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The world famous ELLEN’S STARDUST DINER!!

The world famous ELLEN’S STARDUST DINER!!

Right in the centre of Broadway, a mere stone's throw from our hotel in Times Square, is located the world famous Ellen's Stardust Diner, "Home of the singing waitstaff". What that basically means is that the entire serving staff are fabulous singers (Broadway contenders for sure) and will entertain you whilst you chomp down on burgers, fries and other such diner style fare. The restaurant itself is a pretty cool hangout, packed full of 1950's memorabilia, chrome and neon.  Even the waiting staff are uniformed to the 1950's max!


I can't really comment on the food. If the truth be told, we deliberately chose not to order a full meal having read and heard reviews which described the nosh as mediocre at best.  HOWEVER, we did have two servings of their sweet potato fries and if those were anything to go by in terms of top notch tastiness then we missed out BIG TIME!  

So would I recommend a visit to Ellen's should you find yourself in the neighbourhood?

A big, fat, unanimous (Craigy Boy, Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dougie loved it too) and unequivocal YES!


The bottom line is that it's a fun, friendly and highly entertaining eatery that will be enjoyed by adults and kiddies alike. Just don't forget to order yourself some sweet potato fries, baby!


Ginger Warrior, over and out.


P.S.  Have you been to Ellen's or any other themed restaurant?  What was unique about it?

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  1. Been to NY lots of times (even got married there in City Hall) but somehow never got around to Ellen’s. On the must-do list for next time!

  2. Wow I remember tht so well from a few years ago. We go again in may so may have to pay it a visit again. Your videos r making me so excited

  3. Went there after a show and loved it!! Loved the atmosphere. Such a fun place. Now that I know they have sweet potatoe fries I’ll have to make a special trip out there for an order. It’d be one expensive order of SP Fries! But I think it’d be worth it. Orders up! :)

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