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Review: Red Velvet Cake Pop Kit!

Review: Red Velvet Cake Pop Kit!


This lovely lady is called Becca, and she is the founder of The Baking Tree, a small cottage industry borne in 2012 out of Becca's passion for baking. I met Becca at the Cake and Bake Show a couple of weeks ago in London where she offered me a sample of one of her cake pops. I liked it. A lot. So much so that I MAY have swiped another when no-one was looking. Sorry Becca, but it's your own fault for making them so irresistibly delicious.

Just as I was experiencing mild cake-pop-theft-guilt Becca asked if would like to take a Cake Pop Kit home to review for my Warriors. Go on then, twist my freckly, thieving arm! This is the Cake Pop Kit with which I was duly sent home:

cakepop2 cakepop3

A beautiful product, beautifully packaged with everything you need to make your cake pops minus butter and eggs:


Now all I needed were some budding bakers. A quick knock two doors down was where I found a couple of willing recruits. The word "cake" had barely escaped my lips before Bonnie and Jessica had bolted out of the door and were making their way to my house. And I was glad because while this kit can be enjoyed by any age group it's a particularly lovely Sunday afternoon activity to do with your favourite young 'uns and Bonnie and Jessica just happen to be two of my very favourite young 'uns. Here they are in cake pop decorating action!


The three of us had an absolute ball making our cake pops and we have put together a step-by-step video of the whole process in which we showcase our cakey bakey creativity and give our overall conclusions of the kit!

To check out all of Becca's products (and I really recommend you do, they would make simply splendid and unique Christmas gifts!) click right HERE and you'll be taken directly to her online shop.

Thanks Becca for sending me home with one of your fabulous kits and thanks Bonnie and Jessica for being the best assistant cake pop makers a Ginger Warrior could ask for!

GW, over and out.

P.S. If the video doesn't play on your device click the top right hand corner of the video where it says "YouTube" or click on the title of the video. Please let me know if that doesn't work so I can look into any technical hitches! 

P.P.S.  NOTE: The red velvet cake pop kit is BRAND SPANKING NEW and as such is not showing up in Becca's online shop. HOWEVER, it will be up and running in the next week. If you want it before then, simply email Becca right here HERE and she'll get it sent out to you.


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  1. Those look yummy! I’ve made them before. I have a cake pop mould and they are brilliant for children’s parties. I’ve also melted some Betty Crocker icing for dipping. Very messy but they loved it. Got all my mould and cake pop book from Lakeland.

  2. Well I was lucky enough to get to taste those very cake pops, and they were out of this world!!

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