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My mammoth US to UK baking haul!!

My mammoth US to UK baking haul!!

I do it every time I'm in the US.  I can't help myself!  Nope, not (affectionately) assault World Wrestling Entertainment stars, that was a one off.  I'm referring to stocking up BIG TIME on my baking supplies!

When I hit the aisles of stores like Target and Michaels I'm like a kid in a candy store - quite literally in this instance!  I run excitedly, wide-eyed and breathless from aisle to aisle frantically and frenziedly throwing in cake mixes, cookie mixes, brownie mixes e.t.c, e.t.c until Craigy Boy brings me back down to earth with a bump and an annoyingly relevant question:

"How are you going to get all that stuff home?" 

Oh honey! Don't burst my baking bubble! Let me revel in this moment of sugary, shopping glory!  

But he's right of course, and it's just as well I had him there to semi-control the situation otherwise there could have been real trouble upon reaching the airport.  

As it turned out, the lovely Virgin Atlantic man, Renjith, not only allowed me to board with four carry ons instead of the usually strictly enforced one...


... but he also waived the $100 charge for the extra suitcase bequeathed to me by my lovely friends Colleen and Mike and which managed to accommodate the large majority of my merchandise.  Result!


And no, I didn't batter my eyelids and show him my cupcakes -  the plane just happened to be half-empty.

So now that I'm back home I can't wait to get a-bakin' and a-creatin' and this is where YOU come in my delicious Warriors!

After watching the video way up at the top there (it's a short one) let me know in the comment box if there is any particular recipe you'd like me to try out using my stash!!  

Let's get cakey and bakey together!


A very happy, satisfied and ready-to-bake

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. You are awesome! Wow! BTW, Coconut M&Ms are good.

  2. I’ve just watched your latest video with my daughters (5 & 2) clearly at that age they are cake obsessed and they have asked that you make cupcakes with the moustache faces as they ‘look so cool’ they have also asked that today we make cakes so are off to make Easter crispies!! Thanks for the inspiration! :-) x

  3. What, no Banana Bread??!! The US mix for that was yummy!! I remember my Dad bringing that home many a time together with loads of sprinkles for the kids!!! Lemon Supreme sounds nice…..!!!
    Happy baking and send me some when you’re done!!!

  4. Haha sounds a lot like my parting with you!!
    “Niece!! How will you ever get all this home?”
    “Oh Ceri, I’ll just buy an extra bag and check a second bag.”
    But then…… The GW saved my bacon and my new wardrobe from Primark and New Look, by lending me her wonderful extra suitcase!! Looks like your Philly friends paid you back the favor :)
    Looks like you were luckier than I for the $100 fee waved!! And it looks like you were about three bags naughtier than I! :) loved this post! Make some monster cookies with all other chips and m&m’s. Yum Yum Fun!

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