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A day in Santa Cruz, California!

A day in Santa Cruz, California!


Have you ever heard of Santa Cruz in California? Perhaps not.

Have you ever heard of the film "The Lost Boys", an iconic 80's vampire romp which just happens to be one of my ultimate fave flicks? I'm guessing most of you 30 and over are at least familiar or have watched it a dozen times like yours truly.  Just one question for you: Team Patric or Team Sutherland???


In any case, my joy was full on Monday for two reasons:

1) I was reunited with my  Costa Rican backpacking besties Hemie and Adriana

2) I was visiting the town where the large majority of the The Lost Boys was filmed.  

Another item ticked off my Ginger Warrior Bucket list!

Santa Cruz really is a beautiful city boasting beaches, boardwalks, majestic redwood forests and the famous Mystery Spot. Well, it's famous around these here parts at least. In fact, a lovely lady called Mary Ann whom I met on the bus to Santa Cruz advised me to check it out. So I did. And you can check it out too because I took my video camera of course. Would you expect anything less of me?? I told you before I left that I was determined to take you with me every step of the way!

My only regret is that my time in Santa Cruz with H + A was all too short but I feel mighty lucky that the timing was just right: Adriana leaves for San Diego in a couple of weeks to continue her studies and come September Hemie will be jetting off for adventures New Zealand style! I wish these two dear friends and gracious hosts all the love and luck in the world as they embark upon new chapters in their lives.

Soooo... back to that video camera of mine.  For you, my Warriors of the World, I have captured the highlights of my fleeting visit to Santa Cruz which include the natural beauty of redwood forests, the downright bizarreness of The Mystery Spot and adrenaline filled rides at the Boardwalk (yup, I even took my camera on the rides) that will get your heart a-pumpin'!  

Wish you were here,

GW xxxxx

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  1. I waited and waited and waited……….but no interview with the pink man :(

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Lol! We did chat to him a little bit but I did get some strange “don’t get any closer to me” vibes so we went on our merry way!!

  2. Oh my days! Loving it!!! The boys and I just had such a laugh watching! When it ended Jakey (2 years old) said ‘Again, again!!’ Haha!! Looks like we are about to watch it again! Xox

  3. Team Sutherland Ceri! You’re brave doing those rides, but then I wouldn’t expect anything less from the GW. X

  4. TEAM PATRIC! For sure. No question. And when I was younger, everyone said I looked like Jamie Gertz… Star :)

  5. Cer Bear we still need to go to the BUTTERY! Please come back GW!

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