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Happy Birthday, Craigy Boy!!

Happy Birthday, Craigy Boy!!


Look who's celebrating his 22 x 2 +1 birthday today...


To celebrate his special day we went to Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park on Sunday and that will be the subject of Thursday's blog post so make sure to tune in! But for now let's focus on the main event that IS this handsome (old) man of mine!

Craigy has been featured in many of my blog posts and videos, willingly for the most part, but I thought you might like to know a little bit more about this quiet and unassuming man who puts up with so darn much!

1) Craigy joined the army at the aged of 17 as part of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) and was in active service for 28 years.  He adored his time in the army and visited many far flung locations including Bosnia, Germany, Kenya and Belize.



2) He's a huge Moto GP fan and recently bought a Triumph motorbike. The smile says it all!


3) Craigy absolutely loves his job as a helicopter engineer and I know from speaking to his work mates that a) he's very good at it and b) everyone loves him at work. And I know I'm biased, but why wouldn't they?  ;)


4) As you probably know he's a huge fan of doggies but loves nothing more than his Sapphie Whippet. And she loves her Daddy right back.





Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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  1. Happy happy birthday…

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Have a great day :)

  3. Happy birthday ole Craigy bOy!!


  5. Happy Birthday to You :)

  6. Thank you hunny. Didn’t quite do 28 years in the Army. That would make me about 56. I know I look 56 but I’m not quite there yet :-) xxx

  7. Happy birthday Craig, hope you have a supersonic day!!! Oh and I would love a slice of cake xx

  8. Happy Birthday Craig! Hope you have a fab day and get spoilt rotten!
    LoL xxx

  9. Happy birthday, have fun x

  10. Happy birthday to one of nicest people I know have a lovely day

  11. Happy 56th Birthday Craigy :-)

  12. Have the happiest birthday ever! Loved meeting you!

  13. Happy Birthday. Can’t believe it’s 45 years. 45 years of some very happy memories, some not so good (won’t go there) but always lots of love. As any Mum will tell you “it’s in the job description” xxxxxx

  14. Happy Birthday pal – have nice evening.

  15. Happy birthday Craig!!!! Hope you have had a fab day, and will have a fab evening :)

  16. Happy happy birthday Craigy Boy!!

  17. Happy Birthday Craig! You have a great lady!

  18. Congrats on another successful trip around the sun! Wishing you all the best, Love the Websters

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