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When Mum and Dad came to stay

When Mum and Dad came to stay


I don't get to see Mummy Sandra and Daddy Gordon all that often what with them living in the land of kilts, haggis and Irn Bru and me residing South of the border, so it was jolly lovely to have them stay with me and Craigy Boy for a few days this last week.

I must say, however, that it wasn't entirely a social visit: Gordon, being the wonderful, kind and handy Dad that he always has been and continues to be had come to sort out my back garden, or should I say the overgrown, weed-infested jungle that once was my garden. I bake, I run, I talk (a lot), I blog (less than I ought to!) I but I just don't do gardens. Nothing green about these freckly fingers!

Mum and Dad arrived late Sunday afternoon and Craigy Boy and I had a yummy roast dinner and all the trimmings awaiting them - I had to make sure to fuel Dad up sufficiently for the toilsome task ahead!

Thus the following day, lunch boxes in hand, Dad and Craigy headed off to Northampton with a car full of garden tools and beaming smiles on their faces. They hadn't seen my garden yet...


We ladies couldn't just stay at home fixing our hair and painting our nails while the men were off hard at work; our consciences simply wouldn't stand for it! So we went shopping and out for lunch in Oxford instead. It was positively exhausting as you can imagine, the strain and stress of an afternoon's shopping clearly etched on our faces: 


We were uncharacteristically restrained when it came to the shopping part. Mum bagged a couple of bits and pieces in the sale and very kindly treated me to a few garments to add to my recent spring/summer bright clothing haul from Primark (which you can watch right HERE if you're interested). This is what I picked up courtesy of my lovely mother. Thanks, Sandra!


As I said before, and I know you Warriors will be able to relate to this, shopping can be downright draining and there comes a point when you have no choice but to stop and be fed and watered. And thus our next dilemma presented itself: where to go and what to eat?

I was adamant we seek a watering hole close to where we had parked since our parking ticket was rapidly approaching its expiration. Sandra, on the other hand, was convinced that the best places to eat are to be found down the little side streets that are often overlooked and off she went to explore like a woman on a mission! Mothers know best, so they say, and in this case mother did indeed know best. She discovered a most delightful eatery by the name of Bill's that impressed me so much that I have decided to devote an entire blog post to reviewing it. As such, I won't go into any further details for now other than to say we loved absolutely everything about it. Keep an eye open for the review because there are Bill's all over the country and one about to open in Scotland!


The next day the boys headed back to my flat to tackle the rest of what was once again beginning to resemble a garden. Just so you know, I did offer to lend a hand but was duly informed that I'd be more of a hindrance than a help. I didn't protest.

The Mother and I jumped in the car and made our way to Milton Keynes where mum was due to meet up with her lifelong buddy, my Auntie Paula, who grew up in the same town but moved down south over twenty years ago. Before I left them to spend some quality time together we enjoyed a lovely lunch in another of my favourite restaurants, Giraffe:


Meanwhile Dad and Craigy were being very well taken care of themselves by none other than one of my favouritest people in the whole wide world who has been featured on this here blog on more than one occasion. You may remember her from this post or this one. She's 86, has a heart of gold and her name is Winnie. My Dad had heard me rave about my neighbour from Northampton but this was the first time they had met. Now he completely understands why I treasure my friendship with this dear lady.

Winnie insisted Dad and Craigy pop in over the three days they were working up at my flat and I know the teas, coffees, cakes and treats she offered were gratefully received by the hungry workers.


I love this picture almost as much as I love the people who appear in it. Three very kind, pure souls who go out of their way to help others. *gushy moment over*. ;)

It wasn't long before it was time for the Parentals to embark upon the 7(ish) hour journey back up north. Parting is such sweet sorrow but the blow is very much lessened by the fact that I'll see them again in less than a month's time because Craigy and I will be making the same 7(ish) hour journey for a family wedding. So I shall bid ye farewell until then, Sandra and Gordon, thank you for a lovely few days and for spoiling me and Craigy. We both love you very much.


GW and Craigy Boy, over and out.


Oh! And one last final thing..



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  1. I really do love your blog posts. Please do keep ’em coming. Hope your Parentals had a safe & uneventful drive home. xxx

  2. You and your family make a great team! Glad you got to spend some quality time with your Mum and Dad and enjoyed reading all about what you did.

  3. Had to laugh that the men were working hard in your garden while you and your mum went shopping. It’s lovely that your mum and dad brave the long drive, mine haven’t ventured down yet, mum’s not keen on driving that far these days. When we lived in Diss, Norfolk, they got the train or plane down but haven’t figured out getting down to Brackley area yet, lol.

  4. Lovely! Cherish every moment :-) xxx

  5. Just love reading your blog posts Ceri. You are such a bubbly happy person.
    Keep the blogs coming x

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