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An inspirational story of weight loss!

An inspirational story of weight loss!


Chances are, if you did, that at least one will include an improvement in your physical well-being such as becoming more active or shedding a few unwanted pounds.

Now I'm not suggesting that you should lose weight or need to lose weight but if weight loss does feature as  part of your 2015 Action Plan then here is a story that is sure to encourage and inspire.

Su Kinton literally transformed her body and this is how she did it.

It's Boxing Day and I'm in my most stretchy dress after a few too many self indulgent days. As such, part of me thinks, that right now, I'm not the best person to be chatting with you on the subject of weight loss! Then again, at least you know I'm a real person who loves sitting on the sofa and scoffing down treats as much as the next person. You can rest assured that I'm not one of those people that eats like a horse and remains super slim nor am I one of those people who can't finish a desert. In fact, I've been known to finish a desert I don't even like! It contained sugar after all...

Back to the subject of today's blog, my weight loss journey. It all started in September 2011. I had always struggled with my weight since childhood but I was an expert at pushing it to the back of my mind even though I could not get my wedding rings on or be the active mum I was desperate to be. As a result my confidence had dissolved, shopping was traumatic and I was dreading ruining my sister's wedding photos. In short, I was desperately unhappy despite trying to convince myself and those around me otherwise.


In an effort to lose weight I had tried a variety of diets in the past. With some of them I was able to lose a little bit but then I ended up putting even more back on. It had become a vicious cycle and one that I was determined to break for once and for all. 

My step-mum, Karen, had just started Weight Watchers and I dismissed the offer to join her. I mean, what could be different to all the diet clubs we'd previously attended? They all consisted of the same thing - eating plans that were hard to maintain, rooms full of people nattering for hours about their water retention/bloating/excuses for not losing anything that particular week and that was the last thing I needed. Karen insisted this one was different, that the meetings were short and helpful and that the leader, Linda, would be sure to motivate and encourage at each stage of our weight loss journey.

That first class was hard, emotionally, even though I wasn't surprised to tip the scales at 18 stone. During the meeting Linda reminded us it was 14 weeks until Christmas and so I set myself an initial target to lose a stone. 

October 2011

I had been going to Weight Watchers for almost a month by this point and I was steadily losing weight. I realised that none of the other diets I'd been on taught me about portion control. I also started to learn about making sensible choices: I could still enjoy the occasional meal out but in order to compensate I would need to have fruit for breakfast and homemade vegetable soup for lunch or make a concerted effort to get active and moving. This proved to be a far better approach since in the past I would have gone out for a hearty lunch, decided I'd 'blown it' and then go on to devour an unhealthy dinner accompanied by wine. For the first time I felt that I was in control and not the food.

December 2011

Having lost 10% of my body weight I now felt confident to tackle my next goal: getting my butt in gear and exercising! It was also at this point that my colleagues started to notice my body changing and along with my family they encouraged me every step of the way. Pre-xmas weigh in: - 2 stone lighter!

January 2012

I was happy with a 2.5lb xmas gain and got right back on track once the festivities were over. I decided that I wanted to lose 4 stone by the time my cousin Oliver's wedding came around. In anticipation of reaching my goal I bought a gorgeous size 16 dress in the sales. As I held it in my hands it seemed very small but I couldn't help but be confident that it would fit me perfectly when the time came!

I also started Zumba with Ceri in January (who knew exercise could be such a laugh!) and I even took up running.  Getting started was the most difficult part but each time I'd go one lamp post further and I gradually built up my stamina and before I knew it I was actually enjoying my runs and able to complete them without feeling I was about to die!

May 2012

It was my birthday this month and Karen and Dad bought me some skinny jeans and my little sis treated me to some cute tops. I was dubious at first but to my delight they fitted beautifully and I felt an even firmer resolve to keep on going!

June 2012

Oliver and Harriet's big day and I've done it, I've lost 5 stone! They asked me to read, something I'd have dreaded doing a year before but now I'm so touched and honoured and filled with new found confidence! At the wedding I received lots of lovely comments about my weight loss which left my beaming as widely as the bride!


August 2012

Our 9th wedding anniversary arrived and with a total of 6 stone now shed I was thrilled to be back to the weight I was on the very day we married!  

I feel completely in control of my weight, my destiny even and decide to set a final target of 9 more pounds which will take me to 11 Stone 8lbs. 

As part of our anniversary celebrations we took our daughter to see the Lion King in London and, much to my relief and delight I slipped easily into my allotted seat and didn't have to worry about encroaching on anyone else's space. When we met up with my university friends later in the day they simply could not believe the transformation and I giggled as friends from our old baby group walked straight past me! 

September 2012

My brother found a 'before' photo and even though I knew I was big I am shocked and disgusted.  This was the final motivation I needed to get to my target weight and on 11th September 2012 I did just that - 93lbs in total banished from my body and I have never felt better!!


A couple of years on and I've been able to maintain my weight more or less. I've gone down a bit on occasions and gained a few pounds on others. But I now know that I can do whatever I put my mind to because I am in control of what goes into my mouth. I know that if I want to eat more, I need to move more since there is no magic formula to losing weight other than ensuring I put out more than I take in.

It was a hard journey and there were times when I could easily have given up and curled up on the sofa in a defeated ball surrounded by empty chocolate wrappers. But I fought through those challenging times and became the person I wanted to be and knew I could be.  

And I truly do believe that if I can do it, anyone can do it.

Su Kinton, over and out.


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  1. Good on you Su! You must feel very proud to have lost the weight but even more importantly to have kept it off. This year I plan to be more active. I’m not the largest I’ve ever been but I’m not the smallest either. My plan isn’t to follow a diet as such but to make a conscious effort to do a minimum amount of exercise a day & to think about the food I’m eating & how much of it I’m eating. GW you’re an inspiration to me too with your posts about exercise & I really do miss your Zumba classes, I need to find one local to me now I’ve moved away, I’m sure it won’t be a patch on yours though.

    Congrats again Su. x

  2. Wow! What an awesome story! I am inspired!

  3. what a fantastic & inspirational story. Well done Su & with the help of WW & GW Zumba you have done it x
    These are the stories that motivate me not your ‘stars’ and their weight loss videos etc. real people that go out & do it. You have to make these life changes but only you can start the process, people can encourage & help but it has to come & continue from you!! Well Su I was going away to have a bit of Christmas Cake but I think I’ll use my time wisely & put on a pot of homemade soup x
    Here’s to a healthy 2015 ❤️

  4. Fantastic achievement Su. Enjoyed reading your story. Goes to show nothing beats eating less and moving more. Here’s to a healthy 2015

  5. Wow! Truly inspirational. Good for her!

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