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Ginger Warrior energy bar!

Ginger Warrior energy bar!



Hello, I'm Charlie Mace and I am so excited to be doing my first guest post for The Ginger Warrior on Food-Filled Friday!!


I have known the GW for some time now and it just so happened that we both entered the crazy world of blogging around the same time this year.  A collaboration was inevitable!

I write a Clean Eating Recipe Blog after being hugely inspired by Tosca Renos Eat Clean Diet. It's a lifestyle I use to stay fit and healthy and can be summed up as eating natural, unprocessed whole foods.

When thinking about this guest post I knew I wanted to create something that had Ginger Warrior written all over it. It had to be quick to make, (this woman never stops) energy packed, (she is the Zumba Queen after all) and it needed to have a fiery kick (need I say more?). So what would be better than...

Ginger, Apricot and Almond No Bake Energy Bars

a.k.a Clean Eating Ginger Warrior Bars!

They are gluten free, sugar free, vegan and paleo friendly and DEEELICIOUS!  And what's more, they only contain 4 ingredients and couldn't be quicker or easier to make. 

Clean Eating Ginger Warrior Bars

Yield: approx 5 bars 


75g almonds
40g dried apricots
4 medjool dates (stones removed)
1/2 tsp ground ginger


1. Place the almonds into a food processor and blitz until thy resemble fine breadcrumbs.
2. Pour the ground almonds into a bowl and set aside.
3. Add the apricots and medjool dates to the food processor and mix until mostly broken up.
4. Add the ground almonds and ground ginger into the food processor and whizz the whole mixture up until thoroughly combined.
5. Scoop the mixture into a glass dish or lunch box and press it down firmly (really firmly) with the back of a spoon. (I like mine to be about 1.5 cm thick)
6. Refrigerate for a couple or hours or overnight.
7. Once refrigerated you can take the mixture out and cut it up into bars.
8. Wrap each bar up individually with some food wrap and store in the fridge until needed.  (They are great for lunch boxes!)
And thats it! You will have made your very own Clean Eating Ginger Warrior Bars!! I hope you love this recipe as much as I do. Thank you so much for having me, I hope to be back soon with some more Clean Eating recipes on another Food-Filled Friday. Until then you can find more Clean Eating Recipes at The Kitchen Shed.

Keep it Clean Warriors!

Charlie, over and out.

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  1. ooohhhhh……these sound delicious! Going to make them tonight! Thank you!

  2. I shall definitely be making these. I made Charlie’s other energy bars and they were amazing.

  3. Turned out even better than I thought they would. Rolled them into little balls, and think they are good enough to give as a pressie.

  4. I made these to take to work on Monday. I love nakd bars and these will hopefully be just as delicious at 11am!

  5. I just made these but added cinnamon and lime, and dried cranberries instead of apricots! Can’t wait to try them!!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      That sounds so good!! How were they?? Apologies for delay in replying. In the States on holiday right now! :)

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