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Where are YOU going on your holidays??

Where are YOU going on your holidays??


Forgive me Warriors for being so rude! I’ve been banging on about my forthcoming trip to the USA and haven’t had the courtesy to ask YOU where you’re going this summer/this year! Do you forgive me? You do?? Wonderful! I knew you would because that’s the kind of nice people that inhabit Planet Warrior!

Seriously though, I really, really do want to know what your travel plans are because:

a) I’m nosy
b) my nomadic soul is always on the lookout for new destinations to discover and explore!

So pray tell my globe-trotting army of Word Wide Warriors, where are you going this year? Who with? Where are you staying? What do you plan on doing when you get there? Is there any one thing you’re particularly looking forward to? Perhaps your trip is in celebration of an anniversary or a special birthday (generally ending in an -OH!!) Whatever the reason for your voyage, whatever the final destination, I, the Ginger Warrior would be thrilled if you would take a few moments to share your travel plans. You could even add a picture of the place/accommodation to thoroughly whet our jet-setting appetites! Out of the almost 1100 of you that subscribe and the thousands of others that drop into Planet Warrior every now and again I bet you all the tea in China (anyone going to Asia??) that we could cover ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS! On second thoughts, I’m going to hedge my bets and say that Antarctica might be our geographical downfall but I could be wrong and I’d be soooooo delighted if I were!



And I have a proposal for you. And when I say YOU, I mean that this is open to one and all.

The first week in September when the schools go back here in the UK and we’re all suffering from PHB (that’s Post Holiday Blues by the way) I’d like to dedicate that week’s worth of blog posts to YOUR holiday reviews so we can pretend we’re footloose and employment free for just one more week.

So here it is, Warriors, a chance to guest blog for me and to share your adventures and exploits globally!

Lisa Tindal has already risen to the guest blogging holiday review challenge and will be regaling us all with tales from her family trip to Tenerife. Another friend and Warrior, Sally Easterbrook, is soon to be heading off on an epic almost 3 week tour around Thailand and will be reporting back in September. And I’m keeping my fingers and all other applicable body part crossed that one of my Zumba ladies, Jennie Moore will, give us the low down on her recent adventures to the Deep South and DOLLYWOOD!  Oh say you will, Jennie! I’ll be your BREAST friend!!  (D’you get it?? Dollywood, Dolly Parton, large bosoms…yup, you got it).

If you would be up for taking on a glorious guest blog slot just drop me an email or message me on Facebook. And just in case you find yourself tempted yet hesitant let me make something very clear - you DO NOT need to consider yourself a writer! Heck, I don’t consider myself a writer but nevertheless I subject you to my ramblings several times a week. Rest assured that I’m not looking for professional travel reviews, I simply want an open and honest reflection written in your very own style, whatever that may be.

Alrighty, that’s quite enough from me! The time is now yours, Warriors. The comment box below is ready, waiting and willing and I know you are too. 


Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. Hello GW followers,

    I shall be off this summer… on Friday in fact to Normandy for two weeks.
    We have a french farm house over there so our holidays are sorted for the next 20 years!
    We have the best of both worlds, the house is in a quiet hamlet (6 houses) in fact but just 8km we are in the town of Coutances , which boasts a fabulous cathedral, restaurants and shops galore. There beautiful beautiful beaches just 25 minutes away…. if I don’t want to venture out I just take my book, cidre and relax in our lovely garden :-)

    Mark and I have also had a long weekend in Budapest this year which was just fabulous.

    I shall be taking the GW challenge in September and shall post my reviews on both holidays (with Pictures!)

    Happy Holidays GW followers

    • The Ginger Warrior

      So glad you’re taking the holiday review challenge, Minxy! WOO HOO!!! Normandy really is beautiful. Went there a few years ago with the school. Apart from the historical sites my highlight was the salted caramel macaroons! 😉

    • We are off to Gran Canaria for a fortnight on Saturday :-)

    • Hi GW
      Am in Thailand on Koh Chang at the mo and am going to Siem Reap in Cambodia to a yoga and meditation retreat near Angkor Wat on Saturday for 10 days. Would love to write a little something for you when I get back!! X

      • The Ginger Warrior

        Oh my gosh, I would LOVE you to write about the yoga and meditation retreat, Celia!! Thank you so much and have an amaaaaazing time!!! xxxxxx

  2. Off to Mallorca in September, happy to do you a blog when we get back x

  3. I have just arrived in Positano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy with my lovely husband and it is beautiful. It has always been a place I wanted to visit and it is special as it will be my 50 the birthday in October. This is our first morning so have not done too much yet other than enjoyed beautiful food and wine and atmosphere. The view from our room is stunning with all the boats and the houses built in to the cliff. We will visit Ravello, Capri and Pompeii whilst here and lots of walking up and down steps for keeping fit.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Woooow!! That looks GORGEOUS, Gillian! A little bit jealous as I look out my window minus the water and boats. Lol! Have an amazing time and I’ll be checking on Facebook for more pics. xxx

