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Mi casa es su casa – come on in!

Mi casa es su casa – come on in!

December 19th, 2007 marks the date when I feel that I officially became an adult: I was 29 years of age and had just purchased my first home.  It truly was a momentous occasion in the life of the Ginger Warrior and one that gave rise to a whole host of emotions:


I couldn't wait to get decorating and make my home my own!


That I was no longer shelling out hundreds of pounds each month to pay someone else's mortgage!


Would I be able to cope with the financial demands of bills, insurances policies and potential repairs?


Six years down the line and I still get excited as I walk through the door of my snuggly little flat after a hard day's work, I continue to be relieved that I will eventually have something to show for the money I pay out each month (albeit in 20 year's time!!), and coming home to a large pile of envelopes on my doormat is as anxiety-provoking as ever!  

However, as happy as I am to be a homeowner I look back with (mainly) fond memories of the many different flats, houses and rooms that I've inhabited over the years.  Wherever I found myself I would always make an extra special effort to decorate and beautify my surroundings in a way that not only reflected my individual tastes but that also made me feel safe, warm and secure.

The simple truth of the matter is that if you were to ask a thousand people to describe what "home" means to them, the answers would be as distinctive and varied as the people themselves.  But one thing is for sure: when you finally feel that you have arrived, that you're home, there really is no place like it. That Dorothy gal sure knew what she was talking about.

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

P.S. What does "home" mean to you?  Do you have fond memories of your first home?  Have you yet to buy your first home? Maybe you're quite happy renting.  In any case,  I would love to hear what you have to say!


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We're going to be exploring the issues of stress and anxiety 

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  1. Oh Ceri, you have the cutest home! I love it! I’m just loving your blog and new facebook page! It’s fun to be able to see and hear you when you are so far away! Miss you lovely! xoxo

    Brittney (Woolf) Lindley

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hey Brit, thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to spread the word to family and friends so we can create an army of World Wide Warriors! Love you too. Hugs to everyone in UT! xoxoxo xox

  2. Wish you kept you room here like your house in England!!!!!

  3. Home to me is Wales, always will be. Even though lived in Northampton for long time, I still can’t call it home. I miss the welsh valleys, the welsh accent, the sheep, the mountains and lush greenery and most of all my mam x
    Home is where the Heart is and mine is in Wales xxx

  4. LOVE your flat. Thanks for the tour. We have the same bed spread I think.

  5. Which country do you feel most ‘at home’ in Ceri?xx

  6. My darling, it was so so fun to see the whole house again. Brought me right back to Europe, smells, fabrics, and late night flashes (if you know what I mean) and all. A fabulous house really. Is Emma still there? You left her room a mystery! What about the back patio?? And where is a photo of me and Neese Neese. Time to put one up– a large gorgeous one I think! Miss you! Kisses! -Krust

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