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Marvellous Mexico!

Marvellous Mexico!


I have been asked a few times since returning from our trip to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico if I 'got any sun.' After visiting what Jacques Cousteau called 'the world's aquarium,' and after spending each day on a white sandy beach fishing in the Sea of Cortez and snorkelling with a whale shark I can answer unequivocally: yes, I got plenty of sun!

This untapped hotspot of extreme natural beauty is dotted with huge tourist resorts but luckily for our family we stayed in a private home one hour from the city of La Paz, Mexico and two hours from San José del Cabo in the Bay of Dreams. Check out our amazing pad here:



I feel spoiled and extremely fortunate when I tell you that Villa Mirasol is a private house on a private estate with its very own beach.  It's a hard life but someone has to do it!  And this time we did it. We being me, my husband Dave and our three littles, Harriet, Guy and Sybil. Everywhere we go they go so sure enough they tagged along on our 30 plus hours journey to get to our little piece of  Mexican heaven. Boy oh boy are they good travellers and for that I am grateful!


The Baja Peninsula and the Sea of Cortez contradict one another. Baja is a baron desert, where life struggles for existence against the heat and the dry.


Then not too far away you can plunge your wetsuit self into the sea and the abundance of life overwhelms.  I took the photo below on the very first morning we arrived, right from the front door of the house. It's hard to tell but the little head bobbing up and down is my husband Dave, swimming with an adolescent whale shark. The following day our group (which included other family members who joined us over there) saw a pod of dolphins, got out of their boat and swam with them. Such an incredible and unique experience!


There were so many chances to see and interact with wildlife in this remote part of the world. One night we took an expedition with the kids out on the beach to find some hermit crabs and there were so many we had to take extra care not to step on them. The kids loved that as you can imagine! Also on the beach we found beautiful shells, drift wood, coral and not so beautiful fish carcasses! Whilst snorkelling in our own little private piece of ocean, near the tide pools, we found and held puffer fish, eels (a green moray eel), star fish (brittle star fish), sea cucumbers, colourful fish and in one crashing wave, a school of stingrays. One of the stand out highlights was when Dave and the kids spotted a humpback whale breech a hundred yards from their boat. 

This was, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best holidays I have had in years! I saw the sunrise over the sea almost every morning and a glorious moon shine down each night.


For weeks after coming home I have said to myself on an almost daily basis that I can't wait for the time when we go back.  And we will go back, one day, and will be happy for any Warriors out there to join us for a Mexican Adventure!  Are you up for it??

Sara Bowman, over and out.


P.S. This was my idea of a perfectly unspoiled paradise. Out of all the places you have been so far which spot was the personification of paradise for you and why?  And please post some pictures to back up your claims!  ;)



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