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Would you ever go under the knife?

Would you ever go under the knife?

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It’s Thought-Provoking Thursday today Warriors and I would really love to get some debate and discussion under way!


More and more of you are beginning to leave comments and I truly do love hearing what you have to say so please, please keep it coming. If you have yet to leave a comment, don’t be shy; let your feelings, thoughts and opinions be known! Here in Warrior Land we are a family and we respect each other’s views implicitly. We neither judge nor criticize.

My greatest desire is for my blog to be a place where you can come along and feel comfortable, involved and valued and can leave feeling uplifted, edified and possibly even inspired!

Introducing you to Watch my Weight Wednesday yesterday got me thinking about how far I would be willing to go to achieve the body of MY dreams. I say MY so emphatically since, as I explained in the post, my weight loss goals are motivated by a desire to be the best aesthetic version of me that I can be. At this point in my life I am determined to attain my objectives the good, old-fashioned way; eating less and exercising more. In the future, I wonder, will I be inclined to resort to slightly more extreme measures in an attempt to defy the ageing process?

According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons more than 50,000 cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in the UK last year, 45,365 of which were on women.


Whilst this statistic is neither shocking nor surprising the wide discrepancy between the sexes is all too apparent and begs to be explored in greater depth in a future post. But right here, and for right now, I simply wish to know:


Agree? Disagree? Not sure? Would you ever consider going under the knife?  If so, what would you have done and why? Do you think the aesthetic and emotional benefits outweigh any potential risks? Perhaps you’ve already had some work done.  Would you be willing to share your story and describe the impact that it has had upon your life?

I know several people who have undergone a particular procedure (three boob jobs and a facelift) and all are over the moon with the results. Couldn't be happier. One friend even commented that her confidence and self-esteem have soared since her op and she no longer looks in the mirror and wishes she were someone else. On the opposite end of the scale, however, an acquaintance of Craigy Boy’s almost died on the operating table whilst having the bags under his eyes reduced. One thing is for sure - it is not a decision to be taken lightly.

 So over to you, Warriors!  Be bold and brave and make your opinions known!


Ginger Warrior, over and out.


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  1. I believe there is a place for PS but in moderation. People who have experienced/conquered life changing weight loss yet are left with loose/excess skin can feel equally as bad with the aftermath. I believe they deserve to feel/look good to recognise the considerable challenge they have overcome. Why not?
    Equally PS to address disfigurements natural/accidental to boost self esteem or “stop the stares” is acceptable.
    I’d have reservations for the crows feet, pec implant, face lifts & quick fixes which I believe can look false/short term gain. You are what you are and how you look shouldn’t really change the person inside but it perhaps does change peoples perception of you!
    It is a difficult one and where do you draw the (dotted) line?

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Very good question Greigy. Where do you draw the line? I suppose it would have to come down to the individual but I would definitely say that some people, particularly in the media spotlight, did not know where to stop.

  2. For medical reason’s only, if you looked after what you got at the beginning then you shouldn’t need to attend to having thing altered later in life, but that’s easier said when you are older, everything in moderation is my philosophy……..

  3. The only thing I have considered having done is having my eyes lasered. Unfortunately I am a bit squeamish about my eyes, which is ironic as I wear contacts. It’s the thought of being awake and being able to see the laser and implements on my eye. I shudder at the thought.
    However all the people I know who have had it done rave about it. Maybe one day…..

    • Craig, had my eye lasered a year ago and all I can say is I wish I had them done years ago. My shortsightedness was really really bad, but a painless 10 min procedure and a couple of hours of slight discomfort was easily worth it. My only fear (apart from parting with a wedge of cash!) was loosing my sight, but this has never happened to anyone, the worst that can happen is an infection or the prescription might need a slight adjustment. Do it mate, I can highly recommend it, it will greatly improve your life as a warrior !! :-)

      • The Ginger Warrior

        Good advice, Jon. I think he should do it too.
        Spend money on that before a new motor bike Craigy Boy!! xxx

  4. I am trying hard to teach my children that it doesn’t matter what anyone looks like, it matters whether they are a nice person so personally I feel that me going under the knife voluntarily would be a mixed message to them. I want them to grow up being confident girls, proud of their differences so they can handle the body pressures as they grow up and as their mum I feel I have to lead by example. Of course there are things I’d like to change about my body but unless there is a medical reason I don’t think this is a route I could take personally at the moment, maybe as I get older my opinion may change! One of my children has to endure the stares and questions with her appearance and I’m hoping she never wants to get it ‘fixed’.

  5. I’d never say never but, at the moment in my forties I want to grow old gracefully and be proud of my laughter lines and wrinkles as I’d have earnt them! However when I was a teenager and even into my twenties and thirties I really wanted a nose job to smooth the bump on my nose I’d inherited from my Dad. I was tormented by it at times but every time I came close to booking surgery I chickened out. Now I’m older I’ve accepted my self more for who I am and have found some resolution on the way I feel about it.

