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I’ve arrived safe and sound!

I’ve arrived safe and sound!


My dearest Warriors of the World,

I write to you from the comfort of my deliciously soft and fluffy hotel bed in the Hotel Fairmont, San Jose, California. I type with weary hands and a less than sharp cerebrum but I was determined I would touch base before my head touches the pillow - more than 2 days away from you and I feel like I'm abandoning my very own offspring. Yup, that's how much the GW loves you. 

So I arrived safe and sound despite being ridiculously and embarrassingly close to walking off the plane. It all started with a delay, an annoying and frustrating delay courtesy of British Airways. I arrived to find that my one time favourite airline had oversold my flight and that there was no seat for my little white derriere. Can you Adam and Eve it??  Out of 230 passengers only myself and Jason from Englandshire but now living in San Francisco were left high and dry and seatless.  We were not impressed.  This is the most not-impressed-look we could muster:


To compensate us for the inconvenience, and despite valiant negotiations GW style to deservedly increase our recompense, we were both given a lilliputian £238 and two seats on the next flight out three hours later at 2.15pm. Just what a nervous flyer needs - an extra three hours to contemplate every possible scenario of impending aviational doom! So by the time I boarded the tears were already in full flow and I would have abandoned (air)ship had the doors not been closed before I could make my escape. The cabin crew were kind and patient and understanding and when I informed them that I had sleeping pills at my disposal they strongly advocated  I partake. 

And partake I did. I discovered that 1/2 a pill was the equivalent to three hours of kip and so I simply repeated the process three times thus sleeping for a grand total of nine hours out of the eleven. Oh! And did I mention that I had all three seats to myself and was able to lie down the entire flight? A tender mercy if ever there was. 

A short shuttle ride later and I was checking into my hotel for the duration of my visit, the beautiful and elegant Fairmont in San Jose:


The room is nice and big and has a great view, my roomie Celia from Arizona is nice, not big and gets a great view of me open mouthed and drooling in the morning and I had a totally and utterly fantastic first day at my blogging conference. (Full details and video footage to follow).

But alas, the full on excitement of the day combined with the inevitable jet lag has left me one throughly exhausted Ginger Warrior. I'm actually rather impressed that I have been able to string a few sentences together that vaguely resemble lucidity. And with that, I shall quit while I'm ahead.

Oh so much more to come, Warriors of the World! Be sure to tune in.

Wish you were here, 

GW xxxx

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  1. Glad you made a safe trip over missus! Looking forward to hearing more on your adventures!! x

  2. Sounds as if the beginning of this journey was full of adventure. And even though it might not have been the kind of adventure you wanted, it was ripe with this or that happening, or going wrong, in this case.

    I hope that your visit here to the United States of America is a pleasant and fun one. I’d come out and say hi, but….. money and all. YAY!!!

    Until then, try to enjoy yourself as much as possible. Do as much as you feel that you can.

  3. Enjoy yourself! Have Fun!!!

  4. Glad you got there in one piece Ceri! You may have noticed that I got a little confused with where you are staying! Hence the reference to the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco earlier in the week!! xx

  5. Your hotel looks amazing! Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip Ceri. . . .
    Glad you arrived in one piece!

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