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So you want to eat clean?

So you want to eat clean?


If, like me, you're looking to become a lean, clean eating machine then look no further because today I'm introducing you to a website which I am convinced will encourage you to keep going if you have already embarked upon your clean eating journey or will inspire you to get up and at 'em if you still find yourself delayed at the starting block.

Clean eating isn't as scary, complicated, time consuming or as expensive as it sounds and it's even less daunting when you realise that there are a plethora of sites out there that will guide you every single step of the way.

Amongst the thousands of clean eating websites a mere mouse click away is one that has rapidly become me and Craigy Boy's favourite: it has completely changed our approach and attitude towards the food we buy and the way in which we prepare it. So, my hungry and health conscious Warriors of the World

Allow me to introduce you to..


Our ultimate go-to clean eating blog and it just so happens that the lady behind the recipes is a good friend! In fact, Charlie and I started our blogs within days of each other last year and it has been a sheer delight and nothing short of inspirational to watch the popularity of Charlie's site EXPLODE! The reason behind the ever increasing numbers that frequent The Kitchen Shed (it has been viewed more than a million times since it launched) is simple: Charlie offers you and I straightforward, no hassle, clean, colourful and highly enticing recipes that the entire family will enjoy. Charlie herself has two young boys (and very handsome fellas they are too) and a very hungry husband (also very handsome) all of whom constitute her quality control team. So you can rest assured that every recipe she posts has been trialled, tested and given a massive thumbs up by three ravenous and, at times, very finicky boys!

Craigy and I have tried many of Charlie's offerings and are particularly fond of her turkey meatballs, gluten free chicken and broccoli lasagne, goats cheese pitta pizza and her series of clean eating bars, one of which she even named after me: Clean Eating Ginger Warrior bars!  And that's to name just a few. Seriously, folks, take yourselves on over to Charlie's recipe index which gives you a full list of all the delectable and very clean dishes that could be gracing your dinner table any day now! Dishes just like these:


An added bonus for those of us resident in the United Kingdom is that Charlie is also UK based which means you shouldn't have any problems locating the ingredients listed in her recipes. However, if you do live elsewhere in the world, all you need to do is ask Charlie to suggest alternatives and she'll come up with something. Not only is she a culinary genius but she's also highly resourceful and very, very friendly. 

Some of the other extremely useful and practical features you'll find on The Kitchen Shed are:

  • lunch box ideas

  • meal plans

  • shopping lists

  • cupboard/pantry essentials

  • foods to avoid

  • clean eating on a budget

  • gluten-free, dairy free vegetarian and vegan recipes

  • competitions and giveaways!

Charlie has no idea I'm writing this post. She didn't ask me to promote her site or send people her way. But last night, as Craigy and I made yet another of Charlie's recipes I thought it was about time I shared the precious and palatable gem that is The Kitchen Shed.

Charlie, Craigy and I are so very proud of you and wish to thank you for helping us to keep it clean. We are excited to watch The Kitchen Shed continue to grow and can't wait until you publish your first cookbook. You have two advance orders right here!

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

P.S. Click HERE to go and like The Kitchen Shed's Facebook page which is so very close to 5000 likes!!


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  1. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous surprise! You guys are so lush, love you both! Now to grab a tissue, I’m all teary eyed

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You are more than welcome. I didn’t say anything that I didn’t mean. Happy 1st and 27th birthday! xxx

  2. I’ve been following The Kitchen Shed since the new year when like countless others I decided that my not so young body deserved to be treated properly and not fed a diet of foods that weren’t doing me any good at all. I was instantly attracted to Charlie’s site as it talked sense and anyone could follow her simple philosophy. Nobody has to go out and hunt down obscure expensive ingredients or try and follow a complicated recipe. She doesn’t preach, and knows we are all human and of course there are times when refusing that slice of birthday cake would be just plain silly and not necessary ! Charlie seems to have boundless enthusiasm and is always there for support and encouragement and always replies to any messages . I love her recipes that are always delicious and easy..and there are so many of them too.
    I’m confident that with the help of The Kitchen Shed Im now on the road to a much healthier me. There is one drawback though, I need a fridge with a bigger fruit and veg drawer !

  3. And in honour of your Birthday Charlie I shall be making some Turkey meatballs tonight. Might even do the ones with the Cranberries. Happy Birthday and a lovely Blog Ceri xx

  4. Thank you Craigy boy! I hope you enjoy them! X

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