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Iceland: The hot and steamy Blue Lagoon…

Iceland: The hot and steamy Blue Lagoon…


Going to Iceland without visiting the Blue Lagoon would surely be like going to Orlando and not paying homage to two friendly and slightly irritating mice. You have to do it. Well, you don't actually have to do anything, Warriors. Iceland is a free country and you're free to do whatever the heckeroonie you like on YOUR holiday. But my advice is straightforward and simple: GO TO THE BLUE LAGOON.

Our tour was part of a double deal - horse-riding in the morning (Stacy watched some whales instead) then a relaxing and carefree afternoon courtesy of the blue lagoon.  The tour, as I said in yesterday's blog, did not include admission to the lagoon. I mean, why would it? The more money you can extort from gullible tourists the better, right? I'm not actually as bitter as I sound. Honest. Because I do feel the experience was well worth the entrance fee. Speaking of admission, there are several different packages available to the discerning tourist:


Stacy Doll and I? Well, we went for the standard package, the budget option if you will and I'd counsel you to do exactly the same. Have a look at the added extras that form part of the more expensive packages. Do you really need a bathrobe and slippers?? And you can take your own towel which is exactly what we did. As for the algae mud mask, there are little troughs (the only way I can think of describing them) scattered around the edge of lagoon filled with gloopy gunk to smother on your face so there really is NO NEED to fork out more cash. Am I making myself perfectly clear on this matter? Just trying to save you some precious pennies, Warriors.

Aforementioned gloopy gunk was actually jolly good fun and Stacy and I were happy cover up the cracks in the hope of miraculously appearing a decade younger. Here we are before and after:


What do you think? Do we suddenly appear more radiant and youthful?? Probably not BUT the mineral mask did leave our skin feeling scrubbed, super soft and supple. 

To provide a welcome respite from the steamy, hot water of the milky blue lagoon there is a bar conveniently located within the lagoon itself. It's a buy now pay later scheme using the electronic bracelets you're supplied with at the entry desk and it's all very simple and effective. They scan the bracelet and you settle your bill at reception on the way out. Stacy Doll enjoyed an ice cold beer while I opted for the tongue tingling cherry slushie! Most refreshing.

Now these photos are all well and good and give you an idea of what a visit to the Blue Lagoon might entail. But do you know what is infinitely better? The video that's about to follow! I risked life and limb to bring this exclusive footage to you! Ok, so I only risked the well being of my non-waterproof camera but surely that is sufficient evidence of my commitment to bring my Warriors to the front line of the action! You could even pour yourself a nice hot bath, fill it with blue bubble bath, grab yourself a cheeky cocktail and some form of viewing device and pretend you're there with us. Or maybe you'd prefer to simply watch from the comfort of your sofa. 

So without further ado, Warriors of the World, allow me to present


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  1. good morning that looked amazing x really enjoying your blogs keep them coming

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland, love the look of the lagoon and the rejuvenating mask :)

    • The Ginger Warrior

      The mask smelled a bit funny but it seemed to do the trick. Nice smooth skin a couple of days after it brought out all the impurities. Lol!

  3. That’ll be on my excursion list too then – and that’s just from looking at the pictures!!! Will have to watch the video when I’m at home – couldn’t have the sound up at work haha!!! Was Stacey’s whale watching trip organised through Reykjavik Excursions as well? Just so I know where to start looking!! Much prefer whales to horses, sorry!! Am getting very excited now about arranging my trip! Thanks GW – another fab week of blogs! :-) LoL xxx

  4. Looks like you both had a whale of a time. The waterfall looked amazing as did the lagoon. X

  5. Oh yes the Blue Lagoon in amazing. We were only on a day trip so didn’t get to do anything else.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Well if there’s one thing to do in a day in Iceland that’s definitely one of the top spots to hit! x

  6. Aaaaah! Loved it! Thanks so much for the video, on my definite list of places to discover now ! 😉

  7. oh that looked lovely – and so cosy on a cold wet night xx

    A must do xx

  8. Ceri! This is my favorite video!!! (Aside from the ones I starred in of course!). But what’s treat! Thank you for bringing me along with you!!!! Thank you for teaching me about another wonder of the world!!! I’ve never imagined such a place but now want to go there so bad!

  9. Hi,
    I’m just wondering what camera you used to take photos whilst you were in the blue lagoon?

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hi Chelsie! I used my canon S120 powershot. I also have a DSLR – canon 600D but, to be honest, I use my powershot for pretty much everything, photos and videos. Love it! :)

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