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Happy Birthday to someone very special

Happy Birthday to someone very special


Today, Warriors, I'm taking a break from my American Adventures to introduce you to someone very, very important. There are many reasons why Miss Beth Ann Greig is a person of great importance and significance to me but here are the current top 3:

1) she's my cousin

2) as you can see she turns 14 today

3) you're going to be seeing a lot more of this gorgeous gal in the future! (I'll explain in greater detail further on)

You may or may not be able to tell from the photo that Beth has Down Syndrome. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday, August 6th, 2000. I was nannying in the South of France, anxiously awaiting the news of her arrival. She was, after all, to be the first baby born amongst us five cousins - me, my brother Barry and my cousins Linsey, Karen and Garry. It was Karen who was ready to pop with her first sproglet and the whole family was on tenterhooks.

It was a Sunday and I had just gotten out of the pool when the phone rang. I ran at breakneck speed towards the sound of the phone, slipping and sliding on the tile flooring, leaving chlorinated puddles in my wake. I would deal with those later. I grabbed the receiver and was greeted on the other end by my Auntie Joyce. She was crying. I can't explain why but even before she uttered another word  I knew exactly what she was about to tell me: "We have a very special baby", she said through her tears. I wasn't shocked. I wasn't sad and once again, I cannot explain why but I wasn't even surprised. I know that I was merely a cousin, a family member on the peripheral and that the news I had just received would have been a terrible blow to Karen and Ian but I just had such a strong feeling that everything would be alright and that this little bundle would be able to hold her very own and then some.

And the intervening years have proved me right. Beth Ann Greig is a veritable force of nature who loves all and is loved by all. She is the ultimate social butterfly and could charm the very birds out of the trees - believe me, I've seen her do it time and time again. She is also:


In a nutshell she is


Oh!  And did I mention she's smart? Smart and creative and a budding blogger??  She told me that herself which got me thinking that she would make an excellent guest blogger here on Planet Warrior. So I asked her and she has accepted so....IT'S OFFICIAL! Miss Beth Ann Greig, social butterfly extraordinaire will be having her own monthly blog slot where she will regale us all with tales of her adventures! According to Dad, Ian, writing is already underway so expect to get up close and personal with Beth in the very near future. I just know that you will all love her as much as we do.

Happy 14th birthday Beth from me, Auntie Ceri and all of our Warriors of the World.

Ginger Warrior, over and out.


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  1. Beth seema an amazing young woman and remind me of someone I know, wonder who that could be? Happy birthday Beth.

  2. OMG this post made me well up!

    Happy 14th Birthday Beth! Can’t wait to read more about you xxx

  3. What a nice message for us to wake up to! Thanks Ceri. I am sure the budding blogger will be in touch soon. Ian x

  4. Happy Birthday to Beth and lookforward to hearing from her soon.

  5. Happy birthday beth, love from ty. See you next week when I start high school!! Xx

  6. Happy Birthday Beth…. 1⃣4⃣…See you soon….I’m looking out my costume for that swim at Duchally…….

  7. Happy Birthday Beth, hope you have a fabulous day for a fabulous young lady!!

  8. Dearest Beth, happy 14th birthday. Us Warriors are very much looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Have a fab day. x x

  9. What can I say! Nothing the GW hasn’t except I am delighted to know Beth and so enjoy her coming along to our girls club, just wouldn’t be the same without her!
    Happy 14th Birthday to a very special girl! Love Jane (aka Mrs Stewart)! X

  10. Happy birthday Beth
    Have a great time celebrating with all the family xxx

  11. Woooohooooooooooo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging Beth! Looking forward to reading the first post!

  12. Happy Birthday, Beth!!! Hope you have a great day!!

  13. Happy birthday Beth from Leonna, she misses having fun with you at horse riding ! Xxxx

  14. Happy happy birthday oor Beth. We are heading off shortly to see you on your special day …. not so sure about the swim bit though!!! xx

  15. Happy Birthday Beth, we hope you have an amazingly lovely day x

  16. Happy birthday Beth. Have a fun day xx

  17. This truly amazing young lady has touched the hearts of so many people in her 14 years and made their lives that little bit better. I know you will have a great day with your family Beth, enjoy it lass you deserve it x

  18. Happy birthday Beth, enjoy your day!

  19. Happy birthday Beth! Looking forward to your blogs x

  20. Lovely words, from lovely person – thanks Ceri xx

  21. What a star and your auntie was right, clearly a very special girl. I am sure she is a credit to her parents and indeed her wider family and that like every young child enriches everyone’s lives infinitely. Looking forward to hearing her tales. :)

  22. Happy Birthday Beth! And what great news of a budding blogger :-) already looking forward to reading all about the world of Beth Greig!

    Rynan x

  23. A very happy birthday Beth! xxx

  24. Happy Birthday Beth!! Have the best day xx

  25. Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you have a wonderful day. Looking forward to your guest Bloggs. X

  26. Happy Birthday Beth! Cannot wait to read your blog! If you are anything like Ceri, I love you already!

  27. Happy birthday Beth x you are amazing x and your mums not bad either x ha ha x looking forward to your blog x

  28. Happy birthday Beth hope you’ve had a great day xx

  29. Aw, well done Ceri. Huge happy birthday to Beth – can’t wait to read your exciting blogs :-) xx

  30. Happy birthday Beth. Hope you have a fab day. You sound a terrific young lady. Looking forward to hearing from you on your monthly guest spot. xx

  31. Happy Birthday Beth! Hope you’ve enjoyed your special day! <3 seeing all your photos on Facebook and look forwarding to reading your blogs….I have a feeling you are going to outshine big cuz Ceri with your blogs! 😀 xx

  32. What lovely lovely words. Happy Birthday to Beth.

  33. Two peas in a pod! Happy birthday Beth. Can’t wait to read your blog.

  34. Brought a tear to my eye GW! A truly wonderful person, Happy Birthday Beth!! xx

  35. Happy Birthday Beth! Looking forward to reading all your blogs!!
    Have a great day :-)
    Love Suzanne xxx

  36. Wow 14 already, where has the time gone! A belated happy birthday! Looking forward your blogs Beth! Xx

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