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Tears, tantrums but no tiaras

Tears, tantrums but no tiaras

Do you know what you are always going to find on my blog, Warriors?  Honesty.  Pure, 100% unadulterated honesty.  You can count on it, as sure eggs is eggs. And here is some GW honesty for you right now.  Brace yourselves...

This evening (Tuesday) I had a full on meltdown.  Not a mini one like the one I wrote about having 3 weeks ago in this post, nope, tonight's episode involved streams of tears, uncontrollable sobs and snot running down my face and into my mouth. This is how it looked. Minus the snot.


Not pretty. I know. But on the bright side I feel infinitely better and don't my tear-filled eyes look a piercing shade of blue?

My problem, and I'm sure scores of you out there are going to relate, is that despite years of trying, I still haven't been able to convince myself that I'm not, in actual fact, Superwoman. I point blank refuse to accept my limitations until episodes like this evening's force me to slow down for a brief period. It's not long, however, before Superwoman Syndrome returns and life continues at the same frenetic pace until, once again, I crash and burn. It's quite the vicious cycle and one that I have yet to work out how to break for good. If I were to compare myself to a dog I'd be a cocker spaniel:

"requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation to help ward off moments of intense energy and hyperactivity".

Yup, that sounds about right.   Even looks right:


Craigy Boy would be a labrador. He plods through life at an even and unhurried pace and as result experiences neither major highs nor major lows.  Labradors are good for cockers spaniels.

But I digress, because today is Watch My Weight Wednesday and I ought to be reporting on my pound shedding progress instead or regaling you all with tales of emotional woe. So, my beloved Warriors, this week I lost... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!

Absolutely nothing.  I actually put on half a pound. *hangs ginger head in shame*. This very slight but frustrating gain was not the root cause of my free-flowing tears but it certainly didn't help.  Nor does the fact that  - and readers of the male persuasion, you may wish to tune out momentarily, particularly if girl talk makes you all twitchy and squirmy - the arrival of my "friend" is imminent and that never has a positive impact on your emotional state or your body for that matter. Each month my ample bosom becomes even more ampler and my belly bloats, giving the impression that I am with child.  So I'm putting my weight gain down to Mother Nature, conveniently ignoring the fact I made and ate more than my faire share of these:


I'm fragile, Warriors! Let me delude myself just a little big longer!

So all in all a rocky start to the week but having had a very restful, uninterrupted eight hours of kip I have awoken this morning feeling full of hope and promise.  You can't keep a Ginger Warrior down for long.  Or a cocker spaniel for that matter.

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


P.S.  Please tell me that you also experience moments of emotional abandon!   What brings you to that point?  Go on, make me feel better and not a complete and utter fruit loop!!




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  1. Totally understand lovely lady! We all go there and we all have our Kryptonite and need a good melt down so we make ourselves stop to properly recharge our batteries so we can then get back on up and carry on with our superwoman selves :).

    And it’s wrong to turn down yummy cookies! Xx

  2. I have regular meltdowns, mixture of crying and anger, but always feel better and stronger afterwards. With telling everyone I’m fine all the time it’s my chance to let it all out, and be fine again, carrying on as usual for hubby and girls. “Friend” doesn’t help, bloated (no big bosoms unfortunately) and all these extra emotions building up. Did find exercise helped (going crazy on treadmill/cross trainer, etc) when I did it regularly, before kids.

  3. Oh dear! Hope today is better…..weight can be frustrating but you KNOW the number on the scales is really very unimportant. Are you measuring as well rather than just the weight? And goodness at that special time I can gain about 4 pounds without even trying!! What can bring me to that point? Often daft little things – feeling tired/too busy/worried about something and then someone steals a parking space from me, won’t let me out at a junction, pushes in front of me in a supermarket….I can sob my heart out when I get home because that daft thing has pushed my buttons when I was already low. One of our cats has been missing since January and that had the effect of me being a sobbing wreck for about 5 weeks when I saw anything cat related. Still can’t look at a photo of him :-( Anyway GW, smile, DON’T bake biscuits today πŸ˜‰ and keep us posted xx

  4. Totally sympathise with you. However my mental breakdowns aren’t just monthly lol! And who wouldn’t eat their body weight in yummy cookies? Chin up xxx

