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Prince Charles: a royal pain in the ***?

Prince Charles: a royal pain in the ***?


Poor Charlie. He went and put his foot in it and now the whole world and his wife are breathing down his neck.

In case you haven't caught the news this is what happened.

Charles and Camilla were paying a visit to the Canadian Immigration Museum in Halifax and Charles got chatting to Marianne Ferguson, a volunteer at said museum. Marianne told the Prince how she fled from Poland to Canada in 1939 and how her family had perished in the Nazi concentration camps. Charles' response? "And now Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler". Or something along those lines. I say something along those lines because there are several versions of the words he apparently spoke depending upon which newspaper you read.

So basically here was a man making personal remarks during the course of a private conversation, remarks which, by the way, Ferguson felt were "very heartfelt and honest", and before you know it the Daily Mail has printed its "exclusive" story and an international uproar has ensued.

Initially Putin didn't say very much - probably too busy thinking about the next country he could annexe. No, wait, sorry. My mistake. He was helping to release tigers back into the wild. (Putin unleashing wild animals. Oh the metaphors that could be drawn!) The Kremlin reacted on animal lover Putin's behalf: "Unacceptable outrageous and low" they vented furiously. Well that's a coincidence. Those were the first three adjectives that sprung to my mind as Russian forces began to take control of the Crimean peninsula.

I'm certainly no history buff nor do I claim to be well-versed in all things political but I can't help but wonder: were Charles' comments so very far off the mark? In 1938 German troops marched into Austria with the aim of consolidating all "Germanic" people into one nation. Putin absorbed Crimea into Russia because of its large population of Pro Russian citizens. Surely there is a comparison to be drawn? Is Charles not simply saying out loud that which many other people are thinking?

I suppose the real issue here is not so much what Charles said but whether the Prince, in his capacity as a member of the royal family and heir to the throne should be airing personal views of a political nature. There is, after all, an expectation that the Monarchy remain neutral when it comes to political affairs. I, for one, do not share this expectation and find myself agreeing with Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. In an interview with BBC Breakfast he stated: "I have never been of the view that if you are a member of the Royal family somehow you have to enter into some sort of Trappist vow of silence. I think he is entitled to his views."

We are ALL entitled to our own views. We should be able to express our thoughts and feelings without fear of recrimination. But we can't. Because freedom of speech is a fallacy. It doesn't exist. In this politically-correct- gone-mad-era we have to watch what we say, how we say it and who we say it to. Long gone are the days of "sticks and stones" and how easily we find ourselves offended, insulted, aggrieved and affronted. 

Charles and Camilla have since returned to the UK and insist they will cherish the memories of their four-day visit to Canada. For the most part. 


 Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. Have been on the end of this myself recently! Private conversation I had misquoted with arms and legs (and other body parts ahem) added, leading to someone close to me being accused of all sorts! The accuser has now been told the truth, which will have caused ructions – something we didn’t want to do, but have been forced into! Should be allowed to have a private conversation, without it being relayed and contorted.

  2. Off course he has a right to speak his mind. Like you said. It was a private conversation with someone. If however he had voiced that opinion publicly during a speech then fair enough. But at the moment the accusations are hearsay and noone knows the exact conversation. It’s a case of ‘he said, she said’. However Her Majesty The Queen should be used to it by now being married to Prince Philip.

  3. He was right on the mark, and had every right, perhaps even duty, to voice his opinion. Its ridiculous to think that Prince Charles shouldn’t voice his heart felt opinions. And you are right on the mark with your comments about our mixed up, “politically correct” world.

  4. Considering the royal family not on leases out all of their land (for free I might add) but generates an enormous amount of money in tourism and what not for the country, I certainly hope they are entitled to express their opinions! I agree with you.

  5. Have to agree with you, we now live in a world where we are not allowed to express our own opinion .

  6. Sorry but I literally have zero time for all things royal! Could not care what he said or why! Why the newspapers think this is even newsworthy I just don’t know. Royal aides were up at a nearby school inspecting it for “safety” prior to a visit recently. Looking at masonry etc. . Nobody does that before the kids come in! Presumed safe enough for them.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Totally agree, Jill. I don’t think it’s newsworthy at all considering other things going on in the world right now.

  7. Charles……right and god bless him for it.
    Putin…..horses ass.

    Oh and I love the fact that Britain has a monarchy. It’s what makes us Great!

  8. Private conversation so should say what he likes, news papers shouldn’t be listening to private conversations anyway. the royals must have good conversations in there house if its the only place they can speak without being overheard.

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