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Diet pills. Have you? Would you?

Diet pills. Have you? Would you?


What lengths would you go to in order to shed a few or many unwanted pounds? Crash diet? Juice detox? Sew your mouth shut?

How's about diet pills. Have you?  Would you?

I sometimes wonder if Facebook isn't hacking into the web camera on my laptop and checking out me and my could-be significantly-slimmer-body since the vast majority of sponsored ads that show up in my newsfeed are concerned with weight loss. Like this one for example:



Or this one:


A pill that burns fat, stops hunger AND cuts the kilos??  

Well knock me down with a massive bar of toblerone - it sounds just too good to be true!  And it probably is. Or maybe it isn't.

Millions are spent on slimming pills and diet aids each year which begs the question: do they actually work? Scrub that. The inordinate amount of money shelled out on these products and the high and hopeful expectations of desperate dieters demands that we ask several questions:

1) Do they work?

2) How do they work?

3) And most important of all: are they safe?

1) Do they work?

The manufacturers of the pills would have us believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread (step away from the bread!) and will erase weight with very little effort on our part. With my investigative head firmly screwed on I took a closer look at one product which has garnered a great deal of international attention: Raspberry Ketone, a supposed fat burner in a bottle:


(I think I'd rather eat the plump, juicy raspberries myself!)  Now, now, Ginger Warrior, keep an open mind because according to many of the people who have thrown caution to the wind and tried it out for themselves it really does work:




Others were less than convinced by its alleged pound-zapping powers:





It would appear to work for some and fall flat on its not so fat-melting face for others. Hardly surprising given that physiology and psychology vary wildly from one individual to the next. I remain skeptical and wondering if the only thing these pills would lighten is my wallet.

2) How do they work?

It very much depends on the product but some pills contains chemicals that act as stimulants and appetite suppressants and increase the amount of calories you burn by accelerating your metabolism.


On the flip side (ah yes, there's always a flip side) these very same chemicals can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and an irregular heart beat which, in turn, could cause a heart attack, stroke and worse case scenario, your untimely departure off this mortal coil. (Maybe I should have saved this bit for the safety section below? Meh...)


My advice, being the drug and diet expert that I am, is to thoroughly research any product you're intent on ingesting and having a quick word with your GP wouldn't do any harm. As for me, my skeptometer remains on high alert.

3) Are they safe?

They scary thing about slimming pills and weight loss supplements that you can buy over the counter is that they are not subject to the same rigorous testing, checks and regulations as prescription medications. More often than not they haven't even undergone human trials. Our raspberry flavoured miracle pills, for example, proved highly effective indeed...  






Yup, the pudgy little rodents lost some body fat which obviously means that the pills will have the same effect on us humans since our physiology is so similar.  Practically identical so it is.



I know desperate dieting times call for desperate dieting measure but is it really worth risking your health? It's better to be bustin' out over your jeans and breathing than six feet under with the body of your dreams. No-one to admire you down there.  Apart from a bunch of slim and highly p***ed off rats.

A wary and weighty Ginger Warrior, over and out.



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  1. Morning, friend of mins tried these and was really I’ll using them.

    I have to say I read your blog as I’m logging in at work and whatever the subject, it always makes me giggle and smile so much so that the guy who sits next to me reads it too!! X

  2. Even in my darkest days of excess gym workouts and watching what I ate (not enough) I never touched diet pills. I never trust these types of things, the ingredients and the hidden effects on your body. My OH took protein shakes, etc then, and still does, but I don’t even truly trust those.Now I exercise moderately (wish had time to do more) and sensibly watch what I eat and it works slowly but surely.

  3. I can honestly say that I would never try diet pills. After struggling with my weight for years I tried every diet club under the sun with varying success rates. But I have to say the thought of putting unknown chemicals in my body for weight loss does not have much of an appeal to me.

    It was only when I got a personal trainer and learnt about proper diet and an effective exercise regime that I have lost the weight. But I have maintained it as well which is something I have always struggled with before on weight loss plans. So a definite no on the diet pills :-)

  4. Keep your skeptometer on high alert! I so far, have been lucky enough not to need anything like this but know someone who in her desperation has tried many different types of pills – all of which have been very successful in emptying her purse but not at all successful in shedding even a single pound :( She has spent an awful lot of money on seemingly something that only causes her to spend a lot of time on the loo!!! She was also caught in a scam too on one of these websites. I also can’t help but wonder what they do to your system? I’m just going to continue praying that my luck holds out.
    BTW, you are perfect just as you are GW 😉 xxx

  5. Hey Ceri,

    Trying to loose weight myself I have found that diet pills look very temping. However I have opted for the work hard and be healthy approach. I have a friend who has used diet tablets and I think they are great for a quick fix but they don’t help in the long term. As soon as my friend reaches her goal weight the weight creeps back on and she find herself back on the pills. At the end of the day each to their own, but completely agree with you is it worth risking your health? BTW loving your blog especially the recipes they aren’t helping the diet lol.

