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And the TWO LUCKY Easter Giveaway winners are..

And the TWO LUCKY Easter Giveaway winners are..



Our first (but most definitely not last!) giveaway has come to an end.

So many of you participated by "liking" my Ginger Warrior Facebook page and by sharing the instructional video.  Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!  The Facebook post was viewed by almost 33,000 people all over the world.  Isn't that insane and amazing? That's the power of social media for you!

Before I announce the two serendipitous winners I just wanted to re-iterate something of great importance in my mind. I know that many of you were unable to participate in the giveaway because you don't have a Facebook account. NEITHER FRET, NOT FEAR, DEAREST WARRIORS! As soon as we reach 1000 blog subscribers I'll be launching another giveaway EXCLUSIVELY for my loyal readers.  

At the time of going to press we're at 965 subscribers so I sense that our next giveaway will be taking place in the not too distant future!

You are, of course, welcome to move things along by encouraging friends and family to join in the love, happiness and global friendship here in Warrior Land.  Our little online community grows bigger every day and it warms my  heart and hopefully yours too!

Quite enough gushy waffle from me. You're here to find out if your name came out of the hat so I shall not prolong the agony a moment longer.  Ladies and gentlemen of Planet Warrior, I give to you, the winners of our Easter Giveaway 2014:

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  1. So much fun GW & Craigy Boy…..well done to the lucky winners…..can’t wait for the next one xx

  2. Oh my, oh my, oh my…….even before you’d got to the draw I was loving the video – and LOVE the bonnet btw! But, is it really me?????? I’m stunned, in a state of shock…is this for real?!!! :):):):):) I don’t want to get too eggcited (sorry, had to do it!) until I know this is for definite!! Keep up the good work – I love GW!!! xxxxx

  3. Just been catching up with all your antics in USA, cookery lessons and Easter blogs…..what a hoot Ceri….you are a ray of sunshine! 😀 Keep up the good work Ginger Warrior!

  4. Yayyyyyyyyy!! How I have missed the treats from the UK!! And Easter candy is my favorite! I so happy! Thanks Cers! My baby thanks you too. She will of course be consuming it too in a manner of speaking. :-)

  5. Congratulations to the winners! Love the hat, Ceri!

  6. That was highly entertaining! I especially loved Craig’s dance bit. I call for more!

  7. Gutted!!! I SO want American choc!!! Oh well, loving you both and will just have to wait patiently for the next one. Oh yeah, I don’t do patient!!! xxx

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