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Ten OUT OF THIS WORLD holiday destinations!

Ten OUT OF THIS WORLD holiday destinations!

Fed up with France?  Sick of the Costa del Sol? Dog-tired of Disney? 

Looking to get out of your holiday rut and explore an out of this world destination?


Then look no further, my adventure-seeking Warriors! I have rounded up ten unusual but highly appealing getaways that would proudly feature on anyone's bucket list!


I practically squealed with delight when I discovered I could be trained as a real live Warrior!  WOO HOOO!!!

A nine day adventure which will give you a taste of what it felt like to be a Mongol warrior under the mighty and merciless Genghis Khan: bow and arrow-making, orientation techniques, field cooking, how to shoot whilst riding horseback are just some of the skills you will master in the hope of becoming a successful combatant. SOMEBODY HOLD ME BACK!!

For pricing, dates and an all out battle itinerary click HERE.


Croatia is an increasingly popular getaway amongst European travellers but has, as yet, to succumb to mass tourism. With over 1000 islands, hidden coves and sandy beaches sea-kayaking in Croatia would make for an unforgettable and breath-takingly beautiful family getaway. As well as boasting miles of unspoiled, pristine coastline this area has born testimony to the power and the glory of Roman and Ottoman empires, Venetian and Dubrovnik republic as well as the Napoleon legions and Allied forces. 

For more info or to book this idyllic escape click HERE.


Back in 2003 when I was on my teacher training course in Oxford I cooked a sunday roast for the then Crown Prince and the now King of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. It's a true story:  I, the Ginger Warrior, have served up roast spuds and yorkshire puds for royalty. Before meeting Jigme I must admit that I had never even heard of the kingdom of Bhutan, a landlocked country in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas. Ever since my regal encounter the mystery and magic of Bhutan, which opened its borders to tourists for the first time only 40 years ago, has captured my imagination. Who wouldn't want to visit a country that measures its wealth and prosperity not by the GDP but by GNH?  That stands for Gross National Happiness by the way. A real life Shangri-La and I'm determined to make it there someday

If a visit to the remote and ancient kingdom of Bhutan appeals to you as much as it does to me then click HERE.


It's just like looking at an unwaxed picture of myself.

During the time my Dad was in the Royal Marines he set foot upon many a foreign land. As a wee nipper I would often ask him to regale me with tales of his travels and it was clear that of all the places he ever visited, Borneo was his favourite. 

Hone your photography skills whilst highlighting the plight of and raising funds for this incredibly beautiful, endearing and endangered species.

Click HERE for some orange monkey madness.


Iceland never held a particular appeal for me until quite recently. Both my brother and my school embarked upon an Icelandic adventure this year and returned with tales of spectacular and unusual landscapes and of aqua blue lagoons. It sounded altogether otherworldly and has instilled within me a desire to witness these natural phenomenons for myself.

If Iceland gets you all fired up then click HERE.


I could hardly compile a list of the world's top getaways and not include my very own Homeland, could I??  It's just as well that Scotland is known the world over for its awe-inspiring scenery and spectacular historical heritage otherwise you would think me biased.  ;)

The cruise departs from Oban and will have you exploring the history of the Castles and Clans of Scotland. You will also take in magnificent sea lochs, hills and glens whilst chomping down on the culinary delicacy that is the Haggis.  People say haggis is like marmite - you either love it or hate it.  Just for the record, I love it.

A Highland Fling is a mere mouse CLICK away.


The last time I had my nashers checked out my lovely dentist asked me how old I was. "Thirty-five" I informed him, to which he replied that now was the perfect time to start thinking about botox. Not exactly what you expect to hear when getting your pearly whites polished!

If, like me, the thought of having a needle probing your fine lines and wrinkles makes you feel nauseous and acutely faint then an anti-ageing retreat may be a less painful and a considerably more holistic approach to remaining lithe and youthful. This luxurious spa complex in the green heart of the Costa Blanca could be exactly what you're looking for.

Click HERE to keep old age at bay.


Thailand + food.  A winning combination in my gluttonous eyes!

