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Restaurant review – SHAKE SHACK!

Restaurant review – SHAKE SHACK!



Say burger joint and immediately I think MacDonald's, Burger King, dodgy meat from dodgy sources. I think thank you, but no thank you and promptly seek out the nearest Italian eatery. But my American friends Colleen and Mike assured me that Shake Shack held an upmarket status in the world of fast food chains and convinced me to check it out with an open mind and an open mouth.

The Shack, as it's affectionately known, opened its doors to the world in New York in 2004 and has since gone on to open branches throughout the United States. It hit the international burger scene in 2011 in Dubai and continues to expand inside and outside of the US.  Did you know that we even have one right here in the UK? In the historic market building in Covent Garden, London to be exact.


The menu varies ever so slightly from branch to branch in order to incorporate local culinary trends and you can peruse each menu by location on their main website right HERE.  Below is the menu I found myself choosing from and it wasn't an easy decision!





In the end Craigy Boy and I both chose the SmokeShacKâ„¢ as it came highly recommended by Mike. And being a local and a regular, I was inclined to trust his judgement. Were my fast food faith and culinary confidence misplaced? Only one way to find out!  Come and join me, Craigy Boy, Mike and Colleen as we take you out for a beefy bite down at the The Shack. 


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  1. Looks delicious. Hope there is one in Utah, USA.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I don’t think there is yet, Jeanette. I think all the Memmott gals should campaign for one! 😉

  2. When we were in NYC we went to Shakeshack a few times. We had a variety of things but this included the the Shackstack and the Hot Dog. It’s a fun place. My favourite thing was the vibrating calling machine! We also had milkshakes there, my favourite thing ever. We were quite underwhelmed with the food in general in NYC but Shakeshack was an exception and we LOVED it!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I didn’t know about the Shack when I was in New York, we only discovered it a few days later in Philly. The milkshakes are amazing!!!

  3. We didn’t find one of these in Florida, but did eat at a fantastic place called FIVE GUYS. Apparently it is a well known chain throughout the USA – their burgers and fries were amazing. Fries are cooked in peanut oil (probably not a good idea if you have a nut allergy!) and there are peanuts to snack on whilst waiting to be served.

    Not been near Burger King or McDonalds since we came home……..

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Ah yes, Five Guys. I’ve heard of that chain too and only good things. I’ll try one out when I’m in Cali in the summer and do a review!

  4. Thanks for that Ceri…………I am weighing in (at target weight!) tonight for first time so thought I would have a VERY healthy eating day today………not necessary now as I have drooled off at least 2 lbs watching you eat that burger! Now, where is the kitchen roll?! X

  5. Nice to see the burgers are made from 100% ANGUS beef!! (presume that’s from Aberdeen Angus cattle?) so would love to try the Shackburger, fairshake and a Pooch-ini for our wee rascal Kearn!

    But Ceri – what is a purple cow???

  6. There is also one in Westport, CT. So close and I have never been.

  7. I’ll take you to Five guys when you see me in Cali! Love Five guys! It’s actually my favorite chain burger. I won’t get any other chain burgers other than five guys… oh, and the cheapy cheese at McDonalds. Lol. Anyway I definitely want to try the shake shack now that I know about it. :)
    Loved Craigy boy’s expression when he had the shake! Classic!

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