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Your Love Stories: Part Two!

Your Love Stories: Part Two!

lovestories (part2)

Now is the time to showcase the rest of the wonderful stories sent into me by my lovestruck Warriors of the World! Apologies it has taken so long - I had planned on posting them the week after the debut of Love Stories: Part One but life and travels got in the way as they often do. But you know what they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder and I'm sure these next set of love stories will tug at your heart strings and make you go all warm and gooey inside, like a nice chocolate brownie straight out of the oven.

Thank you so very much to our enamoured contributors. It has been a privilege to read and share your beautiful stories.

GW, over and out.

I was keen to settle down as all my friends were in relationships but then rather than longing to be 'in their shoes' I thought to myself what would they do if they were still free and single? One of my friends said she she wouldn't hesitate to work abroad so that very evening I set to work on my CV!

In June 2008 I flew to Crete to work in a hotel as a children's rep, one of the best decision I ever made as is about to be revealed!
By this point it was October and a certain young man named  Luke was on holiday with his family. One particular evening we (the reps) were all dressed up 'Fame' style and were planning on heading out to celebrate someone's birthday. Unfortunately my colleague and friend Lucy was due to fly home as her nan had passed away so I decided to stay behind for moral support  and to wave her off.  I didn't want to waste my fabulous outfit, however, and being my crazy self I burst into the bar singing "Fame I wanna live foreeeeeeveeeer!", sweat bands, pants over leggings and all! A man standing at the bar was particularly impressed with my Irene Cara rendition and insisted he buy me a drink to celebrate my performance. He then introduced me to his son Luke. Phwoar! He's a bit tasty", I thought! We made some small talk for a while but then I left to say my farewells to Lucy.
The next day, hung over, I moped over to the bar for a much needed coffee and caffeine boost and as I was getting my change out the bar man said "the gentleman over there has already paid for it". I looked over and it was Luke from the night before and my heart started pounding!

We stole some time together in between my shifts but his holiday soon came to an end and since he was from North Wales and I hailed from  Oxfordshire I didn't expect to ever see him again.

We did keep in touch, however, and upon my return to England in the November, Luke invited me to visit him in Wales. I had an amazing time with him and his family! Boarding the train to come home I was so upset I knew I didn't want to be without him ever again, I was convinced I had found my Mr Right. We took it in turns each weekend to make the four hour journey by train and it wasn't long before we took the next big step - Luke moved in with me!

We got married in 2012 and had our son in 2013. Lucy came to our wedding and said it was so nice that something positive had happened from her nan passing away. I thought that was such a lovely thing to say.

Funny how my 'embracing the single life' turned into married life and you know what? I couldn't be happier! 
Waiting nervously to go into an interview for an editorial assistant job I perk up a bit when a rather handsome, cheeky looking chap comes to greet me and take me to the interview room. It turns out said handsome, cheeky chap is conducting the interview and, if hired, would be my boss.
Fast forward a couple of weeks and lo and behold I was hired! I remember looking at his signature on the confirmation letter and thinking how much I liked his name.
Fast forward a bit more to my first day on the job. (I may have taken much longer than needed to choose a 'first day' outfit). I remember being absolutely gutted when I was told that my new boss was out of the office until the next day. All that first-day-outfit-effort for nothing!
A friendship soon formed between as we worked together day in, day out. At the time I was in an unhappy relationship and the truth is that it had been an unhappy relationship for a while. I soon realised that my feelings towards my new boss may be a little more than feelings of innocent friendship...

A few months later, in December, I finally plucked up the courage to end my relationship and James and I began to see more of each other outside of work, still just as friends at this point as I was emotionally battered to say the least. 

I ended up inviting James to spend New Year's Eve with me and my friends, fully intending to get a cheeky kiss at midnight! We were in a nightclub when the countdown started. James had gone to get drinks and I remember panicking as we were on the 10 second countdown and he was nowhere to be seen! "8, 7, 6 , 5, 4.. and suddenly there he was! Relieved, I blushed and offered him my cheek but he wasn't having any of that and went straight for the lips! 

