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Noom: A new FITNESS app that could be for YOU!

Noom: A new FITNESS app that could be for YOU!


Thursday morning saw the GW taking a cheeky little trip into London Town. There I am on the tube making my way to Baker Street for a connection to Oxford Circus. There's nothing like a gratuitous tube selfie with big red lips!


What took me into the nation's capital was an invitation from my friend Sarah Moriarty to attend the UK launch of Noom’s body confidence campaign and habit-changing challenge. Chances are you've never heard of Noom so allow me to enlighten and inform.

It's a company which produces fitness apps with a view to helping you and I change our approach to nutrition and exercise. Yes, it's a calorie tracker but more than that it's a weight loss COACH which motivates and mentors. If, like me, you're a visual learner then the following may help to clarify.

Note: the illustrations feature an android device but the app is also available for the iphone.


The Noom app is picking up pace fast and has been downloaded worldwide over 11 million times and approaching half a million here in the UK. One of the lovely bloggers attending the launch with me, Michelle Reeves from over at Bod For Tea, credits Noom's weight coach app with her 22lb loss. Her husband joined her in her pound shedding efforts and he himself lost a very respectable 38lb. Both Michelle and her hubby swear by the coaching approach of the app and continue to use it in their daily lives.  Says Michelle:

"We all want a quick fix. But a quick fix won’t keep the weight off. A quick fix might change our body chemistry in the short term but it won’t stay that way. As soon as we go back to our ‘normal lives’ the pounds creep back on. What we needed to do is create a new normal, with new HABITS. And that’s where Noom entered the room".

There are a plethora of health and fitness apps out there which can make it difficult to know which one is right for you. According to the folks over at Noom here is what make theirs that bit different:

    Noom matches you with people with similar goals, forming 'Noom Troops' who can motivate each other and share in the health and fitness journey
    People who've already found success with Noom are trained to help new groups keep on track
    The app focuses on long-term goals and habit changing over simple calorie counting so that users take a balanced approach to health.
    Noom provides users with actionable advice to form healthy habits
    Foods are classified into red, yellow or green categories and Noom's Coach function educates with simple articles and facts about nutrition

If this sounds like just what you need to kick start healthier habits in your life then you can download the basic Noom fitness app from the Google Play store if you're an android user and the itunes store if you have a fruity phone. ;) The basic app is FREE but you also have the option to upgrade to the pro version for $9.99 per month which obviously boasts greater features including online forum support groups (Noom Troops!) to help keep you firmly on track.

And then there is the ONE WEEK WITH NOOM CHALLENGE which I will be bringing to you in a future post! One step at a time, Warriors, one step at a time. 

I will now leave you with a little video of my time at the London launch, including an interview with TV and radio presenter Jenni Falconer about her fitness wear range found exclusively at Debenhams. What a lovely lady she is and Scottish to boot!  Oh! And did I mention I'll be GIVING AWAY one of her fabulous sports top next week on this here blog?  WATCH THIS SPACE!!  But before you watch this space watch this video. ;)

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. Loving your banter with jenni! So funny. What’s the make of the running stuff, looks good? X

    • The Ginger Warrior

      X-PG by Jenni Falconer. I’m doing a give away of one of her sports tops on Tuesday so keep an eye open! xxx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention – a great round up of our lovely morning with the Noom gang. Hope you love the app as much as I do! x

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