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Win a £50 gift voucher of YOUR choice!

Win a £50 gift voucher of YOUR choice!


Last week we hit our first important milestone together - over 1000 Warrior blog subscribers. 

WOO HOOOO and a massive THANK YOU!!

In order to celebrate this momentous occasion I am GIVING AWAY a £50 gift voucher, exclusive to blog subscribers! And it goes without saying that all my fabulous INTERNATIONAL warriors are included! You will receive the equivalent of £50 in your own, local currency. Not sure how much £50 is in your money?  Just click HERE to convert!

The lucky winner will be able to choose what kind of voucher he/she receives. Amazon? Itunes? A clothing store? DIY voucher? It may be a hard decision to make but it's SUPER EASY to win and requires only a little effort on your part.

Here is what you have to do:

Find a blog post on my site, ANY blog post that you enjoyed reading and leave me a comment. THAT'S IT!! Could it be any simpler??

Any Warrior that leaves a comment between now and next Sunday will be automatically entered into the prize draw and the winner will be announced by blog post and Facebook on Monday 19th May.

This is, as I said, primarily to thank everyone for joining me and supporting me on this blogging journey but it's also to encourage you, my delicious Warriors, to leave me a cheeky comment every now and again. My main objective in starting this blog is to connect with wonderful people from the four corners of the earth but I can only connect with you if you connect with me!  I love to hear your thoughts, feelings and opinions so don't be shy in letting them be known! They truly do make my day and I excitedly check my site dozens of times throughout the day to see if anyone has left me a comment.  Lol!  Sad, I know, but it's the simple pleasures in life....  ;)


Ginger Warrior, over and out.



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  1. Ginger Warrior….you are far to generous to us. Can I ask a question?? When leaving a comment, under the email it says “website”. What do you put in that box? I’ve always wondered. Thanks Lesley

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hey,Les! Thanks for the comment! Website box is an option for those who have their own blog/website. Means I can check it out as a way of thanking them for checking mine out. :)

  2. Wow – and they say the Scots are mean! Absolutely not my fellow flame-haired Celt! Wonderful blog – totally brightens my otherwise dreary (Dundee weather! hahaha) day! <3

  3. Does commenting on this page enter! Also does the face I fixed your computer help me?? :p

      • when you called apple a couple of months back

        • The Ginger Warrior

          Ooooh! I thought that’s what it was!! Lol! Thanks for that, Ian. So glad to find you on here. Welcome to Planet Warrior!! xxxx

  4. Well said Charlie! ….I’m also in Baby!!! xxx

  5. COMMENT!! Do love a giveaway! And a gift voucher = guilt free spending :)

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