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YOUR love stories: Part One!

YOUR love stories: Part One!


Last Monday I asked you, my Warriors of the World, to send in the stories of how you and your other half met and fell in love. And send in your stories you did! And may I say how much I enjoyed reading them? They brought a smile to my cynical face and made my tummy go all warm and fuzzy! 

There are too many to list in one posting and as such I have decided we will spread the love over TWO blog posts! And summoning up all the powers of my imagination I have thus entitled the first instalment...

Your Love Stories: Part One.

Sometimes I marvel at my own genius.

Without further ado, Warriors, allow me to introduce you to our first set of love struck couples whose stories are sure to brighten this dreary Monday morning!

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

judithanddavidJudith and David

I think David and I were one of the original ‘online’ couples – we’ve been together over 12 years (before Match.com even existed….). Anyway we were both fresh out of very long marriages (over 20 years each) and we..um.. communicated via the then equivalent of social media for months before one day plucking up the courage to meet up. Long story very short, he moved in the next day (I know – shameful!). He’d been living with his aunt and the one thing he forgot to bring with in on the day was his toothbrush. We spent the evening trawling around local petrol stations in search of one. We now have two anniversaries every year – a wedding anniversary and a ‘toothbrush day’. You know that sick bucket you mentioned…??

steveandsamanthasamantha and steve

I met my husband Steve when I was only 17. He worked full time in the office where I was the Saturday girl. We were the only people who worked there under the age of 20 but it's fair to say we didn't really get on. I always got annoyed at how often he would leave me to do all of the work! 

Fast forward a year and it was our work’s Christmas party. I was 18 and far too much wine was consumed! We were sitting next to each other and had such a great night - we never stopped laughing and well, one thing led to another!

I went off to university miles away 9 months later and couldn't stand being apart from Steve so returned after three months.

We were married and had our first baby when I was only 22. We've been together 13 years now though and have three children together. It's fair to say we both couldn't imagine being with anybody else!

benandrachelBen and Rachel

I had known my future wife to be, Rachel, very, VERY vaguely as she worked in the pub where my dad used to drink. 

She left there, though, and for several years I did not see her at all. When my dad passed away in 2009 she came to the funeral, which I thought was a really nice thing to do and showed just how fond of my dad she was when she worked in the pub.

We chatted a little bit but as you'd expect it wasn't a good day for me. A few days later we connected on Facebook and somehow - don't ask me how! - I suggested we meet up. 

On November 29th 2009 we did just that. I went to her house, met her daughter, spent the evening talking and, when it was time to go, we kissed. The most spectacular kiss I have ever had!

Now, nearly five years later, we are married with a two year old son and, of course, her now 14 year old daughter, my step daughter! 

Meeting someone - especially your soul mate and future partner - at a funeral is not usual but it does show how good can come from the most unexpected places, even something as bad as losing your father.

laceyandcassieLacey and Cassie

Lindsey (my deaf sister) and I both "came out" within weeks of each other. One Friday night we decided to go out to the gay and lesbian bar called "club sound." We were having a blast when we met this girl named Andrea. She was hitting on Lindsey, and since she is deaf I interpreted for them. Andrea asked us to come out the following night, which was Saturday, to a lesbian bar called "The paper moon." Of course, I was invited to be interpreter and wingman of my sister so she could meet Andrea there. 

Andrea brought a wingman herself, this was Cassie. I was WASTED I might add. The four of us stood by the bar, me interpreting for the two and Cassie was keeping to herself since she wasn't exactly involved in any part of them talking. So I said.. "You look bored, d’you want to dance?" She politely declined. 

I learned later that she was very sick that night and thought I was straight so she didn't want to waste what energy she had. I then saw someone I knew that I hadn’t seen in a long time so I went and talked to her. Much to my surprise Cassie came over and asked me to dance. (Apparently Andrea had informed Cassie that she was being rude and that I was hitting on her. She then realised I was, well, playing on her side of the fence! 

The four of us all went to the dance floor and we fell in love instantly! The next night we had a Skype date and talked until four in the morning. And we’ve been hooked on each other ever since!!! 

