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Crouching tiger,hidden zebra

Crouching tiger,hidden zebra


Sweet, heavenly swirls are what you are going to find here today my baking Warriors!


Lorraine Pascale, ex-supermodel turned superbaker is the creator of this cheeky little recipe which delights both visually and in the mouth.  Very simple to do, albeit a bit of a faff when it comes to forming the tigers and zebras, a.k.a the swirls, but we must all suffer for our art.

The recipe, for some reason, isn't available on the BBC website. Just as well I had my Ginger Warrior wits about me and scribbled down the ingredients and method as I was watching Lorraine in action!


Let the baking begin!


250ml vegetable oil

250g/9oz/1 cup caster sugar (superfine sugar)

100ml semi-skimmed milk (low fat milk)

2 tsp vanilla extract

4 medium eggs

300g/11oz/2.5 cups self-raising flour

1 tsp baking powder
25g/1oz/5 tbsp cocoa powder
1 orange


 1. Line a 23cm/9 inch cake tin with greaseproof paper.  You could also grease it with a little butter and add some flour which is what I did. (Note: I did use a 9 inch tin but the next time I make this little beauty I think I will opt for a 7 inch tin in favour of a bit more height over width.)

2. Pre heat the oven to 180c/350f/gas mark 4.  

3. In a big bowl, add the first five ingredients  and mix well to combine. (Use a stand mixer, hand mixer or your very own arm.)  Keep stirring until the mixture looks like so:


4.  Time to split the batter into two separate bowls.  I'm not the best when it comes to guesstimating so I poured the mixture into a measuring jug and then divided it equally in the two bowls.  Voila!


5.  Now it's time to make the vanilla batter so pick a bowl.  Any bowl.  Add 175g of self-raising flour, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and 2 tsp of vanilla.

6. The other bowl has no option but to become the chocolate mixture. Add the cocoa powder, remaining 125g self-raising flower, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and the orange zest.  The recipe calls for the zest of 1/2 an orange but I dared to add the zest of the entire orange for a more prominent citrus punch.   ZINGTASTIC!



7. Mix merrily until you have created choc/vanilla harmony.


 8. Grab two piping bags and pour the mixtures in.  Seal off the top with a food clip or other such item or else things are gonna get messy! Snip off the very edge of the bags.

9. Now start piping as though your life depended on it!  Put a dollop of the vanilla batter in the centre of the cake and then inside the vanilla dollop add a chocolate one.  Inside that very chocolate dollop add a vanilla one.  And so on and so forth until you have used up all the mixture and you have a dead arm.

10. Sooner you get it in the oven, sooner you can get it in your belly!  35 mins at 180c according to the recipe, mine took about 50 mins. You'll know it's ready when a skewer poked into the centre comes out clean. If you feel the top is beginning to burn cover it with some aluminium foil.

It's a veritable work of swirly art! 


There is no reason why you can't enjoy the cake just as it is.  I, on the other hand, wanted to add an extra sugary dimension, a substantially thick layer of chocolate orange butter cream frosting.  The frosting recipe is courtesy of the Hummingbird Bakery and can be found here.  My own personal modification was to add a few drops of chocolate extract and orange extract and I'm so very glad that I did: it was akin to eating a Terry's Chocolate Orange but in cake form and what sane, rational person wouldn't want a slice of that??



The only guaranteed way to shut me up.


The cake was universally enjoyed at the weekend.


Ginger Warrior, over and out.

P.S.  Make the cake and post a picture of it on here! It's really easy to do - see the comment box below?  Well look down a bit further and you'll see  "Select an image for your comment".  It's that simple!!  :)



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  1. Hola Ceri ! I have to try this yummy cake :) asap :) :) Thanks for sharing the recipe with us :) I like your blog very much ! Cuidate guapa :) un abrazo virtual…:) Tunde

    • The Ginger Warrior

      Hola Tunde, gracias por leer y estoy contenta que te guste!
      If you make the cake come back on and post a picture of it!
      Ceri xxx

  2. Oh my gosh! I HAVE to make this! You are an amazing lady/friend/cook/crazy person! I love your blog and YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    • The Ginger Warrior

      And Paula Allen, I love you more than you know and when I am in Connecticut next week I am convinced I will be shedding many tears of joy for the incredible memories I have of my time there, many of which include you and Tom.

  3. I’m struggling to come to terms with how, how, erm, cakey this cake looks! You really are a culinary genius! Xx

  4. Here’s my version of this scrum-diddly marble cake!!

      • yea it was so nice. I also added some orange essence. The butter cream tasted exactly like terrys chocolate orange!! Hmmm!!

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