Nine months later I was pregnant with our little miss and two years later we were married. Now, nearly 7 years later we're a happy little family of four.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that I went to that interview!
One spring evening when I was 15, I was walking home from a youth activity and my friend's boyfriend pulled up in his car to talk to me. He had a handsome older guy in the car with him. He ended up asking me to go on a date with him and I was really unsure about doing this because he was supposed to be dating my friend!! I ended up telling him to call me the next night. He also asked me if I would find a date for his friend, Tom, the other guy in the car.  I agreed. 
Well the next night it was actually Tom who called and asked if I was going to go out with his friend. I said, "No, because he is supposed to be dating my friend!"  His next words were: "Well then, will you go out with me?" I was so surprised first of all because I thought he was so cute and secondly because I had only ever seen him in the back of a car! I had even gone home the night before after spying him in the car and had told my mom that I wished Tom would ask me out instead of his friend!  As you can imagine I had only one thing to say to him. "YES!".
Tom took me out two nights later and we went to see the movie "Gone With The Wind". It was awesome and so romantic!  When he took me home he walked me to the door where we talked for a bit and then he kissed me on the forehead and left. AAAAGH!! I was madly in love!!!!  He was so handsome and he didn't try to make any moves on me or anything!  WOW! What a guy!! 
We dated for 3 years and on my graduation he gave me the best present I could have wished for -  a beautiful diamond engagement ring. We were married one year later and three beautiful daughters, one handsome son, thirteen adorable grandsons and four gorgeous granddaughters have blessed our lives ever since. Life has been very, very good to us and we are grateful.
On August 14, 2014 we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary and I hope we have many more ahead of us.
Craig and I met in Hampton Wick in Surrey in 2004. It was around 9pm in the pub where I worked as a chef. As it happens that was the night I resigned and instead of cooking I was at the bar enjoying a well deserved a drink. I went over to talk to a friend and noticed a random man just standing there and grinning at me. I thought he was a bit of a loon staring at me like that but we ended up chatting all night and he asked me out to dinner. I didn't hesitate to accept!
We went out the following night and in the course of our conversation I told him that I was looking for somewhere to live as I had to give up my flat above the pub. Craig told me he was heading to Prague the following week and I could stay at his flat in order to have some time to go house hunting.  He was a complete stranger. Could I trust him?? After a bottle of wine or two I could and I did!  The initial week turned into a month and then another few months and, well, I never really moved out! Seven months down the line Craig proposed. It was Christmas Eve, by the River Avon and he was on bended knee.
We were married the following July, have two beautiful children and I still fall in love with him over and over again.
Once upon a time I was working in Bicester, mentoring a newbie, when I noticed a member of staff from a different department sitting with one of my colleagues. He had an absolutely gorgeous northern accent and had come in to see how things worked in our department. I didn't get a chance to talk to him other than to inquire if he was in a union, ask how old he was and to tell him I was his Young Members Officer. That was it. Nothing more!

Not long after our meeting he added me on Facebook, we got chatting and the rest, as they say, is history.

Within two years we had moved 200 miles away from my family home to the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside right by the sea. We are married and have a gorgeous 10 week old baby boy. Who would have thought so much could change in just two years?! I can honestly hand on heart say that I've never been happier and that my life is exactly what I want it to be and where I want it to be. Okay, so maybe add a lottery win in there and my happiness would be complete!  ;)

Some people may feel we did things in the wrong order or that we moved a bit quickly but I would say to those people that everything happens for a reason and when you meet "the one" you know. Simple as that. My advice, for what it's worth, is life is short so live it to the full and don't delay! You never know what tomorrow is going to bring so make the most of every single second!

I now have a wonderful husband and a gorgeous baby boy, my very own little family, and I couldn't be a prouder mum or wife.