Spice up your life as you learn to cook like a local, from the locals.  You'll start in Bangkok and then explore different regions of the country and the dishes specific to those regions.  You can then return home and wine and dine your friends in spectacular fashion. Or, alternatively, you could apply to appear on "Come Dine with Me" and impress and entertain us all. I vote the latter option!

Click HERE to get all gastronomical, Asian style!


Back in 2002 I spent six months living in Bucharest, Romania's capital.  While Romania does have its fair share of grey communist blocks and mangy stray dogs it also boasts areas of outstanding natural beauty, Transylvania being one of them.  Nope, you won't find any blood sucking creatures of the night but what you will find are a plethora of medieval castles and elegant palaces set against the backdrop of majestic forests and rich green valleys. Exploring these on horseback, at a leisurely and relaxed pace, would be my transport of choice.

To discover rural Romania on your own fine filly look NEEEIGH further and click HERE.


If you know me, then you know I'm a lover of all things Latin. Except the men, of course, I prefer a handsome English gent myself.  Craig is a nice name... 

Could there be anything more thrilling, more enchanting, more sensual than learning the art of dancing the tango from the very people who invented the tango??  I think not.  Late night Milongas (Argentine dancing clubs) await the ready and the willing so what are YOU waiting for?

Dust of those dancing shoes and prepare to be tangoed right HERE!   *whips head dramatically*

What do you think, Warriors?  Do any of these

unusual getaways tickle your vacationing fancy?

 Out of the ten I have listed which one grabs you

the most??


 GW, over and out.

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  1. It’s good to have you back in all your glorious Gingerness :)
    It’s Iceland for me!

      • Not yet :( I keep pouncing on the postman in anticipation but to no avail 😉
        Rest assured…the world will know when they arrive as I’ll be hyper and screaming from the rooftops…sugar overdose :) Yay!! xxx

        • The Ginger Warrior

          Hmmm… they should be with you by now. They said they were due to arrive on Tuesday. If they’re not here by the end of today I’ll get in touch as the item was tracked. xx

          • OK, fab ta! I’ll let you know when I get home :) xxx

  2. I was lucky enough to travel to some fantastic places when I served with the British Army. One place I would love to return to would be Belize. Get out of rundown Belize City and you are spoilt for choice for beautiful places to see. White sanded beaches on the Cayes. Amazing jungles to trek or horse ride through. There is the Blue Hole which has one entrance out in the Caribbean and the other in the middle of the jungle. Amazing. There are also the Mayan ruins to visit and finally the best scuba diving in the world. On my list definitely.

  3. Croatia and Iceland stood out to me the most. And Scotland of course… :)

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Come on over and we can do a girlie european trip Lizzy.. Your four kiddos won’t miss you. Honest! 😉 xoxox

  4. I like your travel style! All of these destinations are right up my alley. Croatia has called my name before but I’ve still not made it there. You made Romania sound pretty incredible too. Living far from home right now means that when I do travel, there’s only one place that I go. But a girl can dream and I found that this little post of yours made that possible. Thanks, friend!

  5. Too many gorgeous places to choose but Iceland would be great for its unique landscape. As for Borneo, you’d better visit soon while there’s still some rainforest left. There’s massive destruction, all in aid of Palm oil :(( very sad.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Iceland seems to be a very popular choice! And yes, very sad about the rainforests. Mankind can be a destructive force. :(

  6. Love this post. One of your best yet, if not THE best. The ‘unwaxed version of myself’ under the orangutans cracked me up!!! Brilliant, GW. xxx

  7. Funnily enough, we are looking at holidays for next year!! Bit less extravagant than these though!! Thinking about Cape Verde after Stephen said no to the thought of me in Florida malls!

  8. The Buddhism culture day is a must for me I plan to go and see the monks and everything once I’ve saved up

  9. Great holiday destinations and unusual activities! I would love to go Iceland if you can see the Northern Lights. Is that one of the places you can see them? I would also love to go to Alaska because of the wildlife. What kind of wildlife does Iceland have?

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Yup, you certainly can see the Northern light there. As for wildlife, some polar bears for sure!! :) xxxx

  10. I want to be a warrior!!! That looks sooo cool :-)

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