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Introducing your guest bloggers!

Introducing your guest bloggers!

This coming Friday will see "Ceri and Craigy Boy's trip to New York Take Two". If you have only just joined us here in Ginger Warrior Land then let me fill you in.  We were meant to be in the Big Apple back in February but postponed due to the very unpleasant weather they were experiencing.  Imagine my sheer delight (said in the most sarcastic tone I can muster) when I read THIS today.  Oh well, what will be will be because this time we're getting on the plane come hell, high water, hailstones, hurricane or any other weather/natural disaster related words beginning with H! 

In my absence, as before, five fabulous guest writers will be taking the blogging reins and promise to entertain, amuse, inspire and enthrall! I'm so very grateful to them because it means that I will be able to enjoy my time away safe in the knowledge that you, my dear Warriors, are in more than capable hands. I know all of them very well and am so excited for you to read what they have to say.  And you know what?  I have absolutely no idea what any of them (bar one) are going to say which makes me as intrigued as you are!

Introducing your guest bloggers.


I just know you'll give them a big, warm Warrior welcome! 



Laura is a 30-something teacher, chocoholic and mum of Eddie (8 months) living in Bucks. She's a keen cook and loves making things. She's also a bit of a geek and blogs/ tweets about educational technology as @elearninglaura. She and Ceri met at Oxford when they did their PGCE together.



Hi, my name is Sara! I met Ceri (or Kiki as we call her in our family) in Oxford at the local LDS church. It was hard to miss Ceri in a crowd even 10 years back (just between you and me I think she has always been outrageously wild, which makes her amazingly awesome to be with, am I right?).

When I met Ceri I had just moved to Oxford from the state of Utah in the USA  to study Victorian Literature at Reading University while my husband studied at The Univeristy of Oxford. Who doesn't love Victorian Lit and Culture and yes, as you can imagine, it is a huge career launcher. In fact, it has launched me into the very successful career of Motherhood. I am now running a chaotic pigsty, otherwise known as a household, in the rural village of Eaton in Oxfordshire County. I am raising three wild animals, that also resemble cute children whilst attempting to maintain a somewhat functional interpersonal relationship with my husband. Luckily I recently went on holiday to Baja Mexico and regained some sanity in the beautiful sunshine. Looking forward to blogging with you!



My name is Rachel Jeffcoat, and I live in Reading with husband Tim and two boisterous boys: Henry (two) and Edward (eight months). I'm a freelance copywriter and blogger - when I'm not building train tracks, refereeing dance competitions, making messes, writing at midnight or reading whenever I can get a hand free. I met Ceri as a baby-faced 18-year-old at Oxford University: I told her she was fabulous, she did a high-kick in a Chinese karaoke restaurant to prove it, and a friendship was born. I'm excited to be guest-posting on her brilliant blog!



Steve and I first met at the age of 11 during a competition knows as "Masterkid of Angus". Representatives were selected from each of the local primary schools and had to battle it out against each other in a bid to become known as the brainiest kid in the region. My brother had won two years' previous and I wasn't about to bring the Davies family name into dim-witted disrepute.  I didn't, however, bank on coming up against Steve.  He came first, and I came second which was the pattern our academic lives at Arbroath High School was to take.

I could hardly believe my eyes when, on my first day at High School, I walked into my form room and there was Steve. From that day on friendly banter and competition ensued. The fact is there was no competition, Stevo is the brighter Ginger and I'm proud to call him my friend.  He is an immensely talented individual: I can't even tell you how many musical instruments he plays FLAWLESSLY, he picks up languages at a drop of a hat and his Scottish folk singing group, Malinky, won the 'Scottish Folk Band of the Year' award at the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards in 2010. Steve is going to be writing about something very close to his heart and will do so, I am sure, with rousing and patriotic passion.



Hi, my name is Anneliese and I live in a village just outside of Banbury in the UK. I am a wife to long suffering Neil and a mummy to two young boys who certainly know how to keep me on my toes! 
I have been blogging since 2011 when I started the 'little' challenge of baking all 250 recipes from Mary Berry's Baking Bible. It took me a year and a half and I loved every second! After a break to have my second little boy, I now have a weekly blog for goodtoknow.co.uk recipes where I write child friendly recipes and also have my own blog www.30dayshomemade.co.uk where I currently write a daily 'diary' all about my experience of cooking every thing from scratch for 30 days. Yes, I think I am a little mad! 
I was lucky enough to meet the very excitable Ginger Warrior when I participated in a few of her energetic and super fun zumba classes, several months ago. Oh wow, such sweaty fun! 
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
Anneliese xxx

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  1. I had better get to it! Thanks Ceri. xx

  2. Haha Masterkid of Angus is a blast from the past! Wonder if its still on the go?

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