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I must leave you for now my Warriors..

I must leave you for now my Warriors..

parting is such sweet sorrow

...but only for a week!

 Craigy Boy and I are taking a cheeky little trip to..


We're flying out on Valentine's Day so if we do plummet 37,000 ft into the Atlantic look on the bright side - it couldn't have happened on a more romantic day. 

But do not fret, do not fear, the show MUST and WILL go on!  

I have asked five of my fabulous friends if they would do me the honour of being my first ever GUEST BLOGGERS and they have said yes!  I am beyond excited and you should be too Warriors because you have some very interesting, entertaining and potentially probing posts coming your way. 



Monday Morning Musings, Charlotte Repetto

Charlotte, dear friend from my Uni. days, juggles a successful career in HR with raising three fabulous kiddos.  It's tough, challenging, exhausting, exhilarating and rewarding all rolled into one. How does she do it? Quite frankly I have no idea which is why I have asked her to enlighten us all.  


 I know that so many of you, mothers and fathers alike, are going to relate to this post big time!

Travel-tastic Tuesday, Katie Worlton Pulham

This particular slot is being taken by Katie Worlton Pulham, bosom friend, mother of three and PHD graduate in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford.  Basically she is one intelligent lady and she can write.  Oh boy can she write!  We will be joining Katie as she takes us on a grand Roman Adventure through colosseums and cathedrals, pizza and pasta, fountains and fetuccini.


Don't leave your passports behind!

Whatever Wednesday, Danielle Mosely Hall

There was a time when Danielle and her husband Michael were preparing themselves to accept that they may never have children of their own.  Now with Samuel and twin girls on the way they should finally be able to relax into and relish the role of parenthood. Unfortunately challenges continue to beset them but they will not be defeated. 


Prepare to be inspired and moved by Danielle and her heart-wrenching tale of their journey to fertility.

Thought-provoking Thursday, Richard Bell

My friend Richard, journalist by day, is a very clever guy. He's also rather unusual and quirky which is why I like him so much. Rich thinks a lot: he considers and contemplates, ruminates and reflects which is why he was the ideal candidate for Thought-Provoking Thursday. Rich will be exploring the issue of free will and essentially asking if it actually exists or is merely a myth.


Some deep and meaningful discussion coming your way Warriors!


Food-Filled Friday, Brooke Hinkley

Brooke "Brookie Cookie" Hinckley, sister of my buddy Beau Jones, will be joining us from snowy Colorado and sharing just one of hundreds of cookie recipes that she has trialled over the years.  I do actually know which specific recipe she has chosen but I'm not going to tell you what it is.  Trust me when I say that you are going to freakin' adore these cookies and will be desperate to make them for you and yours.


The flavour combinations sound divine but you can make up your own mind when you check in here next Friday!

Please do encourage our wonderful guest bloggers by leaving them some comments.  Nice ones of course.  :)

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


Tomorrow we continue our adventures in 


and I'll be sharing stunning images of the flora and fauna!

 Red-eyed_Tree_Frog copy

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  1. I am interested in contacting Katie Worlton-Pulham. She has a very rare maiden name. I have a Worlton family on my family tree. I would like to know if she is related. I am from the United States. My immigrant ancestor was James Timbrell Worlton, who immigrated in the 1850’s from Bath, Somerset, England. As far as I can tell, the only Worlton families in the United States descend from this man. The surname of Worlton seems not to exist in England any more. The closest surname I can find is the Whorlton surname which comes from Yorkshire and Durham counties. I would like to know if the two families—Whorlton and Worlton have common origin. My James Timbrell Worlton’s ancestry went back in Bath for about 2 generations. They appear to have connections to London. I would very much like her to contact me. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Laurel W. Huff

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hi Laurel! I will get in touch with Katie and give her your email address. Thanks for getting in touch! :)

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