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I need to pick your brain!

I need to pick your brain!

pick your brains

"Pick your brain".  That phrase makes me chuckle! Imagine trying to explain what it means to someone from another country.  If you translated it literally they'd run a mile!  Excuse me Mr/Mrs Foreigner I'd really love to pick your brain. Mwahaha!

But I diverge and I mustn't diverge because it wastes times and time is a precious commodity in this frantic, modern age.

So it occurred to me this morning as I woke up that I owe you, my dear Warriors, an apology.  We are now 12 weeks into this blogging journey together - and I say together and mean it with all my little Ginger Warrior heart, since without you and your support and your encouragement and your willingness to read the ravings of a lunatic there would be no blog - and I have yet to ask what YOU would like me to write about. I've just gone along on my merry, blogging way, musing about this, that and the next thing without taking a moment to stop and ask the most important people if there's anything in particular they would like me to touch upon.  

So here it is, Warriors!  My chance to pick your collective brains and your opportunity to inspire me for future posts to ensure that I'm keeping it relevant to you, my readers, friends and family.  

(Oh by the way, did you know that when you subscribe to my blog you automatically become a member of my extended family?  I hope you don't mind)  :)

Now, obviously I can't please all of the people, all of the time but I'll be darned if I don't give it my best shot!

In closing this short but very sweet post this morning I just wanted to say a huge, heartfelt thank you.  When I started this little venture I had no idea what to expect.  I had no idea if anybody would be interested in what I had to say (I've always had a lot to say!) but 12 weeks in and with 7000 of you from all over the world popping in for a little visit I feel so very, very grateful.  

Who knows where the journey will take us but I'm just glad that we're on it together.


Ginger Warrior, over and out.


P.S. Please do take a moment to let me know if there's anything you would like me to write about and I will do my utmost to oblige!  Or maybe you think I'm doing just fine as I am. Either way, DON'T BE SHY, leave me a quick comment. I can't make any changes if I don't know what you're thinking!  xxxx

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  1. I would be interested to find out people’s opinions and or experiences of having a personal trainer or wanting one (what puts people off hiring one etc

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I’m going to be creating a health and fitness page soon and would love for you to come on and be a guest blogger, Anthony! :)

  2. I would love to have cake baking master classes (step by step)please .more travelogues ,more pics .just more of you please !! X

  3. Maybe you could start having weekly votes of something new to try (food/hobby/language) :)

  4. I second the comment about step by step baking instructions. Your cakes always look so yummy!

  5. Seeing as you are called Ginger Warrior, how about a report on people’s attitudes (mainly negative in my experience!) towards all shades of red hair?

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Oooh! That would be an interesting one, Pam. Although I have to admit, I’ve never had any trouble! What we could do is get a few redheads on here as guest bloggers to talk about their experiences of being a redhead. I LOVE this idea, thank you!! xxxx

  6. Definitely the baking!
    Also interesting meal ideas – anything you cook basically that you think is bloody yummy.
    I really enjoyed your reviews and tales of your experiences in New York. I think it’s good to have honest, in depth appraisals of places to stay, things to do etc. and you’re a pretty ‘streetsmart’ person so your insight is helpful.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      More baking is not a problem! As for the cooking, that IS a problem since I don’t cook. EVER. Lol! It’s Craigy Boy that does the cooking in our relationship. And I provide the dessert. 😉 As for reviews, there will be plenty more of them as I visit new places. Off to California in the summer so will have lots to say about that.

      • Give me a shout if you decide to do the “ginger” issue thingy – all 5 of us in the Glass house are ginger/red, so there are a few interesting incidents to tell.

  7. I’d like to see more Scotland/UK video’s.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I like that, Chris! I haven’t been back home to Scotland since Christmas and don’t know when I’ll be back next but when I do I’m planning on doing a video on the wearing of the kilt! It will be entertaining, informative and amusing, hopefully!

  8. You make me chuckle

  9. i would like to know your opinion on a subject dear to your heart …..FOOD!!! is home cooking better than shop pre-made meals and if so WHY?…….and can real restaurant food be classed as home cooking coz all the ingredients are meant to be fresh , so is it be better or equal to home made stuff, which can be a little un-heathly because of the amount of butters and sugars………and ……..discuss!!!
    and on chris b ‘s topic of more videos of scotland ……. i’ve just ordered a new kilt……”whats worn under the kilt?? nothings worn ….. madam it’s all in perfectly good working order!!!”…….and that a video am no showing!!

  10. It’s all great, just keep doing what you’re doing…you put a smile on my face!! Thank you :) xxx

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