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Happy 1st birthday, Warriors!!

Happy 1st birthday, Warriors!!


Well would you Adam and Eve it?? This very day last year I posted my first ever blog and Planet Warrior was born! In that time I've been a regular blogger and then a more infrequent blogger (lazy GW) but one thing has remained constant - my love and appreciation of you, my Warriors of the World! I am so grateful for your support and encouragement and the lovely comments you have left on my blog and on my Facebook page. The highlight of all this blogging malarky is, for sure, the new friendships that have been forged along the way and there have been lots of them. I may have met you whilst travelling, at a blogging conference or you may have simply come into my life via my Facebook page. Whoever you are, wherever you are, consider yourself a Warrior and my friend.

And since we're all friends I think it's time to tell you a little bit about the new project I have been working on.

We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations when growing up, right? Well for the longest time I have dreamed of being a television presenter. And it has nothing to do with fame and fortune but everything to do with a job that a) I think I would absolutely love and b) I feel is tailor made to my rather erm.. extroverted personality! I've dabbled in the past - I spent a summer working for the Paramount Comedy channel in London and went on a presenting course a few years back - but the timing never seemed quite right. I didn't allow myself to become disheartened because I truly do believe there is a season for everything and all that you do in life on the way to pursuing your dream is a stepping stone towards your ultimate goal. In short, my feeling is that no experience, positive or negative is ever wasted but becomes an integral part of the rich tapestry that is your life and helps you to become the person that you need to and are meant to be. 

During my travels in America this summer I had a wonderful and long overdue reunion with a dear friend. Tegan and I met almost 20 years ago and have remained firm friends despite being separated by the vast Atlantic Ocean. He left the UK in the late 90's to pursue his acting career and then went on to establish his own successful film and television production company, Prospect House Entertainment, based in Glendale, California. Our reunion took place in San Francisco and it was during that time that Tegan made a proposal. Not the kind that takes place on bended knee but rather a proposal that we collaborate together to make our very own show. And that, my dear Warriors, is what we are working on now, a reality style travel show featuring yours truly, The Ginger Warrior, as I make my way around the US of A, meeting and hopefully charming the locals whilst getting involved in a whole host of fun and zany activities! Does it sound like something you would watch?? I'm due to fly out to the US in March during which time we'll shoot the pilot episode.

Now here's the thing: any man and his cat or dog can shoot a pilot TV show. For the pilot to be commissioned into a series it needs to be picked up by a TV network and that is exactly what we are hoping will happen. There are no promises of success, no guarantees but you can bet your bottom dollar that we'll give it our Warrior all and then some. 

Life is short, we hear it said time and time again but do we really takes those words to heart and seize every single opportunity that comes our way, even if success is not guaranteed? When my time upon this earth comes to a close, whenever that may be, I want to be known as someone who truly lived her life with passion, urgency and a dogged determination to achieve my dreams. And I know you'll be with me every step of the way, come what may.

I'll keep you posted as things progress but in the meantime if you click right HERE you can get a sneak peak of things to come! And do let me know what you think by leaving a quick comment on this here blog. I'd really love to hear your thoughts and feedback.  

Ginger Warrior, over and out.

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    • The Ginger Warrior

      Oh I think it could be a long while before I was at that stage. Lol! But thank you for the vote of confidence, Helen. xxx

  1. Firstly, happy blog birthday! And secondly, I would watch this crap out of your travel show!! I wish you lots of success and love for your project! xxx

  2. OMG just that short snippet was bloody brilliant!
    You would be a perfect presenter, why?
    Well first off you are easy on the eye :-)
    second you would ask questions people wold be afraid to ask!
    GW you have the gift of the gab! remember to let people you interview get a word in edge ways lol.
    Good luck with this new venture and hope it is a massive success.
    Oh Happy 1st Birthday 😉

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Easy on the eye… Lol!!!!
      Thanks for all of that Minxy, if ever I have moments of self-doubt I’ll look back on this. Thank you. xxxx

  3. Go gw! Giggling at your intro on the clip. Has America been warned?!
    Love your biggest fan x

  4. OMG! I’m so excited! I would definitely watch your TV show. I love your blog , I love reading your adventures, reviews, recipes, battles, experiences etc. etc. I’ve tried out a few recipes, I now have a crazy love for Mia Tui, I’ve been encourage to travel & explore more of this beautiful world and its all thanks to your blog.

    I love reading about all the different experiences you’ve had & to feel I’m apart of your adventures through your blog & your videos. Please let us know when the TV will be available for us to watch & how we go about supporting you in making the show a success.

    We may not have always seen eye to eye but I’m a proud warrior & absolutely love The GW & everything about you & your blog. Long may your blog continue! Happy 1st Blogiversary!

  5. Will def be looking out for ur new venture ,love hearing about all ur antics x

  6. Way to go Ceri! I hope to see more of you here in the good ole USA! Best wishes for a wonderful new career! Will Craigy Boy be joining you here? WOW!! Love you!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      If it all took off then of course, where I go Craigy Boy goes too. Wouldn’t be without him. Love you, Paula. xox

  7. That’s a great promo clip!! You’ll bring more excitement and enthusiasm to the screen than most travel shows! I’ll definitely watch if I can find it when it airs! Happy anniversary! :)

  8. Loved the clip, made me smile

  9. “Happy blog Anniversary” I love your blogs you always make them so exciting,recipes adventures,holidays with Craigie boy etc etc. You’ll make a perfect presenter, enthusiastic positive and funny. I would definitely watch your travel show. All the very best Ceri on your new venture. Xx

  10. Absolutely fantastic! Wishing you all the luck in the world! Go get ’em GW! Happy 1st birthday! :-D<3 xxx

  11. Happy Birthday Ginger Warrior

  12. Happy 1st birthday / anniversary. Do we have a new Michael Palin in the making? Have fun and I will look out for the series as I have great faith in you x

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