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Do you know your road signs?

Do you know your road signs?


You know that every now and again I like to throw in some random stuff and nonsense for our mutual entertainment.  My feeling is that there's enough doom and gloom to be found out there so in here, in Warrior Land, I like to keep it as bright, airy and light-hearted as possible. From time to time we may need to touch upon subjects of a more serious nature, but not today. 

So a couple of weeks before we broke up for Easter I discovered some critical gaps in my knowledge. One of my students was preparing for her road theory test and had downloaded an app on her phone in order to practise the questions. I offered to lend a hand, convinced that 17 years of driving under my belt made me older, yes but also considerably wiser. Oh how wrong could a cocky Ginger Warrior be?? Imagine my shock, horror and utter embarrassment when I only managed to scrape a paltry 54%! My battered self-esteem (and pride) took a further blow when Holly informed me that to pass the theory test you need to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly.  That's a grand total of 86% which means I would have failed. Miserably. 

My greatest stumbling block appeared to be the road signs. I've since looked them up and it's very easy and straightforward when the description is written underneath but we all know they don't come with descriptions on the roads! 

The thing is, I had a sneaking suspicion that I wasn't alone when it came to my road-sign struggles and when Craigy Boy popped round for his dinner this evening my suspicions were confirmed - he was worse than me! 

What about you, Warriors? How are your road-sign identifying skills?  They can't be any worse than ours!  Time to put them to the test...

Below are 10 signs you'd find dotted around the country.  Simply write in the comment box at the bottom of the page what you think they represent. NO GOOGLING ALLOWED UNTIL AFTER YOU'VE POSTED YOUR ANSWERS! You're only cheating yourself...  ;)



Just because these are UK specific signs there is no need to feel excluded! I'd be very interested to see what you make of our signs and I'm sure you have some that are similar.

Oh! And please feel free to come up with some of your own creative and interpretative responses!  ;)



























































Today's offering has been brought to you by The Ginger Warrior.  Bringing you joy, happiness and road safety every week day.


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  1. Hubby is a driving instructor can I cheat and get him to do it!!

  2. 1) no spontaniously combusting cars allowed?!
    2) end of minimum speed
    3) no stopping
    4) no vehicles wider than the dimensions on the sign
    5) bike lane
    6) no waiting
    7) you can use either side?
    8) no buses
    9) t junction
    10) an uneven road ahead

    Other than the first one (what does that mean?!) I dont think I’ve done too badly… But then it has only been 5 years since I started driving so I should still remember!

  3. 1. Lion on the roof of your car
    2. Minimum of 30 mph
    3. Urban clearway
    4. 2m width limit
    5. Cycle lane
    6. Restricted parking
    7. Pass both sides
    8. No buses allowed
    9. Left turn with right of way
    10. Humps in the road (that is my clean version of that

  4. 1. Ginger Warrior on board!
    2. 30 – those days are well gone
    3. Happy Zone – no blues allowed
    4. Height of my ideal man
    5. On yer bike
    6. Calm zone – some sky gazing allowed
    7. Overhead aeroplane vapour trails possible
    8. It’s a bus stupid!
    9. Wide cars go left, thin cars go right
    10. Rubbish road surface

  5. I’m with Craigyboy for No 1.
    2. No driving at 30 mph
    3. No blue circles allowed (but as Craigyboy!)
    4. No funny answer so as Amy & Craigyboy
    5. As 4.
    6. Half circles sometimes allowed??
    7. Route suitable for split personalities only…or use either lane
    8. I thought buses only but as you can see my knowledge is atrocious so will bow to anyone who knows better!
    9. As Craigyboy…again!
    10. Beware of women lying in road…but as Amy & Craigyboy!!!
    It’s actually embarrassing to admit that I don’t know some of them :( I’m going to have to Google them now!!
    Well done GW! You’ve made me smile – looking forward to the next blog! xxxx

  6. Translating from Spanish:
    1. No access to vehicles carrying flammable or explosive cargo.
    2. Minimum speed
    3. Do not stop or park
    4. Maximum width.
    5. Cycle lane.
    6. Do not stop.
    7. Can go either way ¿?
    8. No buses allowed.
    9. That one did not exist when I got my driving licence. I’m sure, but it tells you of some danger ahead.
    10.Humps on the road.

  7. 1. Warning of vehicles carrying explosives
    2. End of minimum speed
    3. No stopping, urban clearway
    4. Width restriction
    5. Cycle path
    6. Waiting restrictions
    7. Not a clue lol
    8. Buses only
    9. Road goes left with access from right
    10. Warning uneven road surface

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