  5. I have a meltdown of sorts on a monthly basis, That friend is never easy on me and always brings a couple lbs with her! So chances are, you will have actually lost and it will show up when pesky friend leaves. πŸ˜€

    Like Yvonne, I always feel better after a good cry, nothing wrong with it :)

    Those cookies look yum, I would have eaten the whole batch if I had made them I think…might have allowed my daughters one each I suppose… xx

  6. Now I know it sounds all sciencey but I really believe we cry as a release of chemicals i.e hormones and we have to physically wash them out of our system – isn’t it amazing how we feel better after a good cry!

  7. Hey Ceri, I had the same breakdown last week. Started my weight loss challenge having lost half a stone in just over a week (massive high) to gaining weight last week! Even though I was doing exactly the same things! Keep strong as this does happen next week you could see another drop! Those cookies look great by the way xxx

  8. I too have these occasionally. I can feel one coming today. Due purely to exhaustion from lack of sleep, children and working 4 nights in a row after looking after my own lot and finishing my day job at 5:30. So stand back or wear a life jacket…… It’s gonna be a big one :'(((

    Chin up and all will be better tomorrow. Stiff upper lip and all that πŸ˜‰ xxx

  9. Meltdown?? Superwoman you say?? Emotional Wreck??? Step up any fabulous, professional, caring, honest, sincere, beautiful woman who doesn’t have regular meltdowns!!!! We all have them, some months or weeks they are the ‘gentle weeping in the bath’ meltdown, others are full force, ‘crying hysterically at your desk or in the car, trying not to let anyone see you’ meltdown, and then there are those that ‘hit you like a train whilst you are doing the washing up in between cooking dinner, waiting for the washing machine to stop, thinking about what the awful smell is in the fridge, juggling the mobile phone call from your weeping mate and the voicemail from you mum saying that you should really find time to rest otherwise you will hit burn out’ meltdown – the latter meltdowns are those that I am particularly good at!

    We must remember that we are not super women, but there are certainly elements of super woman in all of us. It is ok to be sensitive, vulnerable, blue, miserable and upset at times, of course it is, we are all human…what we really need to do is give ourselves credit for the incredible tasks, challenges and achievements we have every day, not beat ourselves up for the low points. Instead, we need to make sure that moving forward, after our meltdowns, we are kinder, more patience and treat ourselves as wonderfully as we treat others – and we learn that saying ‘no’ is ok. That way, I bet we’ll have a lot less meltdowns, sleep better and laugh harder.

    As Rocky said in his last film – ‘But it ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward’. Ceri, I hope you don’t mind but I wanted to share the following link with you so you can all listen to it: http://samplage.com/movie-quotes/it-aint-about-how-hard-you-hit/

  10. All I can say is you think Aunt Flo drives you crazy?! Wait until you have a little bundle of joy in there. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so much in my life, especially over nothing.

    For example – just thinking about crying makes me cry. I cried in the supermarket because there wasn’t any fresh loaves left. I cried in the bathroom because there wasn’t enough bubbles, then I cried because there was too many. I cried because my other half had to go to work.

    I agree with what the ladies have said tho… I always feel better after a good cry, a cuppa & a sleep. :o) x

  11. Chin up keep smiling, it’s nearly the hols and I defy you to feel down on your way to NY baby!!x

  12. We warriors are entitled to down time!
    It’s natural for us super women to take off the cape and spandex and put jimjams on, grab the chocolates, bottle of wine/gib/vodka*… And go for a China Syndrome!

    The best thing afterwards is how cathartic the whole process is. Stay positive!

    (*delete as applicable)

  13. I always melt down (usually at a particular point in the month!!) I’m happy to say from reading this I don’t seem to be the only one. However having a good man to moan, shout and scream at does help. Xx

  14. I’m a firm believer that bottling up your emotions is bad for you so let it all out. As other people have said it’s what we all do and I for one always feel so much better afterwards. A long walk in the sunshine always makes me feel better too. I’m lucky that I don’t have to cope with the monthly visits and hormonal surges anymore, they’ve just been replaced with menopausal power surges lol! x

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