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Tilly Mae’s FROZEN birthday cake!

Tilly Mae’s FROZEN birthday cake!

cake8Two years ago, for TM's 1st birthday, I decided to attempt my first ever fondant cake. It was laborious, it was stressful and tears were shed. But the hard work and steep learning curve were worth it because I ended up creating this psychedelic little beauty:


However, I swore there and then that I'd be taking a wide berth from working with fondant and for Tilly Mae's 2nd b'day I remained true to my word: I didn't go near the stuff!! In fact, I don't even think I made her a cake last year!

It would seem that twenty four months is sufficient time to put the trauma of your baking past behind you because I found myself volunteering my cake services once again. For TM's 3rd birthday I asked her what kind of cake she would like knowing full well what the answer would be. Thus when my beautiful and adorable goddaughter shrieked the "F" word at me I was hardly surprised.  

Frozen it is.

Now I didn't necessarily want to top my previous creation but Tilly-Mae didn't deserve anything less than my best efforts so I sat down and drew up a picture of what I wanted the cake to look like. It had to be big, bold, blue (for the most part) and brash. Princess Elsa is, after all, a feisty young lady who knows her own mind and so does my goddaughter as it happens. My cake would need to reflect the inner strength and vibrance of both characters.

I resigned myself to the fact that to create the look I was after I would once again be entering the realm of fickle, finicky fondant. I determined there and then not to let it get the better of me! And to begin with, it didn't - the first two tiers accepted their blanket of fondant with grace and magnanimity.


The third tier however, the big one, the 10 inch triple layer cake was a different matter altogether. I tried no less than SIX times to cover it but each attempt ended in torn and cracked fondant. Before cracking myself I changed tack - I would cover the top with fondant and envelope the side with white chocolate fingers; not what I had initially envisaged but I was confident that the overall effect would be equally as dramatic.

Slowly but surely it all started to come together, the ice Princess close at hand, guiding me every step of the way:


A few tweaks here, some little cover ups there plus a whole load of embellishments and Elsa took her rightful place at the top of her fondant tower:


I was thrilled with the outcome but what I thought was irrelevant - only one opinion mattered. And I am delighted to report that Tilly-Mae gave her 3rd birthday cake a literal thumbs up!


Yup, she was one happy little Princess who had her eye on the other Princess!


 And do you know what else our two intrepid and gutsy Princesses have in common? 





GW, over and out.


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  1. great cake every little girl loves frozen

  2. Absolutely fantastic GW!!! Very well done indeed! I remember the days of fondant icing so I totally understand your abstinence for a couple of years!!! I hope you’re not too traumatised! You’ve set the bar now but you’ve got a year to prepare for it haha!! Xxx

  3. Well Done- cake is fab!x

  4. It’s a really gorgeous cake Ceri. We love frozen in our household so am sure your God-daughter absolutely loved it x

    • The Ginger Warrior

      So Phoebe is another Frozen fan! Are you fed up of hearing the songs yet?? Lol! Love to you, Mark and Phoebe. xxx

      • We’re only allowed to listen to let it go, which can get a little repetatitive but I’m a huge Disney fan so not complaining too much! Love to you and Craig and hopefully catch up at some point when we’re next up your way x

  5. Wow! Cake is fab. What a talented lady you are :)

  6. Wow Ceri, I don’t know where you get your talent

    • The Ginger Warrior

      My Dad’s dad was a baker! When I showed my Dad the cake yesterday he said that Grandad Davies would be proud of me :)

  7. Wow! What a labour of love! Very impressive and beautiful!

  8. Well Done Ceri, absolutely beautiful x

  9. The cake was truly wonderful and tasted delicious – a triumph in all that is cakeiness :)

  10. Two word… Bloody Amazing!

    A lucky girly to have such a talented god mummy x

  11. Well done Ceri, I was handed a piece of your creation by Arya and can confirm it is very tasty! x

  12. GW – you are so talented but where do you find the time! Blogging, gym, zumba, running, baking. I’m exhausted thinking about it! Top creation and beautiful God daughter x

  13. Ceri, you never cease to amaze me! Well done!

  14. Wow…all that time and effort were worth it. Fantastic!

  15. What a fantastic job you did. It’s phenomenal GW!!! X

  16. Cezza, that is one serious cake! Very impressed indeed. I will be knocking on your door next February for Arthur, although the Frozen might be a touch girly for his tastes xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Don’t gender stereotype him already, Kezza!! 😉 Ok, I’ll make him an incredible hulk one. You don’t get more manly than that. Mwahaha!! xxxxxx

  17. Fabulous cake Ceri!!!!! Am sure your goddaughter appreciated this. Wonderful!! x

  18. Just fabulous – no end to your talents x

  19. Brilliant Ceri!! Just showed Lily and her words were ‘WOW I want that cake!!’

  20. What an amazing cake! I just watched the final episode last night of The Great British Bake Off. You should be on that show!

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