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Are you a hoarder or a chucker outer??

Are you a hoarder or a chucker outer??


Now there’s a question I bet you didn’t think you be asked on a Friday morning or any other morning for that matter!

But it’s a question I’ve been meaning to ask you over the last couple of weeks since I, the Ginger Warrior, have been faced with the keep/dispose of dilemma in both my professional and personal life.

As you know, this summer (in 11 days time to be exact - not that I’m counting…) I leave behind the crazy, exhausting and oft times rewarding world of teaching after 10 years of moulding the minds of the future. In the course of a decade of education you tend to accumulate one almighty giant mass of paper and a couple of weeks ago, when it came time to clear out my life’s work I was, quite frankly, overwhelmed. Where to start? What to preserve? What to throw away? What if I dispose of something and then 6 months down the line regret the rashness of my judgement? I was getting nowhere fast, paralysed by indecision. 

Then Debbie, my Head of Department, (remember her? She was the worthy protagonist of THIS post back in February) asked me to lend a hand in clearing out the Modern Languages office. She was finding it nigh on impossible to get rid of a lot of stuff floating around the office and needed someone to make the hard decisions for her. Keeping my own clearing-out quandary to myself I sprung into spring cleaning action and it wasn’t long before paper and files were flying around the office and ending up firmly and resolutely in the recycling bin. And it felt wonderful! It was purifying, cleansing, cathartical even, and it gave me the impetus to apply this ruthless approach to my own pedagogical paraphernalia.

This is what I decided: if i hadn’t used it in the last year it was a goner! And oh how that decision lightened my load both literally and figuratively! It also meant that there was room left over in my car boot, room enough for me:


The “one year or it’s a goner” approach was, in my opinion, a resounding success and was at the forefront of my mind when, last week, I moved in with Craigy Boy. (Well, we have been together for almost five years, it was about time really.) Space is an issue, as I explained in THIS post on Monday, and as such I had to be very realistic about what was coming with me and what would soon be making its way to the local charity shop. It wasn’t long before I had amassed a rather large pile of “haven’t been used in a year” items and once again it felt oh so good! 


The only category to escape the clearing-out cull were my shoes. I managed to whittle them down not so very long ago from over 80 pairs to just under 70, a most respectable amount, don't you think? Craigy Boy didn’t think so as he loaded three suitcases full of them into his car with disdain and resignation.


So my question to you today, my delicious Warrior of the World is this:


What kind of things do you tend to hoard? 

When does it get to the point where you feel enough is enough and Operation Disposal is set in motion?

Have you ever thrown something away that you wish you hadn't?




Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. I’m definitely a chucker!! If I can’t find an empty coat hanger to hang a piece of clothing up, I find another item of clothing I haven’t work in a while and bin it!! Just so I can claim that hanger haha

  2. I am a chucker outer!!! My moto is if in doubt chuck it out If something hasn’t been used or worn for 2 years get rid.Having said that I just got rid of my ironing board which was a wedding pressie 48 years ago BUT it was used every other day.My other half is a hoarder so I do his chucking out unknown to him,and he never knows,I don’t think he! he!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I think about 48 years it was due its retirement. Lol! But yes, if in doubt, chuck it out is a great motto to live by! xx

  3. I don’t consider myself a hoarder I’m more of a collector – ha,ha and I don’t throw things out! However I need to become a chucker. I was a primary teacher and when I retired I brought all my themes & books that I had bought home, thinking I could have a garage sale and get rid of it. I invited all primary teachers in my school board to come only to have about 4 show up and not much sold. I donated 18 boxes of books to the children’s ward of the local hospital and all the rest is still in the garage. I moved into my new house in 2002 and I still have many boxes that I haven’t unpacked. The one year rule will work on them when I get “a round tuit”! Like you I’m afraid that as soon as I get rid of something I’ll need it. So I’m about to become a chucker. Wish me luck!

  4. I am afraid I am a hoarder and totally empathise with your predicament. After leaving full time teaching, twelve years ago (I too managed ten years before moving on to pastures new and exciting) I have held onto too much stuff but having said that as I have been supply teaching there have been times when some of it has been very useful to dip into. Then again….a good sort out/throw out is extremely cathartic. I can feel another feng shui session coming on! Think I might need to order a skip!

  5. A definite hoarder here so very bad not with everything clothes mainly. Just can’t throw anything out and I definitely need the help of someone else to be brutal Lucy

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Oh I’ll help you be brutal, Lucy! Just give me a shout next time you’re having a massive clear out! :) xxx

  6. I have hoarding tendencies but luckily my common sense (usually) prevails!

  7. Hen = chucker outer, Em = hoarder. A recipe for marital bliss? What do you think GW?x

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