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Introduce yourself in 60 seconds!

Introduce yourself in 60 seconds!


I was thinking about you all last night and the fact that while I know many of you having either grown up with you, worked with you, went to university with you, crossed paths with you whilst living/travelling abroad e.t.c, e.t.c, there are so many of my Worldwide Warriors with whom I'm not well acquainted and I don't like that, not one bit!  

I would therefore like to issue you all with a challenge, the


All you need to do is scroll down to the comment box at the bottom of the page and for 60 seconds write the first things that come into your head about yourself.  Seriously, don't overthink it, that's the whole point, be quick and spontaneous! If you need a little longer than 60 secs no probs, no-one will ever know.  ;)

Now I realise that a 60 second snapshot barely even scratches the surface when it comes to who you and what you're all about but it's a jolly good start and I'd rather know even a little itty bit about you than nothing at all!  

And the really cool thing is that you'll be killing two birds with one stone since today is the last day to leave a comment and be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a £50 gift voucher of YOUR choice. So if you haven't already left me a comment within the last week then this is your chance, baby! And if you have already left me a comment then don't think that makes you exempt  - I want to hear all about you too!!

I really hope you can capture my vision, Warriors! There are over 1000 of us here on Planet Warrior and how wonderful and inspiring it would be to connect one with another across the globe.  Who knows? You might meet a lifelong kindred spirit.  :)

Allow Craigy Boy and I to start the ball rolling!




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  1. Hi
    My name is Maria aka Minxy (given to me by my gorgeous fella who says I’m a Minx).
    I am 46 and live in Brackley originally from Plymouth. I work as a nursery nurse and have done for 28 years. I live with my partner Mark, we have 3 children between us Amber and Dillon 17 and Alice 14. I have 2 cats Milo and Lily. I love Zumba ,Netball, cooking (well eating it) We have a farmhouse in Normandy so visit France about 4/5 times a year and Mark and I are professional Murder Weekend actors :-)

    • Hi! My name is Anne. I am 66 years young and live in Norwalk, CT, USA
      My husband name is Kelly and we have 3 children: Amy, Ryan & Lori and a Grandson, Liam.
      I love to dance, exercise, paint & draw, go boating. There’s probably more things I like to
      do, but I can’t think of them right now.

  2. My name is Maude, I’m turning 25 next month and I was born in Quebec. My native tongue is French, and I aim to become a successful translator. I love fitness, books, food – especially chocolate – and Scotland. I had the chance to live in Glasgow for about a year and loved it. I’m now in England for new adventures! I love ice hockey and I hate spiders and sticky shower curtains. Baths for the win!

  3. Hello I’m Kat – I live in Durley Hampshire with husband Nick, three gorgeous children and three cats = mad house! I’m a trainee Beauty Therapist, soon to qualify and a face painter.

    60 seconds doesn’t last long does it…

  4. Hello all!!
    Well where to begin, my name is Dave and I too live in Brackley, but not all my life.
    I was born in Hillingdon which is west of London, grew up around the big smoke and moved up here early 00’s. I have a lovely Wife Cheryl and two gorgeous kids called Charlotte and William.
    I Love photography, and anything techy based, gadgets and gizmos etc. I currently work for a design agency as a Lead web developer, and i’m in charge of creating clients websites, apps and more.
    I once sneezed in a Pyramid, I’ve been an extra on TV a few times and I own a cat, her name is Lola, (shes not a showcat).

    Take care all! :)

  5. I was born in Perthshire, Scotland. Moved to Norfolk 5 yrs ago with hubby’s job, then Northants last yr. Got 3 yr old and 2 (this Sun) yr old. Like dance/electro etc music. I’m the wrong side of 35 yrs.

  6. I’m Jo, I was born and grew up in Brackley and didn’t like it! Got myself to uni in Bristol and loved it. Life takes funny turns and ended up back in Brackley but recently moved to MK (much better!). Always into sports and played football in my younger years and now run and gym it. Still love footie and support my beloved Northampton Town FC and Arsenal.

