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OUR blog is up for an award!!

OUR blog is up for an award!!

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Well would you Adam and Eve it, Warriors?? Our little corner on the internet has been shortlisted for a blogging award, in the VIDEO category no less. Which is fabulous, really, since making videos and acting the goat is what I love to do most. I mean, you know how shy and retiring I am... MWAHAHA!!

Anyhoo, I would surely love us, and I say us because we're all in this together, me and my World Wide Warriors, to be one of the FIVE finalists and I'm counting on you lovely folks to help get us there!

Question: Do you have 30 seconds right now? Because that is literally how long it will take you. Forget David, bypass Ed, blatantly ignore Nige and go straight for the GW!

Here's how easy, peasy freakin' lemon squeezy it is to cast that all important vote:

1) Click on this link: VOTING FORM

2) Pop in your name and email address

3) Go to number 9, Video category, and click in the bubble next to my name. 

4) Click DONE

And voila! You may have just ensured that we Warriors move onto the final stage of the competition. Which, incidentally, is when a third party judge plucks a lucky winner out of the five finalists. Nothing we can do about that other than leave it in the hands of the Warrior Gods!

Wish US luck and THANK YOU!

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


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  1. Done!!! Good luck! You deserve to win!!! xxx

  2. Keeping everything crossed. Wish you luck Ceri xx

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