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It’s our Easter giveaway!

It’s our Easter giveaway!


Ooooh, isn't it EGGciting!  I'm feeling EGGhilarated! Don't you think that today is EGGtra special??

And it is a special day because it marks the very first of our many FREE and marvellous giveaways!!

"What's a 'giveaway', oh wise Ginger Warrior?"  I hear you say.  So glad you asked. It basically means that I am going to give you something for FREEEE!  Yes siree - no filthy lucre will be exchanged, not round these here parts!

In order to know what is up for grabs (the picture doesn't give it away in the slightest, honest) and how you can grab it then simply watch the video which is a little bit further down on the page. It's a short one - we're busy people in this modern age and we need to keep things short and snappy yet informational and entertaining.  I do try and tick all the boxes for you my dear Warriors. 

One thing to note: this particular giveaway is to take place on Facebook but if you're not on Facebook DO NOT FEAR! As soon as we hit 1000 blog subscribers (and we're so very close!) I will be launching another giveaway EXCLUSIVELY for blog subscribers.  I don't want anyone missing out!

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW!  The video will tell you what you can win, what you have to do and when I will be announcing the winners.  

May the best wo(men) win!


Ginger Warrior, over and out.

IMPORTANT: once you've watched the video and are ready to share it go to either of my facebook pages and share it from either one. This is the only way I can track your "share" and can thus enter you for the giveaway! This will make perfect sense once you've watched the video.  Lol!



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  1. Sorry, I don’t have Facebook but I will take part in the other giveaway! I can’t wait :)

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