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My sugar free journey so far…

My sugar free journey so far…


Greetings Warriors of the World!

This fine and chilly day I’m giving you a brief update on how I’m progressing with my sugar free journey. If you follow my blog on a regular basis, and I know you all do, then you’ll be aware that I’m trying to free myself from the bondage that is my sugar addiction for once and for all. I want to retrain my tastebuds to crave wholesome, healthy foods rather than cookies, brownies, cakes, chocolate and basically anything else which contains seriously high levels of refined and wretched sugar.

The way I’m attempting to do this is by following a meal plan set out for me by a friend of my trainer who’s into competitive bodybuilding and knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition. I sent him my measurements and a list of all the physical activity I do in a week and he has calculated the specific amount of each macro nutrient I personally need in order to stimulate weight loss. And my macro split for each day is the following:

Protein 135g

Fat 50g

Carbohydrate 170g

So when Tom, because that’s his name, sent me through the plan incorporating my macro split I’m not going to lie, I burst into tears. Very pathetic of me, I know, but it just looked so darn hard! No more yummy chocolate milk of an evening, gone were my beloved Nakd bars and in their place, were, get this, healthy, wholesome and completely unprocessed foods. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting but it still hit me and my sugar addition for six! In any case, this is the plan in its full and initially very frightening glory:


Ok, so what are your first impressions? Did it make you cry too? Does it look bland, restrictive and devoid of all that gets your tastebuds in a frenzied tangle? My sentiments exactly. But despite my reservations and after a highly motivational pep talk from Craigy Boy which went along the lines of” “Stop whining and just get on with it!”, I did just get on with it.

Week one went really, really well. From Monday to Friday that is. And then lo and behold the weekend came along and I fell off the wagon in quite spectacular fashion. I do believe that fateful Saturday evening I ate a packet of Cadbury’s mini eggs, a packet of Chilli heat wave Doritos and a bag of Marks and Spencer’s extremely chocolatey caramels. Pretty much one straight after the other. At least when I flail and flounder I do it in style, right?? So needless to say that Sunday morning, when I was supposed to weigh myself and report back to Tom, I didn’t. I avoided the scales like the proverbial plague.

Sunday evening I gave myself a good talking to (as did my trainer Michelle. She was mad, real mad!) and was resolved to get back on the wagon first thing Monday morning. I wasn’t ready to let it defeat me quite yet, I’m a Warrior after all!

Week two went something like this:


And then, Sunday morning, I went to the gym and weighed myself, with no expectations whatsoever of any kind of loss. So you can imagine my almighty surprise, shock and delight when I observed myself to be a whole two pounds lighter!Well slap my thigh and hit me with a crowbar!” I said to myself. “You managed to lose two pounds by half-heartedly following the plan. Just imagine the results you could reap were you to stick to it 100%!”

It was nothing less than a defining moment, gosh darn it, and ever since them I’ve been on my game! I don’t wish to speak too soon - that wagon is never parked too far away - but something within me has “clicked”, my resolve to succeed is firmer than ever and I’m beginning to see food for what it is: fuel that my body needs to carry out all of its essential functions. Now that doesn’t mean that I no longer view eating as one of life’s more pleasurable activities because, and this has been the greatest revelation of all, I thoroughly look forward to my meals and relish every single mouthful. And as I fill it with clean, lean, unprocessed foods I feel a strong sense that my body is thanking me for providing it with what it needs rather than bombarding it with preservatives, additives and a whole host of other chemicals that it struggles to make sense of.

And the good news is that the meal plan does change and vary! That's probably why I burst into tears upon seeing it for the first time - I thought the list constituted what I was going to be eating for the rest of my life! But no, these first three weeks have simply been a way to discover if Tom has calculated the correct macro split and last week’s weight loss suggests that we’re on the right track.

