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The Great Arbroath DOOK!

The Great Arbroath DOOK!

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Everyone has their own way of seeing in the New Year.

In Spain they eat 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight.

Ecuadorians prefer to burn a scarecrow believing that it cleanses all the negativity of the previous year.

South Africans chuck old furniture out of the window.

And in Brazil they offer white flowers to the Goddess of the Living Ocean in the hope that she will bring them energy and strength for the new year ahead.

Here in Arbroath the inhabitants prefer to get completely and utterly trollied (click if you're unsure of definition) on New Year's Eve and then, the following day, head down to the harbour and jump into the icy North Sea of their own volition. That, Warriors of the World, is know as the great Arbroath DOOK.  

In all the years I lived in Arbroath I had yet to witness the dook for myself. You know what it's like: you live in Orlando and have never been to Disney, reside in Paris and have yet to step foot on the Eiffel Tower  e.t.c, e.t.c,... But this year, I felt compelled and insisted that Craigy Boy feel similarly compelled. So we donned our warmest, snuggliest hats and headed down to the blustery seashore. 

dook5 dook6

And how the wind roared and the waves crashed! So much so that the event had to be delayed half an hour in order for the sea to calm somewhat and for the tide to lower. Thirty minutes extra in the buffeting wind meant that the tea, coffee and hot chocolate team were a heart and hand warming godsend!


And then it was time for the main event. And THIS, Warriors of the World, is the main event!

What brave, valiant and slightly deranged souls you all are and what a wonderful cause to be raising for!


And a special and deserving mention to the boys of the RNLI who were on hand for any dook related disasters!


And finally, if Where's Wally is to believed, and it really wasn't all that cold in the icy North Sea (I remain skeptical) then maybe Craigy Boy and I will take a cheeky little dip next year. Craigy?



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  1. Disappointed you didn’t do the dook! Next year? X

  2. How fun!!! Looks freezing though! Love Craig’s straight up response!!! I don’t have any new year traditions but I did buy a new car today with Peter at CarMax. It was nostalgic as it’s where we met!! Happy new year ginger warrior!!

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