    I too talk a lot (probably why I get on with the GW!), love my job (teacher) and have a fab husband and Son. Love food, drink and being outdoors :-)

  7. Hi fellow GW lovers!

    My name is John Deans and I’ve known Ceri aka Ginger Warrior for more years than I care to admit (since school!). I live just outside Edinburgh in the foothills of the pentlands (Penicuik) with my wife and 3 kids (the youngest just 2 weeks old!). I’m the chairman of the Tartan Army Children’s charity that aims to help disadvantaged children in Scotland and in the countries the national football team play. I’m an ambassador for the Yes campaign in the Scottish referendum and work as a senior credit risk manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland.

    Phew, my fingers hurt, think that took just under 60 seconds! :-)


  8. Hi my name is Pam and i live in brackley I just had (on Monday0 my 60th birthday but that is ok it doesnt phase me at all I have three wonderful children of whom i am very pround and the sweetest granddaughter in the world whom i love with a passion I work at silverstone circuit have been there for 12 months I love it and the people I work with all in all life is good but it would be enhanced by a lottery win

  9. Ooh this feels like writing a biography for a dating site. Here goes. My names Cheryl but as we’re all friends here, you can call me Chezabelle. I’m (cough) 40 years old and have lived in Brackley for 7 years. I grew up in not so sunny Weymouth but was born in Lancashire. I served in the Royal Navy for 11 years as an aircraft controller. I’m now a prison officer (I’m sure I should have been born male!!).
    I used to come to Zumba religiously until my dodgy old knee decided that enough was enough. So there goes my booty shaking days :-( Now i can be seen on the roads pedalling like mad to get up crazy hills. Hate sitting around not doing anything.)…unless it involves a beach, book and a cold drink in my hand :-)
    Well that’s me in a 60 second nutshell.
    What about you? I’m nosy!!

    • Oh and I am completely petrified of spiders and clowns!!!! Freaky things!!!

  10. Hi, my name is Harry.

    I live in Cottisford and am 21 years old. I know my favourite ginger haired lady through my life at Magdalen College School, as my form tutor as well as my Spanish teacher. I currently work part time in Bicester with my main focus on music. I love to drum and to gig all over the place and hope to do it as a living soon!
    I have the pleasure of being in a wonderul reltionship with Rebecca Nolte. I also have a fantastic little puppy called George, and he is the light of my life! Absolute cutie! Ceri even had the chance to meet him a few weeks back!

    Much love Ceri xxxx

  11. Hi, my
    Name is Jo and I am 38 with 3 children! I live and work in Thrapston and have just recently moved house. For the last month I have been up to my neck with decorating and now have a beautiful home ( mostly thanks to the hard work of my lovely husband). I am always on the go and never stop! Time to go back to work! which incidentally is a gorgeous children’s shoe shop called funky lil feet!
    Bye bye for now x

  12. Hi I’m Kathryn, I grew up near Brackley, my mum taught at Magdalen and sent me to gws blog! I am a student in Amsterdam doing a liberal arts and science degree (no one knows what that is so just nod and smile if you don’t!). Its super awesome but Dutch is a really difficult language to learn, involving much phlegm.
    I kayak, dance and play the flute. I also suffer from the need to talk constantly and sometimes film it and put it on the youtubes!
    Anyway that is probs about 60 seconds so there you go xx

  13. I’m Jill. Live in Arbroath. Primary school teacher working in a secondary school!! 2 kids who are my world. Hate melted cheese. Favourite animal is an elephant. Love ugg boots and one direction. Addicted to diet coke.

