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Love was almost in the air…

Love was almost in the air…

As you read this, Warriors, I will be 37,000 ft above you so love will, quite literally, be in the air. Sounds so cosy and romantic, doesn't it? Pity I'll be completely drugged out on Diazepam and oblivious to it all. Well that's the plan anyway. Flying for me is on the same level as root canals and open heart surgery without anaesthetic. But I grin my teeth and bear it because I am the Ginger Warrior and I have a fierce and invincible reputation to uphold.  GRRRR!

See the above paragraph? I wrote it at 6pm this evening (Thurs) when my trip to New York was still on the cards.  And now it's not. We have decided that trudging around the Big Apple in inches of snow and slush would not make for happy tourism.  So we're going in April instead and I'm feeling very positive about this change of plan because:

1) Warmer climes will hopefully await us

2) My Auntie Joyce and Uncle Dougie will be out there at the same time!

3) I don't have to get on a plane for another 5 weeks.  *And relax*

So instead of spending the vast majority of Valentine's Day in a Diazepam induced stupor, in a tin can suspended in the air, I will be at home in my PJs all day, snuggled up with Craigy Boy, and enjoying a Breaking Bad marathon.  Gooooo Walt!!

So today's appropriately romantic offering could not be more simple, more effective, more delicious nor more gratefully received by your loved ones:


They look good, taste even better and the added bonus is that no baking is involved and minimal equipment is required.  You know what minimal equipment equates to, right?  Minimal washing up. Now that is my kind of recipe!

What you will need are some chocolate moulds and I bought these from eBay for the bargainous price of £3.95.  The moulds come with white lollipop sticks but in keeping with our lovey-dovey theme I purchased a bag of red ones.  But why stop there Warriors? Grab yourself some of these and a roll of this, in red of course, and you can beautifully package your chocolatey creations much to the squealing delight of your recipients.

The first, and perhaps most important decision of all is the kind of chocolate you are going to use.  My top tip? The more expensive brands do not necessarily guarantee the best tasting pops and if you're going to be making large quantities then it really doesn't make sense from an economic standpoint.  I used 50p bars of chocolate from my local corner shop and they melted and re-solidified perfectly.  

1. Chop up your chosen bars into little pieces and then melt them in a glass bowl over a simmering pan of water. Make sure the bottom of the bowl isn't touching the water.  Stir occasionally until le chocolat is melted and glossy.  TA DA!


2) At this point you could pour the melted chocolate straight into the mould and enjoy the lollipops in their solid, unadulterated state OR you could go that extra mile and add treats within a treat. Do that, Warriors, do that!!  

I ransacked my cupboards for any sweet morsels I could get my hands on and this is what I found:


3) Pop them into the moulds:




4) Smother in warm, liquid heaven:


5) Once all the moulds are filled you could use a palate knife to smooth and even out the chocolate.  I don't have a picture of me doing this because I forgot to take it. In any case, this step is optional.  It all comes down to how much of a perfectionist you are.

6) Pop the moulds into the fridge or the freezer, depending on how quickly you need them to set.

7) Remove when completely solid and then stand back and admire your handywork. I really could weep right now I'm that in love with them.


8) If you are less selfish and gluttonous than I, and do plan on sharing with friends and family, then pretty packaging is the next and final step.

valentines 2




Ginger Warrior, over and out.

P.S. What do you actually think about Valentine's Day?  Is it a special occasion to share with the one you love or simply another ploy to get us to part with our cash?  Tell me, tell me!  :)

Just a little note to remind you all that we have GUEST BLOGGERS entertaining us the whole of next week.  I cannot wait to read what they have to say!  Let's make them feel very welcome in Warrior Land!!


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  1. Well of course its a day that people part with lots of money…big hype but hey I LOVE it.
    Mark and I love each other dearly and although we tell each other everyday we love each other its fun to have a “special mush” day.
    This morning got out of the shower to my usual coffee (always made by Mark)and a card. Downstairs to breakfast, another card, pink sparkly roses, heart chocolates, a candle and DVD. we ate our usual cereal followed by saucy white chocolate muffins with I love you toast! Tonight we shall be going to the Laughing Onion where they have an evening for lovers James Bond theme, a chance for dressing up 😉 Taking Alice to school found the “postman” had been again!! Mark is a soppy git but love him so much and always makes everyday feel like Valentines Day…… mush over!!!
    Enjoy your day with your Valentines xxxx

  2. AAAA! I just had a LONG, thought-out response to this great post and one of my little dumplings came and disconnected my Internet and all the typing was in vain. :( I don’t have the energy to re-type it all. But, the main idea was that Valentine’s Day is a great reminder that we should always show the people we love that we love them! It may be flowers for one person, a much-needed nap for another person, chocolates (I’ll take Reeses Peanut Butter Cups if Elliott ever asks you…he seems to forget that I love those…) for another. We have to learn to be on the same page as our loved one and it can be a great day! Also–you’re so stinkin’ gorgeous! Every picture on here is stunning! Craig is a lucky guy! Well, my baby just unrolled a roll of toilet paper. I better go fix that! :)

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hope you managed to retrieve the toilet paper Brookie!! And I only select good pics of me to put on here. There are pleeeenty of bad ones but they don’t make the cut. 😉

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