And then there's the added bonus that I've had to become far more creative in my cooking. Spices and herbs are my new best culinary friends and it's incredible the difference they can make to an otherwise very plain and unadventurous dish. I turn my lean steak mince allowance into a yummy, plump and very juicy burger packed full of herbs and spices such as sage, chives, basil and chilli flakes. As for my sweet potatoes, they become chunky, cheerful wedges seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika. Salmon fillets receive a generous topping of tangy dill and I rub my chicken breasts (ooer missus!) in a homemade concoction of various spices which give them a flavoursome kick!

So in conclusion, my dear Warriors of the World, it’s early days yet but I’m going forward with a head full of creative cooking ideas, a heart full of hope and faith in my new found resolve and a belly full of nutritious and delicious fare. 

I’ll keep you posted.

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


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  1. Great stuff Ceri. I am interested in finding someone to work out my best eating/meal plan/nutrition, could you ask Tom if he has a card or can recommend anyone Oxon direction who is qualified to do the same type of thing as he has done for you. Is there a particular qualification someone should have that I should look for when looking to employ someone to look at this for me? Due to the amount of exercise I do, I need a plan specifically for me! Thanks lovely, keep up the good words xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hi Rhiannon! Tom isn’t a qualified nutritionist and he would tell you that himself. I’ll ask him if he knows anyone in your area. But the best thing would be to do a google search and make a few phone calls. Tell them what you are looking for and see if they’re a good fit. As for qualifications I’m not really sure how it works. Sorry!! Let me know how it goes! xxx

  2. Hi Ceri

    the eating plan Tom provided didn’t shock me too much. But just remember his plan doesn’t include all those lovely bit of flavour you can add with spices and herbs! I eat a similar balanced diet to Toms plan (but with a few tweaks). For examples my lunches will be sliced chicken (that’s marinated with piri piri or something), with quinoa & edamame beans which is full of good proteins, handful of cherry tomato’s & chunks of cucumber and a few olives – I LOVE my lunches!! for dinner we have marinated meat or fish with 3 portions of veg – no potato – butternut squash is good cus it feels like your eating potato! There are so many vegetables out there we manage a good variation so we never get bored.

    We always have a treat on a Friday & Saturday night but keep it healthy (ish). You have to have something good at the weekend!

    I don’t get cravings for sugar ever, if I do I have a small yazoo choc milkshake which does the trick.

    Just get creative with marinating your meats & fish and your meal will soon become delish! We wouldn’t eat any other way now, we have heaps of energy, feel good and healthy!

    I really do believe though that these ‘diet plans’ must be adapted to suit the person a little better, understanding food and flavours that go well together is key, otherwise who would remain eating boring boiled rice every day!

    Keep it up Ceri and good luck!! xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Oooooh thanks for reminding me about herbs and spices, Natalie. I totally forgot to put in the blog that because of this eating plan I have become very creative at using herbs and spices! Am going to add a section in right now! :)

      • No probs Ceri! You are obviously great and creating amazing sugary treats so no reason why you cannot create marvellous savoury tounge tastic flavours! Another thing I like about this way of eating – is that it is quick too! cooking a couple of chicken breasts and cooking veggies is easy! Also, you can keep fish and meat in the freezer so we tend to ‘stock up’ if there are deals etc.

  3. I’m with you GW. I joined slimming world 3 weeks ago. It’s not like I have lots to lose but in the last four years I have gained one and a have stone. The reality is I’m a healthy eater but being veggie I sometimes become a carb junkie and don’t even get me started about how much sugar I crave at that special time each month lol! I’ve managed 6lb so far and been good with no treats. It’s taught me the value of protein and to reduce my cheese obsession!! I came to zumba last week for the first time in 4 weeks and thought I would struggle but I felt energised! That motivated me more this week, and whilst I dipped Wednesday I grabbed for the fruit and not the lovely fresh white crusty rolls that my hubby had bought (very hard!) and came to zumba twice. Yeh baby!! Keep up the good work – I’m with you xxx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      You’re looking fab, Tree, and proud of you for making the double this week. Glad you’re with me!! xxx

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