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When Craigy’s family came to tea

When Craigy’s family came to tea

A thought recently struck me, dear Warriors.

And that thought is this:

I've written many a blog, taken a plethora of videos involving my side of the family but I have yet to introduce you to clan Wilson. Which really is rather inexcusable, don't you think?

You may have found yourself wondering if poor Craigy actually has a family to speak of! Well today's blog will confirm that not only does he have a family to call his very own but he has a LOVELY family to call his very own.

And it's not as if they live on the other side of the world unless you consider Norwich a foreign and far flung land. But you know what it's like getting everyone together, Warriors.

We're all busy people rushing here, there and everywhere so when everything finally falls into place and the whole gang can be in the one place at the one time it's gosh darn time to celebrate in my opinion! So we did.

With a barbecue, a rather yummy chocolate cake and a hula hoop.

By way of introduction it makes sense to start with Craigy's mum and dad since without them there would be no Craigy Boy! *wink wink, nudge nudge*

So here I am with the "in-laws", Ann and Peter. Both are retired and enjoy spending as much time as they can in France. Ah oui! 

Peter is a keen golfer and Anne has a love of and a passion for history.


And here is me and Craigy Boy with Daisy, his seven year old niece and goddaughter.

She is a snuggly, little delight, full of sunshine and you may not be entirely surprised to discover that she loves all things Frozen


Daisy is currently learning to play the piano, the ukelele and she has a rather impressive talent for hula hooping and is desperately trying to pass on her knowledge to Granny Ann. 

Ann concedes that it may take some time.


I'm not quite sure why I didn't get a picture of Robin, Craig's brother, and his partner Cathy together. I was probably distracted by the dog (you'll meet him in a minute), the hula hoop or both.

So here is a picture of all the boys in front of the barbecue, Robin quite clearly the man on the left, grappling with a very wriggly puppy. 


Robin, known to most as Bob, is a financial adviser and is a co-founder and Director of Green Sky Wealth in Norwich.

While the boys huddled around the bbq discussing things that boys discuss we ladies congregated in the kitchen since it really is where we ought to be..


I was rather impressed by the co-ordinating kaleidoscope of colours in which we were attired. Makes for a rather lovely and vibrant picture of the girls!

The very pretty lady on the right is Cathy, Robin's partner of many years and Daisy's beloved Mummy.

And how's about getting a little more up close and personal with the newest member of the Wilson family? Cosmo is a labradoodle and has more energy, fizz and va va voom than the duracell bunny.

And he has a very wet and sloppy tongue with which he enjoys showering affection upon the nearest human.


And that, my Warriors of the World, is the Wilson family. 

And a very nice family it is too.



Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. Hello The Wilsons, nice to meet you x

  2. Hallo folks, I knew Craig would have a lovely family, it’s nice to see you all. X

  3. Thanks for such a lovely blog. I am now surrounded by a warm glow.

  4. Nice to put faces to names; you have a lovely lad which I’m sure you already know. Ceri’s very lucky to have him! One of these days we will meet. :) xxx

  5. Lovely family indeed! You are one lucky lady! And Craigy is one lucky guy!

  6. What a lovely blog Ceri I think you should do one of ex neighbours!!!! Why haven’t we met the Wilsons before? I think you should return to home no not with the parents but just so I can sample all of your lovely baking Mmmmmmm, your simply the best

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