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How did you meet your significant other??

How did you meet your significant other??

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A couple of days ago I was in the car with Hezza my Bezza and we got talking about how she had met her partner, John. I love me a cheeky little how-we-met-story and insisted Hezza share in detail.

She was a Scot living in England and working as an office manager in London and John was a freelance graphic designer, a Brummie, who happened to be freelancing in Heather's office. (And no, that's not a euphemism.)

After a few strictly business phone calls passing between them John felt intrigued to see the face that went with the alluring voice. He headed down into Heather's section (still no euphemisms going on around here) under the pretence that he had ran out of tea bags.. He evidently liked what he saw (Heather, not the tea bags) because not very long after they went out on their first date and a few months later they had moved in together. Within the space of a year a little bundle of joy named Jessica turned them into a happy trio and another couple of years down the line, with the arrival of Bonster Monster, a complete and contented quartet was formed. 


I squealed with delight as Heather recounted their blessed union because like I said, I love me a cheeky little how-we-met-story. And that got me thinking...

How simply wonderful would it be if my Warriors were to email me their stories of how they met their significant other?? 

How's about it? Are you willing to share?? It doesn't have to be a love story of epic proportions involving rainbows, unicorns and giant rock like diamonds from Tiffany's. Mine certainly wasn't like that and if you don't believe me you can read all about it right HERE.

So get sending in those how-we-met stories my Warriors of the World and next Monday I'll put them together in a beautiful little blog post bursting with love and warm fuzzy feelings! They could be romantic or they could be downright humorous, the important thing is that it's YOUR story! Oh, and don't forget to email me a picture too so we can put lovely faces to your lovely stories.

I'm very excited to get these! So much depressing crap has been going on in this world of late and I have a feeling that next week's blog post will be a welcome and much needed ray of sunshine.

ONE THING: Don't write them in the comment box below, e-mail them to me at gwATthegingerwarriorDOTcom. And you will, of course, replace the AT and the DOT with the usual symbols. I've only written it like that to avoid spammers picking up on my address. I like to keep junk out of my inbox. ( And no, for the very last time, that is NOT a euphemism!). 


A hopelessly romantic Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. I look forward to reading everyone’s stories next week. I’ll get emailing mine now… x

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