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You can still buy all of this!

You can still buy all of this!

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who came down to Brackley Town Hall today to support my Yard Sale. I managed to sell the large majority of the items but these lovely things remain and are yours for the taking!

Here is a brief description of each item and its price. Pictures are below:

1) Wooden Memory Box - £6
2) Plant Pot - £2
3) Set of three kitchen pictures in glass frames - £10
4) Capezio dance shoes, Size 6 - NEVER WORN!! £20
5) Decorative glass jars - £5 each or the pair for £8
6) Mickey Mouse cooking trivet from Disneyland, Paris. £4
7) Orange and brown flower painting with bling! £4
8) Dream Mirror, vintage effect - £8
9) Black and white painting - £4
10) Pepperberry dress, Size 12 curvy but I wore it when I was a size 14. BEAUTIFUL AND WORN ONCE! Cost £50 when I bought it. £20
11) Latin and Ballroom Dance Shoes. £80 when I bought them. Have been worn four times. £20
12) Julian McDonald Star Dress, size 14. £10
13) DSLR camera bag, over the shoulder - £5
14) Shopping trolley on wheels - £5
15) Cupcake Icing Duets - £5
16) Cupcake sign - £2
17) Duck Egg living room or bedroom rug - £15
18) ipad 3 case. £25 when I bought it. NEVER USED! £10
19) Tempur memory foam pillow. Another expensive buy  - £70 - that has never been used!! Will sell for £30 but no less as it's £40 cheaper than I paid!
20) Disco Scene Setter - this would be perfect it you plan on hosting a Disco themed party. It's 40ft long and goes along a wall and transforms the room into a disco scene! £5
21) Teal and silver cushions - £3 each of £5 for the pair
22) Mini sewing machine for arts and crafts - £4
23) Key holder - £4
24) Wilton 3-tier party cake stand. I brought this back from the USA and it has never been out the box! A show stopping cake stand! £20
25) ipad carry case with shoulder strap - £8
26) Turkey fancy dress costume. The best fancy dress costume EVER!! £10
27) Lots of neon 80's stuff - £5
28) Rode Video mic - this sits on top of a DSLR camera. You won't get one online for less than £60. I'm selling it for £40
29) Cricut personal cutter machine. This is a must have machine for arts and crafts fans. It cuts out text and shapes and you can change the cartridges for different fonts and shapes. Amazing little piece of kit that I brought back from the USA. £30

If you see anything that you like send me a PM on Facebook (Ceri Davies) or email me: gwATthegingerwarriorDOTcom. I can then reserve the item for you and you can pick it up from my house in Brackley at anytime during the day tomorrow, Sunday 12th July. Come anytime between 10am and 10pm.

Hope you see something you like!

Ceri  :) xxx


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