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Beth Blogs: Why I love Riding for the Disabled

Beth Blogs: Why I love Riding for the Disabled



Hello Warriors of the World, I'm back!

Firstly I'd like to thank you all for your views and nice comments about THIS, my first blog/vlog last month. I was very surprised how many people watched my video. WOW!!
Today I am going to tell you about one of my favourite pastimes - horse riding. I go to Angus Riding for the Disabled at Inverarity, near Forfar. I have been going since the age of 5 so that means I've been going a long, long time!
Angus RDA are a fantastic group who provide an opportunity to people who may not normally get the chance to ride horses. They provide help to all ages and abilities and there is a team of helpers involved who give up their time to help people like me!
The big bosses are Eleanor and Joanne, who look after the horses 24/7 but there are also helpers who volunteer to guide the horses, run the kitchen, help mucking out and also to do the boring but essential admin stuff!
I love the horses and have ridden many over the years as I've grown bigger. My favourites have been Robbie & Hamish.
It takes a lot of money to look after the horses with feed, vet bills and upkeep of the centre. Lots of fund raising is needed and lots of parents/family/helpers have done events to raise a few pennies. They have done sponsored walks & cycles, cake bakes, coffee mornings, birthday donations, football matches & concerts and lots more.
Riding has been great for me and I am now allowed to help in the stables. My favourite job is scooping up the poop with a big shovel and wheelbarrow!
Oh!  And did I mention that I'm quite good at it and have won a few trophies and rosettes? ;)
Now I'm going to introduce you to some of my four-legged friends with this video.  I hope you enjoy it, Warriors!
Until next month it's...

Beth Blogs, over and out.


P.S. If you're not bored of me yet and you have another 34 seconds to spare then you can watch my Ice Bucket Challenge!  I hope you did it too and remembered to donate!!



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  1. Well done Beth on your second blog,it was nice seeing the horses.We are in Tunisia on holiday and we watch people horse riding along the beach every day and camels. The police patrol the beaches on horseback too. Looking forward to your next blog LOL xx

  2. What a lovely read this morning Beth! Lovely to hear from you! Well done on all your trophies, Champion! A humongous cheer for doing the Ice Bucket Challenge too! That deserved a trophy too xxxx

  3. Wow Beth the horses look like great fun, and you have won lots! A fantastic blog can’t wait for the next one!x

  4. Great blog Beth. Wow you are good with horses and I am really impressed with all your trophies and rosettes. Well done lass. Look forward to your next blog x

  5. Hi Beth,
    You are doing a great job.! Thoroughly enjoying your stories – not an easy thing to do being followed around by a camera but you are very relaxed and confident. Well done!
    Keeeeeeeeeep on blogging !!

  6. Brilliant video again Beth. You should be a weekly feature.xx

  7. Well done Beth, another brilliant blog :)

  8. What a marvellous blog/vlog Beth, I just loved that video and what beautiful horses! Especially Billy, I think he is my favourite!! x

  9. Hi Beth
    love ur blog u look so good on ur horse it is great the things that u have done
    my grandaughter has a horse and she loves riding her Erin and her mum go for long rides at the weekend keep ur blogs comming they ar great xx

  10. I came across your blog via The Ginger Warrior and I’m glad I did !!!
    Great read and I hope this will be a regular thing ?
    Best wishes A Ginger Warrior Fan

  11. Well done Beth. Your video was brilliant. I haven’t been on a horse since I lived in Cairo . Watching you made me realise how much I miss my rides out into the desert. Can’t wait til your next blog xx

  12. Great again Beth, hope to see lots more blogs, Leonna sends hugs xxx

  13. Fantastic Beth! Great to see you on the horses and helping out too!! You’ll need a big pooper scooper!!! Keep up with the great reporting. Love to hear your stories. Xx

  14. Another brilliant blog/vlog….You are a star…Love you Beth…xxx

  15. A great v/blog – Beth really loves seeing her blogs on YouTube and loves hearing everyone’s comments about her. Blogging is definitely something new to me but thanks to her Auntie Ceri (Ginger Warrior) she is becoming a natural. Couldn’t have wished for a better teacher xx Thanks GW

  16. Really enjoyed watching your videos and reading your blogs Beth! Keep up the good work! 😀 xx

  17. Well done Beth, you are definitely a natural at blogging, watch out Ceri she’ll be taking over your job soon xx

  18. I’m enjoying your blog Beth, the video was great too. I’ve Only been horse riding a couple of times but I loved it too, and it looks like you are a natural. Looking forward to your next blog xx

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