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Mars Bar Cake

Mars Bar Cake


Regardless of how many times I make these little squares of crispy choc caramel heaven I never tire of them. Five minutes preparation time, no baking and minimal equipment make this recipe the ultimate go-to when you feel the need to impress and time is of the essence.  It's also an ideal recipe to try out with your kidlingtons.  You will be their most favouritest person forever!  Or for a day at least. Children can be fickle.

I'll list the ingredients below but for the method you'll just have to kick back, relax and watch the video. It's jolly good viewing. Honest.


Ginger Warrior, over and out.

P.S.  What is your favourite SIMPLE recipe? I love a good recipe share and I promise to give it a bash at some point in the future!

MARS BAR CAKE (recipe courtesy of Yvonne Dick)


150g/5 oz butter, chopped

7 Mars Bars, chopped (Milky Ways with caramel if you're in the USA)

150g/5 oz rice crispies

400g/14 oz  of chocolate, melted (use good quality stuff!)


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  1. I have made these before but with cocoa pops instead of rice crispies – HELLO HEAVEN! (and calories)

  2. They sure look yummy and easy to make.

  3. My Mum has made this for years, yummy, yummy, yummy!

    Hey, my comments box is working at last :0)

  4. Yum yum yum, will be doing this later…balances out my spirulina, beetroot and spinach smoothie I had with lunch nicely! Xx

  5. Absolutely LOVE these Ceri, firm, family fave in our hoose .. Gonna have to make some now! They look soo yummy..

  6. In the fridge waiting to be eaten :) I’m so excited to taste some!! Such a good recipe, easy and no mess :)

    Em x

  7. Ooh these look like homemade Toffee Crisps!!! I bet they would be lovely made with Snickers (that’s Marathons in old money). Should I really be dribbling like this

  8. Ceri have been making this for years especially at Christmas but I use rich tea biscuits crushed. Also use mars bars but melted galaxy on the top and it’s yum as well. Like the Rice Krispie option and will have to have a go xx

  9. Made and demolished. Keep them coming Ceri. X

  10. Once you’ve made them, do they come with the gorgeous guy in your pics to do a taste check??!!! Oh well, will have to do that myself then I suppose… 😉 xxx

  11. Do you eat all these after you make them

  12. They look sooo nice!!! But I can’t wait till you make them for ur favourite Spanish class ever!! Just remember that I will love u forever ( but I do anyway!)

  13. These are really scrummy! Very more-ish! The first batch went in a day – everyone loved them! So easy to make (even I coped!) and they freeze well too! Will be making more soon! Thanks GW :) xxx

      • Ooops, I didn’t think about that but I’m having a major baking-fest this weekend (yay, I love it!) using lots of your recipes and had planned to take photos then! Watch this space!! xxx

  14. That’s the keeping the kids occupied on their sleepover plus what treats they’ll have all with one stone sorted! Loving it :)

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