less on the return journey but the scales at Malaga said the bags were overweight. We had to pay a surcharge before we could get our boarding cards. During the flight, other people were complaining about the same thing. No wonder they went out of business. At Heathrow last year we used the self weigh for the bags and they gave a different reading than those at the check in. Just shows they aren’t calibrated accurately.

    See as much of the place you are visiting as possible, especially on a first trip there as you might never return. Take loads of photos and some video…….we had the video running on our way home one afternoon from Sanibel to Fort Myers as a reminder of the beautiful route……the resulting footage was full of scenery and the totally bizarre conversation we were having. On listening to it we realised this is the way our conversations go all the time!

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