  14. Hello! My name is Laura Bal & I am almost 25 years old. I was born & lived in Zimbabwe for 13 years, then moved to Mozambique for 3 years & then moved all the way to England (Chipping Norton) when I was 16. I finished school there, then studied Hospitality Managent in Oxford & Stratford-upon-Avon where I met my Husband who came all the way from South Africa. We got married after a while & then moved to Brackley in 2010, we have lived here happily since then & now have our own little one year old daughter called Lianie. Think thats all for now… :)

  15. GW & I are family – I’m the welsh contingent! I live in Southampton, will be the big 5-0 next year (woo-hoo!) and have more rabbit than Sainsbury’s! I have a 25 year old daughter and 21 year old son. I love wine, sleep, and the USA!!
    Wow 60 seconds goes quick!!! And I also love GW!!! xxx

  16. Hi, I’m Kelly. I’m 31 and I live in Banbury with my partner James, my daughter Chloe (6) and Lily, our white rabbit. I love to travel and cook and make and chat and drink tea and go shopping. I am petrified of snakes and many birds. I’m a writer at work and play, but hope to one day write light hearted thought provoking novels from a comfy chair looking out over my smallholding in Devon (pending).

  17. Hi I’m Anneliese, I’m 31 and I grew up on the beautiful Isle of Wight. I met Neil 9 years ago and we moved on up to Banbury. I miss the sea terribly and wish I was currently sat on the beach, with an ice cream!

    I’m lucky enough to have two beautiful boys, Isaac 3 and Oliver 1. I am constantly tired and fraught but love being a stay at home mummy.

    I LOVE eating, baking, and blogging about food.xx

  18. Hi laurie-ann here, I am a mum off three and nannie to one they are all my world have a fantastic husband fabolus friend’s, make my money workin in asda, live in the same wee fishin town off arbroath that ceri grew up In some hate it but to me it’s home! I love all the things that are bad for ya but try my hardest to be good xx

  19. Hello there – my name is Vicki and I am an alcoholic (…sorry, wrong forum) . I live in Brackley and for those who don’t know me, I can be found on Wednesdays and Thursdays jumping around like a loon somewhere near the front of my local Zumba class run by the The Ginger Warrior. I was born and raised in Durham (no, I am not a Geordie) moved away for university and then moved to Bicester then Brackley to follow my heart (bleurgh).

    I have two old cats (officially classified as geriatric by the local vets) and work in publishing.

  20. Jenny here- born in York, moved to Bicester, now in bloxham with hubster and 10 year old son. 2 Cats are deceased, so am pet less- hubby is quite pleased about this as no more car hair sticking to everything!

  21. Hi
    I’m Rachel and I go to Northampton high school. The GW s is my AMAZING teacher and yeah…. I like animals (sorry for the cringe bit there!) erm…. I have good friends and I’m always up for a good party. The circle song that my math teacher thought me is the best song ever!!!!! Everyone needs to hear it…. No joke. Bye! <3

  22. Hi, my name is Charmaine and I was born (way too long ago) in the small Lancashire town of Nelson, after living in County Durham and Berkshire I now live in Brackley with hubby and two fab daughters. In my mind I still have the body of a 25 year old (not saying who’s) but when I do zumba I soon realise that I’m somewhat older!! But that doesn’t stop me activing like a 25 year old.

    I like a glass or two of bubbles, too much chocolate which is why zumba is needed.

    I’m self-employed as a bookkeeper. However, I do have a sense of humour!


  23. Hi, my name is Duncan and I don’t know Ceri at all. But she has a really cool blog. And my partner Sophie knows her from way back and she says she’s great :-). I was born in the Fens, a place with a large cathedral in a swamp and a lot of eels, but then I moved to Cornwall, Latin America, Canada and ended up in Spain. I claim to have studied politics and law at university but I was always much more interested in medieval history and myths and legends. I have sold sandwiches in a beach shop, worked in an aluminium factory and have been a university lecturer and also a lawyer (but I keep that one quiet). Currently I am a legal translator and fantasy fiction writer: http://www.duncangates.com/

  24. I studied with Ceri at Edinburgh University – and under trees in Lisbon’s parks. I’m from Aberdeen but now live in Valencia with my English partner Duncan. I’m a translator and in my spare time I love to read, garden, dance salsa and play table tennis.