    Rachel xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      That’s what I’ve heard, Rach, that they are effective shot-term but who know what the long-term affects may be? Glad you like our little blog. xxxx

  6. Oh yes I am a sucker for a new diet pill or fad! I tried the Raspberry Keytone and nothing! Got the cheaper diet pills from Tesco such as Adios and this actually did do something. It speeds up your metabolism and so was effective but only short term.

    As I get older I realise that I am just the market departments dream and all that comes out of this, is that they get my money. As mentioned they are unregulated so if you are buying from abroad you have no idea what is in them.

    My advice now is, it takes hard work and a proper diet to lose weight. So if you don’t want the weight don’t eat the cake! However a treat now and then is necessary……….!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      If you don’t want the weight, don’t eat the cake is probably the best advice to follow. But why is it so darn hard!!!! Lol! Thanks for this, Jo. xxxx

  7. Hi Ceri,
    I am one of these unfortunate overweight people and have tried various diets which last for a wee while until I cannot stand them any more. The reason we are overweight is because of the amount and type of food we put in our gobs. It is not caused by ” the pills we take” or any other excuse, it is because we put too much food into our gob. The only true way to lose weight is to be honest with yourself and put less food into your mouth. Then you will lose weight. When to start is our problem !!!!!!!!!!!! Where’s that salted Fudge !!!!!!!!!!!

    Dale xx

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Too true, Dale! Craig is always saying to me “just don’t put it in your mouth”. I love that man but what a ridiculous thing to say!! If it were that easy then 64% of UK adults wouldn’t be classed as overweight. Easily said, not so easy to do!

  8. As a personal trainer I’m going to make it plain and simple diet pills will not work unless you are following a stict eating and training regime ,the majority are caffeine based which will give you an amazing buzz for a few hours but also will probably cause a crash and make you feel tired,and yes I’ve tried them but not for fat loss more for extra energy and the best I’ve found without a major crash are Jodie marsh (JST)

  9. Be wary of those ads on Facebook. The one supposedly by Rachael Ray is not endorsed by her. Her name isn’t even spelled right. Dr. Oz says at the end of every show that he doesn’t endorse those ads we see his picture in. In my younger years I tried a couple of so called miracle pills. They don’t work. I’ve tried a bunch of different diets which work for a while then I gain weight back. So far the best meal plan came from a dietician who said have 4 ounces of protein, a small amount of carbs, and lots of fresh veg. and a fruit between each meal. Stick with fresh and frozen foods. Keep away from anything in a box. I divide my plate into sections. 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs, and half fresh/frozen veg (the more green the better). Sadly no desserts except occasionally. So far it’s working for me.

  10. Hey Ceri,
    I was sucked in by this about four years ago when the ‘wonder’ pill was acai berry. The companies put ads up but make them up to look like journalist coverage for a (fake) news channel – usually American – claiming they are amazing, and taking people’s ‘before and after’ photos from diets (that can be found & copied on google) and passing them off as the results of their own wonder product. The fake news report gives it ‘authenticity’ – people are more convinced by it and buy it. This is usually on a ‘trial’ subscription (see below.)
    I took them for about 2 days and couldn’t take them anymore. The ones I took gave me the same results as ODing on many many espressoes. I was shakey and ‘buzzing’ but not in a good way. I was starving but the act of trying to chew on a full mouth of food was awful and, in the end, I felt so rough I had to go home and wait for them to leave my system.
    However, the really scarey thing about these companies is that you have to pay for them with your credit card, and remember, once a company has you credit card digits (ie you gave them permission to charge you for a product) there is nothing stopping them from charging you anything they want. At the time, after my negative reaction, I did more research and there were many stories online of the company I used continuing to send customers monthly supplies long after you had informed them you did not want anymore. I read accounts at the time from people who had found hundreds of £s worth charged to their card over subsequent months and they just couldn’t stop the payments. On reading this I contacted the company – which was very hard to get hold of – and told them I was cancelling. Then, simply because I am devious, I cancelled my credit card so there was no way for them to rip me off. I win! *air punch.
    So, the moral to my little (or long) ditty is…do not get sucked in to suck your tummy in. You are better off putting that money in to an exercise class’s monthly charges, or paying a weight loss club that is reputable. There are no short cuts (that don’t require you to live with side effects.) Eat less. Move more. Pay less.

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Ah yes, I’d heard lots about the wonder berry and read lots of very mixed reviews. But you’re right, there really are no short cut. Eat less, exercise more. And I love the air punch. Lol! xxxx

  11. Personally, i wouldn’t even consider the pills because i think that they are an easy way out. I believe that if you work hard to lose weight and then you will be more likely to keep the weight off. Using the pill is a bit like a safety net. Also, from all the information up there, taking diet pills is a bit risky.

  12. My mom has tried them all. She is tiny but with BDD. I’ve tried a couple nothing worked. I am on day seven of low carb and have lost 5 lbs. even with out working out ( stupid car crash ).

    • The Ginger Warrior

      I find that cutting down on carbs totally works. I just need to get back on it! Hope you’re on the road to recovery, Jess.

  13. Hi Ceri, No, No, No. Step away from the pills now. Remember the sainted Miranda Hart. Eat less, move around more.

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