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Rest in peace, Stephen Sutton

Rest in peace, Stephen Sutton


Some people are born to be living angels.  Their time upon this earth is often fleeting yet this doesn't stop them from leaving behind a legacy of hope, positivity and inspiration. If you have been following his incredibly heart-warming, heart-rendering and heart-breaking story via social media then you will know that Stephen Sutton was one such person.

Stephen was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 15 having previously been misdiagnosed with constipation. An almighty and sickening blow for the average person yet Stephen soon proved himself to be anything but average.

On the very day he began chemotherapy he attended a friend's party despite advice from his doctors to go home and take it easy.  Stephen dressed up as a granny in a wheelchair and was, in his own words, "quite convincing" given his pale and fragile state.  According to his teachers he only missed three days of school throughout his illness and walked away with a string of straight A-grades, such was his determination, unbreakable spirit and keen mind. His greatest desire was to study medicine and there is no doubt that he would have made one hell of a doctor.

Stephen's story caught national and wide-spread international attention in April following a rather extraordinary and bittersweet post on his Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 06.41.15 


It wasn't quite the end however, and with what little time he knew he had left Stephen threw himself into raising funds for The Teenage Cancer trust. His initial goal was to reach £10,000 and that amount was rapidly surpassed as his appeal went viral. What the heck, thought Stephen, let's aim for £1 million! Within days the total had hit over £3.2 million and donations continue to flood in. 

The 19-year-old's awe-inspiring battle with cancer came to an end yesterday morning and his mother was the first to pay tribute to an extraordinary life and son:

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 18.28.59

 Stephen was once quoted as saying:

“Life isn’t measured by the amount of time you’re here, it’s measured by your achievements”.


A befitting, self-penned epitaph from a relentlessly upbeat, unashamedly positive giant of a man who achieved more in these last few months than most will achieve in a lifetime of living.


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  1. Such an inspirational story. Brings tears to my eyes.

  2. I have followed and shared Steven’s story over the past couple of weeks with great sadness and unbelievable admiration…Have shed many a tear as well…..A truly remarkable you man….

  3. Lovely words Ceri – the whole story is so moving and inspirational. What an amazing role model he is for teenagers!

  4. Beautiful GW. May he RIP xxx

  5. Everyone gets down in the dumps from time to time especially when the word cancer is used to describe you or a friend / family member. Stephen’s Story makes us realise that life is too short no matter how old or young you are. Live life to the full! As Stephen himself said Cancer Sucks but Life is Great!

    RIP Stephen your memory will live on through the hundreds of thousands if not millions of people your story has touched.

    Fitting tribute GW good work. x

  6. I hope that all that Stephen has done is never forgotten. He may have had a short life but his life clearly touched millions of other people’s lives and has made a difference to those who are still battling with this awful disease. May his family find comfort in that. They are in thousands of people’s thoughts and prayers.

  7. Wonderfully put Ceri. He achieved and inspired more in his time than like you say, many of us combined could ever hope to.

  8. What an amazing young man. Such a loss to his family and all who new him. How is it that from time to time someone so extra-ordinary touches our lives. We will never know what he would have achieved had he not been taken at such a young age but you can’t help but think that he would have been a force for good.

    God Rest, Stephen. R.I.P.

  9. Totally awesome! Thank you Ceri! This makes me so want to reexamine my life and make a difference! I WILL do it!

  10. What an inspiration. How sad and proud his family and friends must be. So much love

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