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I have often fantasised that one day I would bring traffic to a complete standstill and on Thursday morning I did just that.  Nope, didn't have anything to do with the floaty, black and white, perhaps slightly cleavage-revealing dress I was wearing. The traffic came to a halt because the Zumba Mobile finally gave up the ghost at a roundabout in Northampton and in doing so promptly closed down a lane on the dual carriageway. It caused quite the back-up I'll have you know and I received a few choice and frustrated glares from people who perhaps imagined I was having a little time out.  Yup, that's right folks, sometimes when I'm fed up of driving and in need of a break I'll just switch off my engine wherever I happen to find myself and kick back and relax...

Fortunately the large majority of people were nothing but patient and understanding and at least a dozen pulled up next to me, rolled down their windows and asked if I required any assistance, men and women alike. Thus on Thursday morning I was the grateful recipient of the kindness of strangers and was reminded that there are still many considerate and compassionate people in the world.

But I must insist that these random roadside rescuers be strangers no longer! For today, on this fine Monday morning, Warriors, I would like to introduce you to them, to give credit where credit is due and to publicly declare my gratitude.



These cheeky chaps were two of the many who rolled down their windows to offer assistance. I politely declined, assuring them that help was on the way. Undeterred and unwilling to leave a damsel in distress they drove around the roundabout, parked their car in a safe place and made their way over to me.  Flexing their muscles for all to see they pushed my car over to the side of the road and would not leave until I offered them further assurances that all was well in Ginger Warrior Land. I thanked them in the only way I could - by presenting each with a GW business card.



The long arm of the law provided further assistance by pushing my car completely off the road and onto the adjacent island. And considering they could have nicked me for driving with not one, but TWO illegal tyres (OOPSIES!) I am eternally indebted to them since an already frustrating and financially draining situation could easily have been exarcebated by penalty fines. My two obliging officers were also happy to accept a business card. You just never know when the police will require the services of the Ginger Warrior!



Andy the friendly tow-truck man soon had the Zumba Mobile loaded onto his truck and dropped off at its final resting place:


 He has even been in touch since.  Now that is service for you!



Random Roadside Rescuers we salute you! May your altruistic actions serves as examples to all of us, inspiring us to go forth this week and find opportunities to serve those in need.


Ginger Warrior, over and out.

P.S.  Have you ever been the recipient of the kindness of strangers?  Let's share some heart-warming and uplifting stories this morning!  What a wonderful start to the week that would be.  :) 

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  1. My sister’s car once broke down on the way to MK with us both aboard. I was pleasantly surprised by the people who stopped to ask if we needed assistance. We were of course using the situation to check out how fit all the guys were ! Ha ! Xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Well, I’d be lying if I didn’t say the majority of people who offered to help me were men. Lol! :)

  2. An idiot pulled out in front of me on a duel carriageway, to which I immediately slammed on my breaks and the car spun round a couple of times and hit the central reservation. Resulting in me facing the wrong way, but thankfully I was ok. Sadly my car was not. A very kind gentleman who was in the car behind me saw what happened and managed to pull up alongside me and told me to get into his car, so that he could safely get me to the hard shoulder. He then proceeded to not only ring the police as I was in shock, but drive my car to the hard shoulder which in hindsight but him in grate danger. To this day I will be eternally grateful for his kindness and help and co-operation with giving a witness statement to the police before continuing his journey home.

  3. After trying to get from the south of France to Cherbourg in 2 days, on a motorbike, I stopped just outside St Etiennne for fuel. Being totally exhausted, I somehow managed to break my bike key in the fuel cap. Hmmm. Spare key I hear you say. Nope. Totally dorky moment. In the immortal words of Bonnie Tyler ‘I was lost in France!’
    Luckily I had breakdown cover and after a quick phone call to UK, a very nice man with a low loader came to pick up my bike and myself and took me to a local hotel.
    The receptionist, who luckily spoke English as my French is shocking, booked me in and imformed me that when I was ready he would give me a lift to a local restaurant and after I was fed and watered would also pick me up. I was so appreciative because of being absolutely dead on my feet.
    The next day after the best nights sleep, the same receptionist drove me round half of France to get a new key cut, which wasn’t easy as Honda keys are quite unique apparently. With time not on our side, as I needed to get up north to catch a ferry, it was like a scene from the French Connection whizzing through the streets from key cutters to key cutters. Eventually I got the key cut and I was then able to zoom back to Cherbourg with literally an hour to spare before the ferry left.
    If it wasn’t for my French rally driver I would have been stuck waiting for the next ferry. Absolutely top bloke who didn’t need to do what he did.

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