  25. Hi I’m Gemma, (39 but my daughter thinks I’m 29!) married for 20yrs in August ahhhhhhh! originally from Hillingdon, but moved to Aylesbury to become director of a finance house, then moved to Brackley 4yrs ago this coming bank holiday and became a mummy/child minder. Ive danced since I was 5yrs old ballet, tap etc and love aerobics and my friend Cheryl suggested this new craze Zumba so I went along and have been hooked for 3yrs but also made the most fabulous group of friends xxx

  26. Hi, I am Michelle! Been living in brackley about a year and a half now! I was born in Scotland, but moved to Cheltenham when I was about 12! I am married, and have two gorgeous girls, 10, and 6! I have lived in Japan, America, and Italy! I met GW, a couple of weeks ago and she is now working my arse off in Zumba!
    I love cake decorating, ceroc, and watching my daughters dance!!

  27. Hi I’m Olly. I’m 35 (last time I checked) and I’m a web chat guru at the Royal Bank of Scotland. I’m married with 1 cat – who actually runs the household – and my main hobbies are gaming, reading and singing. I currently live in Edinburgh

    I’m english, but have lived in Scotland since I was 7. I met Ceri when I transferred to Arbroath High in 1992. We travelled the country at various points to attend Science Fiction conventions :)

    What little spare cash I can hide from my wife goes to feed my Kindle habit. I once played the piano on national television, and have appeared in a couple of performances in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I will be abseiling from the Forth Rail bridge (!) this sunday morning to raise funds for a local charity. Wish me luck!……

  28. Hi My name is Sacha and I live in Arbroath with my partner Drew and I have a daughter Daenah who is 13, a Stepson Cameron who is 11 and my youngest son Lewis who is 7. I am a qualified beauty therapist and although changed direction to do dental nursing for 18 years I am now back doing my beauty work and loving every part of it. I am studying reflexology at the moment and forever looking to expand my treatments. I live spending time with my family and friends and love the sometime bbqs. Hoping to go on holiday later in the year so must keep working hard. By for now xx

  29. Hi, I’m Bernadetta and am (cough cough) years old – too old to say (hee hee). I was born in Dundee and live just a few yards from the house I grew up in most of my life. I have two wonderful children and the best ever daughter-in law. I have five beautiful grandchildren who I love dearly. I am a secretary and have worked in the NHS for almost twenty-five years. I also love chocolate of all kinds – plain, milk, white – can’t live without the stuff. xx

  30. Hello….I’m Sandra and I think that I should win the £50 because you owe me that….and a lot more…..after all I’ve paid out…….and put up with……over the last 35years……Your Mother!!!!!xxxxx

  31. Hi, I’m Adelle aka Delly.
    I am a sociology graduate and have a bit of a love for David Attenborough documentaries. I love to attend my partners gigs and have good times whilst watching him. My biggest hobby is actually FOOD. I love to bake, cook and attend lots of different restaurants and food places. I really enjoy being outside and I am growing my own food at the moment. I am really philosophical and in my spare time I attend mindfulness sessions in Hinton. Yey, so that’s me!

  32. Hi Im Jackie turned 52 yesterday and feel fantastic, born and bred in London then Essex until ’98 then moved to good old Brackley, love it here. Met Ceri first as my daughters Spanish teacher (thought she was as mad as a box of frogs and loved her instantly)then again as my Zumba guru but alas the hot sweats got the better of me, I have 2 fabulous kids a brilliant step son, and a wonderful husband Ken who whisks me around on his bright and noisy Harley ( i apologise for the noise Brackley) am so lucky to be a lady of leisure these days and spend time walking my 2 dogs and generally helping anyone who needs me oh and lunching…….
    I too am scared of clowns and the circus is in town eeek

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