In May of 2008 I took Janice,my Blue 1987 BMW college car, in to CarMax to get a quote. I didn't want to abandon her but it was time for me to think about turning her in for a new model. They told me to wait for the next available assistant so I sat reading a book while I waited. Then I could feel someone approaching me. (You know how you feel the presence of someone before you see them sometimes?) I looked up from my book and saw the most handsome man. "Boy, He's HOT! I could marry him." was my immediate thought. This was soon followed by: "hmmm, he looks kinda young." 
So my salesman's name was Peter. And I was happy to for him to help me test drive a few cars and give me a quote for my beloved Janice. At the end of the night he offered me $200 for Janice and I told him to keep it for now. I was hoping for a little bit more! As he walked me back over to my car I felt like I was on a first date!
One week later I got a text from Peter. It took me a few seconds to register who the heck Peter was -  my CarMax guy!! He was super flirty and very funny which left me wondering is he trying to get a car sale or a date?! It was Labor Day weekend, and I was with my sister so we did the only thing we could - we took her car in to get a quote! She didn't even bother test driving the cars since she had no intention of parting with her car. So there I was with my sister and this super cute salesman in a stationary car in the parking lot because she was afraid of them trying to "sell" her on a car if she were to take it out on an actual test drive. I told her, "you totally made it look obvious that I was only there to talk to Peter!" which was exactly why were were there but I didn't want it to look that way!
The next day I got a text from Peter. He said, "What are the chances of seeing you without my name tag on?" How that melted my heart! I replied "Well, I think the name tag is kinda sexy, but I'm sure we can work something out!" And we did work something out, we went to dinner a few nights later and I was relieved to find out that Peter was only a year younger than me. Then he came over for a movie the night after that... wearing his name tag! And my heart melted again.
Fast forward to the summer of this year and I made the big move from Utah to California to be closer to Peter. It has been a great move so far so watch this space!
Phill and I met in 1993. I was studying for a degree in Drama and he had volunteered to do the lighting for my final piece. I was helping to paint the set one sunny afternoon when Phill walked into the small grassy area. I looked up and immediately thought that he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen and way out of my league. We painted the set and then he left. I turned to my friend Tracy and said, "Oh my gosh, where did you find him? He's GORGEOUS!" She replied "Yes he is, and he has absolutely no idea how gorgeous he is". Tall, athletic, strong-jawed, amazing green eyes and long hair tied back in a ponytail (I was quite a hippie at Uni!). I knew I didn't stand a chance and anyway, I was already spoken for.  
After finishing my studies I got a job at the local bingo hall. By this point my boyfriend had dumped me and had gone off to work in Qatar. My heart was damaged and my self-esteem was low.
One day I was at the front desk of the bingo hall and couldn't hardly believe my eyes when I saw Phill walking past the door. I abandoned the front desk, ran out and gave him the biggest hug I could muster. We agreed to meet for a beer after work and during our little get together it was clear that there was still something between us. To cut a long story short he was kind, caring, loving and true and I decided not to pursue a relationship. I couldn't believe that someone so beautiful could genuinely be interested in me. And in any case,  my ex was coming back from Qatar and I felt that he was the best I deserved so I put Phill to the back of my mind.
It turns out, unsurprisingly, that things didn't work out with the ex and I met someone else whom I married in 1997 after a whirlwind romance. We had two children together but the marriage turned sour and my husband became physically and verbally abusive. And I stayed with him.
In 2010 Phill made various attempts to contact me via Facebook and LinkedIn and he even phoned my parents. I ignored them all because my husband was very possessive and hated me being in touch with ex-boyfriends.
Finally I crumbled - I was so utterly miserable in my marriage - and replied to a message from Phill via Friends reunited. We subsequently connected on Facebook and began to message each other daily. He had married a French lady and was living in France at the time. In June 2013 he came back to England for a visit and asked me if we could meet. Against my better judgement I agreed and we spent 45 minutes talking and chatting and laughing. He informed me that he was coming back to England for good and wanted us to be together.
I don't know how but my husband found out that Phill and I had been in contact and went ballistic. The police were called to our home three times because of my husband's violence and threats. At one point he put his hand over my nose and mouth so that I couldn't breathe and another time he bit me hard enough to draw blood. On this occasion my parents drove over immediately and took me and the children away.
I eventually did whatI had to do and applied for a divorce from my ex-husband in November 2013. I was relieved when the decree absolute was granted in May 2014. Since then Phill has met my two children and spends most weekends here at what I now consider to be his and my family home. My children love him. I love him. It's still complicated but I know it's right.

It has been a very long road, but now the universe feels aligned. He is The One. True love. It started a very long time ago and we both made mistakes that we had to learn from as well all do. But we are in the right place now and I am so very grateful.
I was a member on the dating website POF (plenty of fish) and a message can through from a guy saying 'hey you look nice, message me sometime'. I looked at his profile and I liked what I read. The only problem was that the photo he had posted on his profile was blurry and he was looking down. For me it's all about the eyes!
Nonetheless, we started messaging each other and when we felt comfortable enough we swapped mobile numbers. From then on we texted like crazy every day and it wasn't long before we arranged to meet. Our first meeting fell through. I can't really remember why. But we tried again! The second time he came to my house (risky, I know) but I felt like I had already fallen for him just through our text conversations.
We chatted and laughed all night long until he had to leave for work. I couldn't wait to see him again and I didn't have to wait very long as he came back the very next night! We didn't waste any precious time - we were married three months later and I fell pregnant straight away!
We have just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary and have a gorgeous 3 month old daughter that we adore! It was just meant to be, I know it. I thought love at first sight was a load of old rubbish until it happened to me and now I'm a believer!

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    I particularly love Paula and Tom’s story and Denise and Peter’s story is cute too.
    I wish Sally such happiness, I have been in a mentally abusive relationship and it almost destroyed me getting out of it, I’m so glad she found the strength to. Here’s to happiness!
    I agree with Lea 100%, grab happiness when you can, life is too short not to.
    Yep, Sam, I believe in love at first sight too! x

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