  4. Off to Cornwall, yay, Ciara’s first holiday so this year we are staying in Tregullon Farm Bodmin, it’s 30 mins from the north & south coast. We love Polzeath, Daymer Bay & Rock but now we can explore the south east coast. Can’t wait to see what we find, have fun GW x

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Craigy Boy is a huuuuge Cornwall fan but I, alas, have yet to go. But it’s on my list Mrs GOH, for sure! Have a fab time! I hope Ciara enjoys her first holibobs! xxxx

  5. Had such a fabulous time on the Norwegian Fjords last year, so we’re going again (different ports). The scenery is absolutely stunning, and hopefully the weather will be much better in August!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      My Dad spent a lot of time in Norway when he was in the Marines, out in the wilds so he tells me! He didn’t make it to Fjords but I sure would like to one day!

  6. Hi GW, just come back from a short stay in Sanya, Hainan, China! Bliss….5 days of R&R! As its only a short hop from Shanghai, down on the South coast of China, roughly the same latitude as Hong Kong, so beautiful sub-tropical climate!
    Will be back in Blighty next week for a short stay too, visiting family & friends in Cheshire, Northants, Oxon & Bucks.
    Probably have a day in London to cheer my cousin on taking part in the London Triathlon on 3rd Aug.
    And no doubt a trip to the seaside on the South coast will be in order, at some point?
    Happy travels everyone xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Man, I think I’ll miss you, Liz, as I leave on Wednesday. We will pass like planes in the night! 😉 Do pop along to Zumba if you feel like it. Classes will be running as normal. Have a wonderful summer! xxx

  7. We are going to the gorgeous & peaceful lodges at Duchally, Auchterarder. As it is a certain young ladies 14th birthday I have booked afternoon tea at Gleneagles. We also plan to take the train through to Edinburgh and take in some of the festival. The afore mentioned young lady is always taking videos & when asked what she is doing replies ‘ Blogging, like the Ginger Warrior’ !!so I am sure she would love to do a guest blog!!!!

  8. Hi. I will stay in Europe on few weekend escapades, to Lisbon & Fatima in Portugal, then 7 day Mediterranean cruise around Italy and the Greek Islands and lastly few days in Nice..I am so excited as my family is coming from Colombia for these adventures.. :)

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Vas a estar muy ocupada, guapa! Me alegro. He pasado mucho tiempo en Nice y me encanta!! Que te vayas bien. Un beso.

  9. HI GW Well 6 weeks on Wednesday and we will be flying to Tunisia,we were there last year and thought we would give it another go,as we really enjoyed it.The people are lovely as is the food,the beaches are beautiful!!! And hopefully the weather will be as good as it’s been today. Good luck with your blogging xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I’ve never been to Tunisia but it does look very tempting! Post lots of pics on Facebook, Kate. :) xxx

  10. My new life is my final destination right now. I’ve just moved to Northern California and will be exploring it along the way. But will have to remain immobile for a while till I feel comfortable and on my feet in my new place! But today am off for a weeks vacation on a houseboat at bollards bar in Northern California!!! Then a week to spend with you my first house guest!!! And exploring new things with you here! Then in October I will have a visit from my family!! Then hoping to do thanksgiving and Christmas in Utah with my family if course. That’s it for now. Next year I will be takings Aunt, who has never flown before, to NYC to see the Statue of Liberty. :). Then I hope to catch Cambodia with my sister and brother in law in another year or two. Then hope for japan to visit a dear friend after that future. And them hope to make it back to the IK to see th GW!!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I’m so excited to be your first house guest. How cool is that?? I think I may have to join you on the trip to Cambodia. :) xxxx

  11. Debbie and I are heading back to the UK for a while in August now that we have settled in to life here in Macau, but our real holiday this year is going to be Hua Hin in Thailand. Its a bit surreal all these travel experiences happening at once but good fun. Next year its Vietnam and hopefully Australia along with any other long weekend we can fit in :-)

  12. We’re staying in a luxury lodge in Cornwall, as neither of us have been before. We can see the beach from our house and it sleeps up to 6 so we have lots of space! Just enjoying a cup of tea on the deck while I decide where we are going to go today (once I have finished procrastinating!!). W are definitely going to go and see the Eden project while we are here and have booked tickets at the Minack theatre :-) obviously!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I’ve never been to Cornwall before, Jenny, but Craig has been loads of times and it’s one of his favourites spots. :)

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