We waited three years until we were able to legally get married in the state of Utah and the picture above is of us on our Wedding Day. 

michelleandvernMichelle and

So at the tender age of 19, I'm in my local nightclub. After having a boogie, I was sat down with my friend, and a young man sat on my knee! Well even though I could tell he had buns of steel, he was covered in sweat - ugh disgusting! So I was not impressed, and in a few choice words told him to get off! He did not get off without a bit of sarcastic banter, but needless to say I got my way! My friend and I went on our merry way.

So over the next few weeks I kept seeing him in the club and we eventually had a chat, without all the sweatiness!! I found out he was in the United States Air Force, stationed at Fairford and at the time I was living in Cheltenham. We exchanged some small talk and parted ways.

I saw him a few more times in the same club and realised that I was starting to like this guy! I would even cut in when he was dancing with another girl.  Ha ha! He loved that!

Eventually after about six weeks he finally asked me out on a date. It took him long enough!! We went for a quiet drink in a pub, well I had the drink, he doesn't drink! Anyway, we continued to date for three year and then came the bombshell - he was being stationed to Japan. Oh no, not without me I said! 

That was the September, we were married in the February and two weeks later we were living in Japan!!

lesleyandsamLesley and Sam

I was a close family friend to the Keillors having been friends with Holly (Sam's sister) throughout  High School. Sam and I became very good friends and did what most good friends do: trips to the cinema, shopping, out for meals but “just as friends". This went on for a year or so until fate brought us together on a Hogmanay night in Glasgow. 

Sam and the lads were set to attend the Glasgow street party but extreme weather conditions cancelled the show. So they decided to join me and my friends at Holly and Louise’s flat before heading out for a dance at ‘Be Low’. Whilst having drinks Sam asked Holly how she felt about him going in for the kill with me. Ever sensible Holly (even after a drink) advised him that tonight was not the night. The evening progressed and Sam thought about what Holly had said and didn’t like it. He decided that it had to be fate that we were together on this night so against Holly’s advice and under the twinkling lights of Merchant City, he snuck away with me for what was to be our First Kiss. 

The years went by and the St Vigean’s Road flat was bought. With Sam not being known for his handyman skills it took a few months but with the assistance of Colin and Ben, the refurbishments were complete and it was ready for us to move in together.

That weekend we had plans for dinner and drinks to celebrate the completion of his university course but the night ended with celebrating a little more than just that…

Whilst waiting for me to pick what outfit I was going to wear Sam was getting ready to make his move, his heart pounding with nerves. ‘“Does this look ok?” I asked him.  His response was rather unusal. He dropped on one knee and replied, “you look beautiful....will you marry me?” I was in shock! I hadn’t seen it coming mainly because when Sam falls on his knee it is usually followed by a visit to see Mike at Ninewell’s Hospital! Full of excitement I couldn’t wait to give the ‘Proposal Push Team’ of Mum and Laurie the news. 

We were married this summer and spent our incredible honeymoon in Vietnam.

beckyandalanbecky and

I have loved my man for what seems like forever. I used to send him Valentine’s cards from the age of nine. I'd see him every day at school and instantly drift in to a day dream! 

As time went on we ended up living next door to his work mate so even though we'd both left school by then I'd managed to get my daily ogle in. ;)

I found out that he played football and if I was lucky I would occasionally venture to Brackley Town to watch the love of my life play the odd game... or twelve!!! One Saturday night me, my brother and parents headed in to town for a few drinks and bumped into him at The Plough. He and my dad got talking and I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me because my dad told him he needed to take me out as 'the love sick puppy' routine I went through every day was getting tiresome!

After we'd manages to persuade him that my brother wasn't my boyfriend (!!!) we finally arranged a date. Thirteen years, two kids and twelve years of marriage under our belt and I get to ogle my Prince Charming every day......even though he had his frog days!


I met Steve when he fell asleep at a house party and I walked into the bedroom to find our mutual childish friends had covered him in furniture, chairs, foot stools and a table! And he slept through it all. Ha ha ha! I felt so sorry for him! I demanded they take it off him and leave the poor drunk boy alone.  

Later on our ridiculous friends told him what they had done and how I had ruined their fun. He came over to thank me for saving him from waking up with a chair leg in his face and that was that. 

Three and a half years later we have Alfie and are getting married next year. 

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  1. What a cute post, it has totally given me “warm fuzzies”. I love reading people’s ‘how we met’ stories. Looking forward to part 2. x

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