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Did you Dare to Bare?

Did you Dare to Bare?

I almost missed the point yesterday.

As images of brave, bare-faced women from all walks of life began to bombard the internet yesterday I found myself resistant to respond to the almost dozen nominations I received. Not because I don't wholeheartedly support the battle against Cancer (I, like you, know too many wonderful people affected either directly or indirectly) but because I simply could not understand how posting a no-make up selfie benefited cancer sufferers past, present and future. As the day progressed, however, more and more plucky participants, as well as uploading themselves au naturel, included screen shots of their cancer donations.  The campaign, supposedly started by online beauty retailer, escentual.com, was working and working well: awareness was being raised and donations were flooding in.  The trend has also had it's fair share of critics:

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Hannah, whilst she is entitled to her opinion, is missing the point in the same way that I almost did. Does it really matter the way in which awareness is raised? I can't imagine Cancer Research UK is complaining. Nor are the thousands of cancer sufferers (men, women and children) around the country. I'd wager that they are just so unbelievably grateful that money is once again pouring in since for them, it could mean the very difference between life and death.

And that is why I am going to ignore my initial feelings of annoyance and join in the bare-faced trend along with so many of you and the beautiful ladies in my family. I am doing this for Grainne, my friend who  suddenly and tragically passed away in December from Metastatic Carcinoma, for Sue Black, one of my beloved Zumba ladies, who battled breast cancer and emerged triumphant and finally, for a very special someone, recently diagnosed who shall remain nameless.  You know who you are and I love you.

A bare-faced Ginger Warrior, over and out.









P.S.  Did you Dare to Bare? What do you think of the campaign? If you haven't done so already, and feel inclined, you are welcome to post your no make-up selfie right here! Tell me who you're doing it for if you like.  :) xxxx 

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  1. Thanks GW, I’m posting this for a school friend’s sister who passed away last year. It came as a shock as I remember her as a bubbly teenager, and she was younger than me. It suddenly became very real.

  2. I’m afraid that I am one of those people that disagree with all these online campaigns. When you just put up a status on Facebook saying ran out of toilet paper or something or a colour. Is it really promoting awareness? OK I do agree that going bare does do a bit more but instead why don’t you all do some fund raising. I have run half marathons, 10Ks etc. and my husband has done the 3 Peak Challenge and we have both raised hundreds of pounds for Cancer charities as this is a disease that has affected many, many people close to us. I do find it a little insulting that people think a change in a Facebook status is enough.

    However this is not meant as a dig to anyone it is just how I feel!

  3. I think it’s a fun way of raising extra money for a worthy cause and why not? I have the utmost respect for anyone out there who is willing and able (not everyone is fit enough for a start) to run marathons or even walk them. It’s not just about changing your status as everyone donates £3.00 for privillage. Personally I think if there were more campaigns like this, a lot more money for charity would be raised.

  4. It got everyone talking, raised over £1,000,000 in 24 hours and it was simple for all to do. An amazing campaign! Any act of charity is a positive thing. (Oh, and the male responses where they are either wearing makeup or putting a sock on their, urm, you know what, are brilliant too!)

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