  6. I have gone under the knife a few times. Once as a child before I was old enough to make decisions on my own, it was to have hundreds of warts removed from my body…SO glad my mom put me though that, as I now have no warts as an adult and no scars from the procedure. Then as an adult (about 7-8 years ago) I had a breast reduction and I absolutely stand by my decision to do so. Plastic surgery is not always about vanity, sometimes it is for health reasons, I never knew what it was not to have back pain before my reduction and I felt instant relief. Now, even though my breast reduction was for health reasons it didn’t stop people from spreading rumors and gossip about me, literally around the world and back from ignorant people who thought I was going against my religion to do so. Silly really.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      So annoying and frustrating that people would gossip because of something like that. They should focus on their own lives! Thank you so much for sharing, Kelly. xxx

  7. I posted on Facebook, but I will post here as well. When I was in high school, I was a 38H cup. I was made fun of by kids who called me Dolly Parton, and I was ogled by men old enough to know better. I weighed 175, about 15 pounds over what was healthy, but not overly heavy. When I sat down, I literally sat in my lap. I had to wear a bra to bed. I had horrible back pain and grooves in my shoulders. The doctor first recommended Phen/Phen (this was before they knew how dangerous it was) to see if losing weight decreased their size. I lost those 15 pounds, but not in my chest. And I didn’t feel good about staying on it, so he recommended the reduction surgery. I got it the summer after I graduated. I was moving away to college, so it was about the perfect timing. Not very many people I knew in high school knew I was getting it, and no one I was going to meet in college would know I’d had it done. I could avoid all the stares and get rid of all the physical side effects. I had a great surgeon, who did a fantastic job. ( I can’t stress enough getting a great surgeon if you are considering any kind of plastic surgery, any surgery really) I was taken down to a C cup. A couple weeks after, I marveled that I could finally fold my arms. I hadn’t been able to do that before. I could wear normal clothing. I didn’t have to buy huge shirts just to cover my chest. I could sleep comfortably, and I could exercise comfortably as well. It was an amazingly positive change in my life. I will never understand people who want to get really big breasts, because I have been there and it is no picnic.

    One word of caution I will give. I was warned that there was a small chance that my body would go back. Sometimes the body just says Hey wait, you are supposed to be like this. When I did gain a little weight, it was immediately in my chest. I am now back to a DDD cup or F. Not all the way back where I was, but close. Perhaps because I had it done at 18, I was still growing and would have gotten even bigger than I was if I hadn’t had it done. Looking at a couple older women in my family, that would probably have been the case. I had a grandmother that didn’t wear a bra for as long as I knew her because they didn’t make them big enough. Even knowing that, and even having some troubles with breastfeeding my babies (I would also recommend waiting until after you have kids if it is possible. For me it wasn’t), I would still do it again without a doubt.

    Now that I am having children and have gained a lost a considerable amount of weight over the years, I would also consider a tummy tuck. My stomach will not be exercised away and it is something that really bothers me. It may never happen for financial reasons, but if it was financially possible, I would consider it once I am done having kids and back in a body that is more comfortable for me.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Thank you so much for sharing Manda. My bosoms aren’t that big but substantial and I totally get what a pain it can be, especially when doing Zumba. My ladies laugh at me because quite often I hold onto them when jumping up and down, especially during the old lunar cycle when they balloon even more! Oh the joys!!!

  8. My parents had me get my ears pinned back when I was 8. I was teased at school. I have always been thankful that they did that for me. On the other hand my mom has had several ps ( boobs lipo etc. ) she is still not happy with herself even though she looks incredible. She has body dismorphic disorder (BDD) as a her daughter I have really struggled with my own body image and it has been a really big issue in my life. I’m working on a book about it. Anyway, I think about plastic surgery sometimes but I know my issue with my body isn’t fully external I need to fix my internal thoughts about my body first and get a realistic view of my body before I can make a ps decision, ( sorry so long)

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You can write as much as you like Jess! A friend of mine has BDD and I am interviewing him next week. x

  9. Emma had her eyes lasered and says it was a great idea but does that really count as plastic surgery? Perhaps that’s closer to having a bunion dealt with etc. It’s a far cry from actually changing something fundamental about yourself like the size of your nose. That said I have no problem with anyone doing anything to change looks as long as there is no pressure put on anyone else to do the same.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I was actually going to try and get you to change a few things about yourself Henny. How’s about new knee caps?

  10. I would never, even if I enough money for it to be a small expense. Now, having a growth removed, or having reconstructive surgery after an accident, that’s a different story. But I am as a God made me, and that’s good enough for me.

  11. For health reasons or after an accident I would say yes. Fear would stop me from doing it for vanity reasons cos I have watched too many programmes about PS going wrong. However, I may consider it for my toes – my two big toes are almost twice the size of my other toes and it would be nice to wear sandals, look down at my feet and smile. But I am a coward, so me and my big toes will just need to stick with each other :)

  12. If I go under the knife (new nose!) will you pay??? :-)

  13. Husband has always hated my nose as it is too big, when we have paid our mortgage off he is going to treat me to a new one!!!
    When my child is old enough for laser eye surgery we will also pay for him to have that too.

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